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You play as Yuuta Takamura, a seventeen year old kindhearted boy who among others, was in a tragic accident upon attempting to return home from school on the train. The train that he was on crashed midtravel, killing Yuuta and everyone else who he was on board with.

However Yuuta was soon given a chance to live again on one condition. He must take part as a participant in a survival game, The game of Reno, where your life and all that you know shall be put to the test.

You can live, will you survive the tragedy that is yet to come?

Clock of Survival is inspired off Atlas’s SMT series. Notably Devil survivor out of it all. The only difference is that there is no morality routes. Nor do many of the choices affect the linear story in general. But the story, enemies, characters and environment have taken aspects of it.

Clock of Survival will take upon visual novel tendencies at some points, but don't worry, there should be enough actual gameplay in it to balance the story side of things out. I've also made plans to integrate voice acting into the game for the many characters featured in this game and have found the voice actors that are great for all of them. So if you like voice acting, then that's something to look forward to in the future.

Demo release: Sometime during December
Full game release: N/A

Latest Blog

Official Facebook page!

I've now created an official facebook page for the development and updates of Clock of Survival!

While I will still be doing updates on this page, I will be doing updates over on the facebook page as I find it easier to manage in terms of updates. Small updates will be done on the facebook page while weekly updates will be done on here.

Here is the link to the official page Link

Be sure to check it out!