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As Desmond, hot and upcoming villain your life was simple: exploring crypts and ruins in search of the ultimate power while (non-lethally, you're not very good at this evil thing) fending off would be heroes. This all changes when your life is saved by a feisty fairy named Meera and a woman named Dinah and you end up unwittingly questing to save Dinah's hometown.
As a side note, this game takes place in the same universe as my other game and roughly at the same time as well. So they both share lore and a few nods.
This game was originally made for Rpg Maker Central's Indie in a Week 4 contest.

- Charm and humor (hopefully)
- A variety of skills give you different tactical possibilities in combat
- Made with Celianna's beautiful Ancient Dungeons tileset

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  • 06/03/2016 01:31 PM
  • 02/02/2018 08:51 PM
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Sounds cool, but the mapping could probably use some work :P

Btw is it finished? The game page doesn't say so but looks like it from the download.
There are some better maps in the game, I think I didn't chose the best ones for screenshots... But you could've right I'm no expert at this :P
The game is about 50% done. I was only able to do two dungeons out of the four I had in mind within the contest's timeframe; so this is still a work in progress. You're welcome to try it though.
Thanks for checking it out in any case, and if you do try it please leave some feedback, I'd really like to know your thoughts on other maps (or any other part of the game for that matter) as well.
Your demo is great.
But please change your reward box:
Items, level ups and skills learned are chained together without . or ,.
And the items from Dinah aren't fully visable since the left side is cut of by the limits of your map.

You found some equipment which are as strong as the ones offered in the village.
The only benefits seems to be the confusion chance with sword #3 found at the end of the demo and is the Ladykiller stronger on women?

The last battle was hard.
Desmond got on-hit-killed ap. 5x. And I really tried to kill the normal enemies first. Perhaps the darkness spell should hit all? (Used tornado)

You have so many boxes, bookcases etc. on your maps - why not hide some goodies in them? (without sparkling)
Perhaps you can get a reward for finding all secret goodies in an area (village, forest, temple).
The riddle in the temple is fine as long as you have listened to the guild members about the gods and their elements. Perhaps those could be written in another color to stick out?

Can't wait to see what will be hidden in the locked chests.
Thanks a lot for checking out my game. I'm really glad you liked it! :)
Now, about your points...
- The rewards in battle no longer show all chained, I finally managed to isolate the bug that caused it (it was a really dumb one) I just haven't updated the demo with the fix. I consider Dinah's situation a minor hindrance in exchange for having such a cool item popup. Do you really think I should change it just for that?
- Yeah, the village equipment is supposed to be lame and the progress to be like this: starting equipment---> store bought 1 (300gold-minor increase)---> found item (same stats as store bought + an aditional bonus) ---> store bought 2 (2000 gold-minor increase) ---> found equipment with similar stats to 2 but added effect ----> ultimate equipment.
- The rapier of roses is a special case: it sucks. Confuse is not good enough of an effect. I've changed it to a lower attack power, but higher magic power making it a more desirable weapon (perhaps too desirable). But of course that will have to wait for a new demo. Same deal with confusing sting that now hits all enemies with added accuracy instead of three random foes. Hopefully it will see more use that way. Ladykiller indeed does double damage against women, it should have been a real boon for the boss battle.
- It is entirely possible that the last battle is unbalanced, as I made this within the time limit of a contest (a week), I'll review it later. Though there are a few strategies you could've tried like provoke+hide (with a def+ decked Mencias) and/or abusing Meera's buffs.
- I'm not a big fan of aoe skill. I feel they take away the strategy of prioritizing targets. So, sorry but tornado (and confusing sting) will be the only aoe Desmy-poo gets.
- If you play my other game (you totally should) you'll see I love sticking things into crates, barrels and bookscases. Once again I couldn't spend time doing that due to time constraints and now the game is kind of balanced around that.
- But the problem is that if I color code the spirits names I would practically be solving the puzzle for the player. Besides I think it can be solved on deduction alone.
There was a drought due to the absence of Nilben (therefore he's water). People thought it was the work of Musphel (so, that's his opposite-fire). Umbra listens to the prayers of revenge (in case the name wasn't a giveaway enough she's darkness). And Thalassa creates tornadoes, so wind...

The locked chests are filled with potions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nah, seriously some really cool equipment awaits you in them. :P
With coloring the gods and their elements I meant the guildmembers mentioning them when talking, not in the riddle clue itself. The only relationship I remembered was N. and Umbra...
Ok, I'll color code them in the magic guild. I see no reason to make the game harder for players. ;)
yeah its a bit on the tough side. Some random chicken (not a boss) wiped out my party because he can two shot everyone, and I couldnt even get him down to half. He also casted paralysis and poison so I was really clucked.
Thanks for trying it, sorry about the difficulty. It actually used to be harder :P
This looks interesting.... subscribed well hopefully this is still beeing worked on... =P
No, sorry mate. I've moved on to other prohects, though i do dmit i miss this one a bit. Thanks for the interest, though. :)
No, sorry mate. I've moved on to other prohects, though i do dmit i miss this one a bit. Thanks for the interest, though. :)

Thats to bad... guess I won't have to slaughter (be slaughtered) by some chicken like bicfarmer... well I will just add that to the pile of games I will play later when I feel like it ;)
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