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Cute cute game!! :D

  • Starmage
  • 04/20/2018 04:51 AM
Hello everyone! Here's my review for Finding Chibae by chibievil! :) This is a very cute game featuring child versions of the main RPG maker VX characters as protagonists! chibievil has told us that this game is a remake from an old VXace version, so the effort and passion here is already very obvious. :)

First Impressions:

I was already hooked by the games' concept about bed-time children stories and such! The characters are very fun to get to know with! I can already see that this game is going to be very entertaining, short and sweet, which proved me right! ^_^


You play as three children, Rayner, Sadie and Jeffry, who are all curious about the stories revolving around the demon Chibae! These kids then proceeds to be stubborn and venture forth the cave that is forbidden by the people of their village. The Children discovers that there are monsters in this cave, and meets Chibae long after, only to hear her sad story, justifying her evil deeds. The story in itself is pretty simple and straightforward, but the eventing was well done and the dialogues are very good at capturing the overall personalities of each characters.


The gameplay is a simple front-view battle system. It is shown that the developer is not really focused much on the battle portion of the game, but the effort is shown and that the developer did her best to provide a fun and simple gaming experience, which I did enjoy. Also, ROoooooood!! xDD But yeah, the battle system is fun and simple. :) There are some hidden stuff that rewards exploration, along with some sweet and simple puzzles to solve.


The mappings are really great in this game! They're very atmospheric and is successful in capturing the dark undertone of children being in a creepy dark cave. Did I mention that the children sprites and artworks are very cute and well done? Most tile-sets are RPT-based, but are very well done, so kudos. :)


Music is very simple. I can hear some RTP stock assets and they seem to fit well in the game, so it's fine! :)


This is a short, simple, cute, and fun game that everyone should give a go during their free time! ^_^ I also heard that the developer is working on a remake of this game, which is so cool and I can't wait to see it come to life! :) It's got a lot of potential and seeing children do some crazy stuff with their powers is just very entertaining! A well deserved 4.5/5 indeed! :)