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Progress Report

Dev blog #8 : Face arts again, Story, Menus and more!

Hey! Long time no see... Again...

New face arts again!

Yes! Got new face arts. Not because the old ones weren't good, but simply cause the way they were drawn was causing me issues when adding it to the game. I got new and updated face arts for everyone. No more changing characters, i promise! I'll be updating them in the main page soon enough.


FINALLY! Story progress! The scripts are now usable and i can start shaping up the real game! Again, story changed a bit but no more changing... I'll be updating the main page. New screenshots soon.


Menus are almost done! A few tweaks and it's complete. It'll be the last time i work on menu's apearance. The rest of the scripting will be to polish or fix something. I have added a couple images if you guys want to see them.

New miel!

She's here and ready to heal! The hairs and clothes have been changed. Have a look!

That concludes changing characters.

New characters introduction!
Sadly i have nothing to share right now. Designs and sprites are still in early designs. But what i want to do when everyone is ready is start releasing a special video to first, show progress of the game and second, introduce everyone. This is still just and idea and characters are not ready yet for this.

That concludes what i had to show today, Thanks for reading!

Progress Report

Dev blog #7 : New face arts, Screenshots and New Miel soon.

Welcome back! 2nd post of 2017!

New face arts

Still following Aokenshi's designs. I have re-made them to be more fit with Lunar 2 and more pixelized. So far i only have Jack and Miel but miel will change soon. More on Miel later!


I have added 3 new screenshots showing my latest progress. Please have a look at them!

New Miel Soon

Yes! I will be changing Miel to be more in line with my new art style and give her different hairs along with new clothes. This will be the last complete change for the current 3 characters that i have. The only change that could happen is polishing Lumia's hair and i might tweak her clothes a bit. After that i will start announcing new characters!

I can't wait to have a playable demo, i'm almost at the point to make everything fit together so please wait just a bit more!

Thank you for reading!

Progress Report

Dev Blog #6: New Jack, New story, New Main Page!

Hey everyone! Happy new year! We have quite a lot to go over so let's get started!

New Jack!

Yup! I gave him the "Lumia treatment", making him feel more like a unique character then Hiro with red hairs. Speaking of hairs, i changed the color and style a bit. I didn't like his hairs from the front and didn't know how to fix it, and while i was at it, i figured i'd change the color too. As for his clothes well... I think his old ones fits better on someone else that i will soon introduce!

I'm not too sure if Miel will get the same treatment, probably only change her clothes a bit since i already like her the way she is but could use some polishing.

New Story!

I changed the story quite a lot while i was working on the core features. The old one didn't make sense and personally i think i didn't put much tought in it. This one i wrote all my ideas and came up with this. I'll be adding more details when i finish writing it!

New Main Page!

I updated the page with new character descriptions, new images, new story and updated gameplay features. I'll be adding more as the game gets more developped.

Battle system: 70% With the removal of the ATB and the old menu, i have to start over with battle menus
Story : 1% Took a step backward again as i made a new story.
Characters: 80% All the main characters are there, only need to finish up sprites!
Menu : 70% Better, Prettier, only need to finish up the sub windows (like the item menu, equip menu, etc).


It's not over yet!

Hey there eveyone! How are you all doing? I'm doing fine! Unfortunately i lost motivation to keep working on this game, but it's not over just yet! The biggest problem that i had was the story. I never tought about it too much but it really started to bother me when i almost got done with the battle system and all. I never made any "story plan", i always went with what i had in mind. It lead to the story being "meh" and not making any sense sometimes. I never got further then about 30 minutes of gameplay as i kept restarting over and over trying to find a better idea. But things have changed! I have the WHOLE story written out! All i have to do is finish up the programming and then i'll get working on the story events. Once i start doing that, things will go super fast.

Sadly i wanted to have a playable demo for christmas but i don't think i'll have enough time to finish up a demo. But i'll definitely make something special for christmas!

While i'm at it, some stuff will change. First of all im reverting to the old turn by turn battle system. Meaning the one just like in the original games. Also i will be changing Jack's design to one more unique and less "basic hero/adventurer". Have a look at some early pixel arts!

Lastly i will update the main detail page once i finish jack's art and polish the story a bit.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Progress Report

Dev Blog #5: Video and new graphics.


A lot went down the past week, let's go over that!

First of all, a new video is up on youtube! Have a look!

Here's some details on what changed since last time.

- Lumia and Miel's battle sprites are completed (other then spells that i have not yet made)
- Jack got some improvements to his animations.
- I have some maps to show now! You can see in this video: the village, World map and Desert.
- Monsters now have "pixel movement" instead of moving by tiles.
- Added some story, has around 30 minutes of gameplay. aiming for 50-60 minutes in the demo.

That's pretty much it for now!

Last things i need to complete for the demo are menus, story and bug fixes. (also a map that i wont say! It's a secret!)

As for the new grapics, you probably saw it on the video but here they are!



(Lumia will be added later, i will most likely change her design.)

Credits: Aokenshi

I still have work to do on them since i have to "pixelize" them and fix some stuff here and there.

Anyways, that's all for now! Next time, i will have another character to introduce to you!

Progress Report

Dev Blog #4: I'm back and screenshots!

I'm back!

Took a break a bit longer then i wanted it to be, but i'm back now! Here's some more screenshots to compensate!

Lumia's new attack animation

Jack's face

Miel's face

Lumia's face


??? Face

New Character info

Thanks you for following the developpement of Lunar: The last hope!

See you soon!

Progress Report

Dev Blog #3: Dashing, New dev, Demo release delayed.

Dev blog number 3! I wonder how many we'll do?


Pretty much self explanatory.

New dev!

Everyone, meet Ghaleon777.

He is helping me with everything related with the battle system and ripping. And he does it way faster then me! It leaves me a LOT more time to do stuff like story, scripts and maps.

Demo release delayed

Unfortunately i was thinking of making the demo for this week. Since Ghaleon777 started helping me, the battle system has improved in ways i didn't even know it could. I also started to do some events which left me no time to finish up the menus.

On the good side, the demo will be bigger and have some story in it!

Battle system: 99% Victory window and its 100%
Story : 5% Finally started! At this rate the game would be done in 6 months!
Characters: 70% Jack is done, Miel is done. Lumia is next!
Menu : 60% Didn't touch them since last time.

See you next week!

Progress Report

Dev blog #2 : Video, faces and demo release plan


Welcome back to Dev blog!


Before i get into the wall of text, here's a video that i made to show you the battle system!

Of couse some stuff is still buggy but i couldn't wait to show you guys!


We got custom faces!

Credits : http://aokenshi.deviantart.com/
Show him/her some love!

I have to do a lot of ajusting to make it low resolution but once it will be done, i will update it on the main page and use these instead of the poorly animated gif.


Demo! Wooh!

I need to fix everything and add all of the menus. But after that's done, there will be a demo available for download. It'll be more of a "tech demo" featuring the area showed in the video so that you can try out the battle system as much as you want.


I still need beta testers! if you are willing to help out please leave a comment or send me a private message!

Battle system: 95% It's over! I have it how i want it to look like. Only gotta finish up the victory animation/windows.
Story : 1% Still not started, gonna finish menus first.
Characters: 60% Jack is done, only some minor graphics details i gotta add. Didnt touch other characters since last time.
Menu : 60% Almost there!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

Progress Report

Dev Blog #1 : Hunting requests, need testers, and more!

Hello there!

First Dev Blog for this game! Woo! Took me a while, I've been sick lately so it took me a while to get work done. These dev posts are aimed to be a bit technical (not too much). So if you're not into that thing, you can still enjoy the screenshots! I'll not waste anymore of your time and get into the update!

Hunting request

Let's start with a screenshot!

The plan:

So since i'm aiming for this to be the "3rd game", I need to add new features. This hunting request is one of them. Since i'm aiming for Jack to be a hero, i want the player to feel like one by doing some everyday task and then get praised for it. Think of them as side quests. Right now i only have hunting requests in the game but i want to add some non-battle requests.

Why is it good for me and you?

As a developper, working on a single thing for a week can get boring. Adding this could give me something else to do.

As a player, It gives you more content and some kind of bonus if you're struggling in a new area/boss. It also gives more info on the characters, like how they live, you know, character developpement!

What i'm most scared of

I'm scared that this will de-balance the game which is the reason why it wont give EXP but instead it will give Silvers (money) or/and permanent stat boost items.

I want this game to feel like monsters/bosses are always a challenge that you must overcome in order to reach the goal.

I want YOUR opinion!

Please leave any suggestions / criticism!


I need testers! I need people that can give contructive criticism! Of course it's better if you have played the original lunar games but ANYONE IS WELCOME!

If you want to get in please feel free to reply and/or send me a private message!

More info!

Here's how the developpement is going:

Battle system: 80% Pretty much done, just got to make it pretty
Story : 1% Haven't started yet BUT i have a huge idea on how this is going to be.
Characters: 50% Half of them are done both graphics and story.
Menu : 40% It's starting to take shape!

Those are just estimates.

Thats it for me right now! Thanks for reading or skipping to the bottom of this post!
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