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Dev Blog #1 : Hunting requests, need testers, and more!

  • Jakoo56
  • 06/13/2016 08:20 PM
Hello there!

First Dev Blog for this game! Woo! Took me a while, I've been sick lately so it took me a while to get work done. These dev posts are aimed to be a bit technical (not too much). So if you're not into that thing, you can still enjoy the screenshots! I'll not waste anymore of your time and get into the update!

Hunting request

Let's start with a screenshot!

The plan:

So since i'm aiming for this to be the "3rd game", I need to add new features. This hunting request is one of them. Since i'm aiming for Jack to be a hero, i want the player to feel like one by doing some everyday task and then get praised for it. Think of them as side quests. Right now i only have hunting requests in the game but i want to add some non-battle requests.

Why is it good for me and you?

As a developper, working on a single thing for a week can get boring. Adding this could give me something else to do.

As a player, It gives you more content and some kind of bonus if you're struggling in a new area/boss. It also gives more info on the characters, like how they live, you know, character developpement!

What i'm most scared of

I'm scared that this will de-balance the game which is the reason why it wont give EXP but instead it will give Silvers (money) or/and permanent stat boost items.

I want this game to feel like monsters/bosses are always a challenge that you must overcome in order to reach the goal.

I want YOUR opinion!

Please leave any suggestions / criticism!


I need testers! I need people that can give contructive criticism! Of course it's better if you have played the original lunar games but ANYONE IS WELCOME!

If you want to get in please feel free to reply and/or send me a private message!

More info!

Here's how the developpement is going:

Battle system: 80% Pretty much done, just got to make it pretty
Story : 1% Haven't started yet BUT i have a huge idea on how this is going to be.
Characters: 50% Half of them are done both graphics and story.
Menu : 40% It's starting to take shape!

Those are just estimates.

Thats it for me right now! Thanks for reading or skipping to the bottom of this post!