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Dev Blog #3: Dashing, New dev, Demo release delayed.

  • Jakoo56
  • 07/10/2016 11:26 AM
Dev blog number 3! I wonder how many we'll do?


Pretty much self explanatory.

New dev!

Everyone, meet Ghaleon777.

He is helping me with everything related with the battle system and ripping. And he does it way faster then me! It leaves me a LOT more time to do stuff like story, scripts and maps.

Demo release delayed

Unfortunately i was thinking of making the demo for this week. Since Ghaleon777 started helping me, the battle system has improved in ways i didn't even know it could. I also started to do some events which left me no time to finish up the menus.

On the good side, the demo will be bigger and have some story in it!

Battle system: 99% Victory window and its 100%
Story : 5% Finally started! At this rate the game would be done in 6 months!
Characters: 70% Jack is done, Miel is done. Lumia is next!
Menu : 60% Didn't touch them since last time.

See you next week!