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Dev Blog #5: Video and new graphics.

  • Jakoo56
  • 08/24/2016 02:37 AM

A lot went down the past week, let's go over that!

First of all, a new video is up on youtube! Have a look!

Here's some details on what changed since last time.

- Lumia and Miel's battle sprites are completed (other then spells that i have not yet made)
- Jack got some improvements to his animations.
- I have some maps to show now! You can see in this video: the village, World map and Desert.
- Monsters now have "pixel movement" instead of moving by tiles.
- Added some story, has around 30 minutes of gameplay. aiming for 50-60 minutes in the demo.

That's pretty much it for now!

Last things i need to complete for the demo are menus, story and bug fixes. (also a map that i wont say! It's a secret!)

As for the new grapics, you probably saw it on the video but here they are!



(Lumia will be added later, i will most likely change her design.)

Credits: Aokenshi

I still have work to do on them since i have to "pixelize" them and fix some stuff here and there.

Anyways, that's all for now! Next time, i will have another character to introduce to you!