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Dev Blog #6: New Jack, New story, New Main Page!

  • Jakoo56
  • 01/04/2017 03:10 PM
Hey everyone! Happy new year! We have quite a lot to go over so let's get started!

New Jack!

Yup! I gave him the "Lumia treatment", making him feel more like a unique character then Hiro with red hairs. Speaking of hairs, i changed the color and style a bit. I didn't like his hairs from the front and didn't know how to fix it, and while i was at it, i figured i'd change the color too. As for his clothes well... I think his old ones fits better on someone else that i will soon introduce!

I'm not too sure if Miel will get the same treatment, probably only change her clothes a bit since i already like her the way she is but could use some polishing.

New Story!

I changed the story quite a lot while i was working on the core features. The old one didn't make sense and personally i think i didn't put much tought in it. This one i wrote all my ideas and came up with this. I'll be adding more details when i finish writing it!

New Main Page!

I updated the page with new character descriptions, new images, new story and updated gameplay features. I'll be adding more as the game gets more developped.

Battle system: 70% With the removal of the ATB and the old menu, i have to start over with battle menus
Story : 1% Took a step backward again as i made a new story.
Characters: 80% All the main characters are there, only need to finish up sprites!
Menu : 70% Better, Prettier, only need to finish up the sub windows (like the item menu, equip menu, etc).