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Dev blog #7 : New face arts, Screenshots and New Miel soon.

  • Jakoo56
  • 01/27/2017 12:49 AM
Welcome back! 2nd post of 2017!

New face arts

Still following Aokenshi's designs. I have re-made them to be more fit with Lunar 2 and more pixelized. So far i only have Jack and Miel but miel will change soon. More on Miel later!


I have added 3 new screenshots showing my latest progress. Please have a look at them!

New Miel Soon

Yes! I will be changing Miel to be more in line with my new art style and give her different hairs along with new clothes. This will be the last complete change for the current 3 characters that i have. The only change that could happen is polishing Lumia's hair and i might tweak her clothes a bit. After that i will start announcing new characters!

I can't wait to have a playable demo, i'm almost at the point to make everything fit together so please wait just a bit more!

Thank you for reading!


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I will have to check this out! I'm not one for fan games, but this is looking pretty promising. :P
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