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Dev blog #8 : Face arts again, Story, Menus and more!

  • Jakoo56
  • 07/09/2017 11:16 PM
Hey! Long time no see... Again...

New face arts again!

Yes! Got new face arts. Not because the old ones weren't good, but simply cause the way they were drawn was causing me issues when adding it to the game. I got new and updated face arts for everyone. No more changing characters, i promise! I'll be updating them in the main page soon enough.


FINALLY! Story progress! The scripts are now usable and i can start shaping up the real game! Again, story changed a bit but no more changing... I'll be updating the main page. New screenshots soon.


Menus are almost done! A few tweaks and it's complete. It'll be the last time i work on menu's apearance. The rest of the scripting will be to polish or fix something. I have added a couple images if you guys want to see them.

New miel!

She's here and ready to heal! The hairs and clothes have been changed. Have a look!

That concludes changing characters.

New characters introduction!
Sadly i have nothing to share right now. Designs and sprites are still in early designs. But what i want to do when everyone is ready is start releasing a special video to first, show progress of the game and second, introduce everyone. This is still just and idea and characters are not ready yet for this.

That concludes what i had to show today, Thanks for reading!