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A new adventure takes place on a distant and obscure world populated by
strange creatures and a race of fantastic mages and warlock beings
with pointed ears. The tribes of each major continent are often engaged
in conflict for power namely regional territorial disputes. Crumbling
alliances threaten to undermine their planetary civilization despite
centuries of peace and prosperity. The cast is a lovable, myriad bunch
who never want to give up the adventuring life. The main character is a
young mage born with unnatural powers seeking to discover his destiny.
Together they will journey south from the hibernating territories of the
snow empire to explore abandoned tombs, ruins, and catacombs.
There are several puzzle oriented dungeons in the game with less
emphasis on grinding for exp during combat and more on nonlinear gameplay.
Dungeons can be explored in any order as the player can advance from one
region to the next in a open world style adventure. Multiple endings may
be possible depending on the decisions the characters make during their

Weekly Updates:
A new sequel with a different title is in the making.

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  • 06/08/2016 03:19 AM
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  • 08/21/2016
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I always wanted to go on a fantasy quest! I'll be sure to play the demo (and give it a testing, as well!).
I tried your game, but...

Summer/winter switch in your home is not working. (it's summer)
Items/equipment should inform you of how what they are doing or which status they change.
I entered the earth temple but couldn't hit the boss (he couldn't me, too).
There where no encounters else as long I tried.
The secret stairs work fine but the next one just brings you back to the first.

When you enter the forest to the east it's winter. You can't take the letter inside the tent (as the dwarf mentioned) and when leaving the tent it's summer.
When leaving the forest to the south you end up trapped some steps right of the path in the forest.

The airship is working but already from the beginning available (put it to a later event)

I quit for now because this game needs first some polish.
Thanks for trying out this first demo.
I'm working to polish the game as soon as possible.
Demo 2.0 is currently up.
Corrections were made but the game is not completely finished.
Final version of the game in is encrypted form.
I'm no longer able to update this project.
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