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Remaking Tangerine

Remember back when I said I was rebooting Tangerine. Well you can finally see some progress with it's newest incarnation, Vesper Charm

See it here!

Progress Report

Tangerine Update 8/2/18

Things have been slow, but I've been actively porting Tangerine over from RPG Maker Xp to MV. I'm going to totally change the battle system to a side view and take advantage of MV's upgraded tools.

Here's an example of the latest build I had in XP, before I started migrating to MV:

Edit: You'll notice there's a new demo available in the downloads section now!

Game Design

New Sprites

I finally broke down and went back and redid all the sprites from scratch. I like these new ones a lot more than the originals; Also learned a ton about making sprite sheets:

Game Design

Chieki's sprite

One of my main goals with this game has been to make it not look like a typical RPG Maker game; Specifically with the maps, I didn't want to just have a bunch of blocky tiles. As a result I'm going to be hand drawing all of the locations, but a problem I ran into early on was having the pixelly sprites stand out a little too much against my backgrounds. As a result I've had to go back and give all my sprites an added bit of anti-aliasing:


Battle Theme

Tangerine battle theme

I couldn't get the youtube embed thing to work so I just posted a link to it on. Let me know what you guys think...
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