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Alcein Fraido

+++ Title : Blue Phoenix
+++ Class : Lancer
+++ Age : 19 years old
+++ Personality : Sociable and easy going

Alcein is a young Elite Knight who died and came back to life with a demonic
power to end the war in the Death Valley, this event gives him the reputation
and nobility at once. Lumina, The First Demoness of the Judgement Gate, grants
him a second chance to live through the Black Contract to put four "full hatred"
souls into Alcein's dead body.

But to this demonic contract, now Alcein and the other 3 souls are one, he's able
to morph in between souls. Alcein is the weakest one among them and yet he gains
more fame in the battle due to his face.

Auvrelyn deiz Selishandrei

+++ Title : Red Wyvern
+++ Class : Champion
+++ Age : 25 years old
+++ Personality : Calm, trusted leader

One of the strongest knights in Arsei Kingdom. She's mastering the ancient
swordsmanship of the Seven Swords and almost never defeated by anyone in
the last Phoenix Ordeal Tournament.

Although she's a woman, Auvrelyn is the mentor of hundreds Arsei Elite Knights.
She's a firm person and very disciplined in carrying out her duties. There are
several witnesses said that Auvrelyn is the only person who ever killed a dragon using bare hands.

Einhazar Lizecsou

+++ Title : Black Dragon
+++ Class : Knight
+++ Age : approximately 38 to 40 years old
+++ Personality : Vicious, a loner

An alter ego of Alcein, Einhazar was a dead veteran assassin in Nouma Empire,
his soul traveled around the Jugement Gate and managed to spiritually invade
into Alcein's body during the Black Contract process and able to share his
personality with Alcein, which appears only when Alcein let him out.

Einhazar is a cold and heartless man in every acts, he's rather skilled in
assassination. He has self-imposed mission to fight all Aelther Warlords
in the continent and find the one who had killed him in the Tower of Rebirth
several years ago.

Balcard Goram

+++ Title : Stone Golem
+++ Class : Axelord
+++ Age : 24 years old
+++ Personality : Rude and primitive

The third soul in Alcein's body, Balcard possesses incredible physical strength
which is demonstrated when he seriously injures an orc with only one strike.
He also has more energy and greater endurance compared to the other three.

Before he dies, Balcard was a conservative barbarian who protect the Dark Dragon
Temple, he's extremely gullible, just like a little kid, and often being
overconfident with his abilities. Alongside with the other souls, he holds
a grudge against Aelther Warlords.

Feior Yuai

+++ Title : Elven Prince
+++ Class : Archer
+++ Age : 21 years old
+++ Personality : Holier-than-God attitude

Feior comes from Yuai Family, a famous bloodline in Elven Archery. He has
also been noted to in fact be rather skilled when it comes to women. He's
an intellectual and prefers to resolve matter with his mind over brute force.

Feior enjoys fanciness and can be very polite to everyone. He is the last soul
that enpowered Alcein to become the Soul Fusion Knight under the Black Contract.


+++ Title : -
+++ Class : Ultimate Warlord
+++ Age : 58 years old
+++ Personality : Honorable, man of virtue

He's a noble Knight, second in command of the House Dalradvent. Oswaldur
confronts Alcein everytime an Aelther Warlord get attacked.

The two engaged in a deadly fight, but eventually, Oswaldur defeated Alcein
and spared his life, he said that Alcein's act may bring chaos to the Kingdoms
Alliance, and it would trigger another war, the second Crimson War.

Lucia Ausrinne

+++ Title : The Light
+++ Class : Fallen Valkyrie
+++ Age : Unknown
+++ Personality : ???

The true form of the mythical entities called Lumina. She's the spirit of
the fallen Fairy that put an end to humanity ( First Human race ) thousands
years ago.

Now she's living in Juheimhen Dimens as the Fisrt Demoness of the Judgement Gate,
to bring human souls and send them to the Hell. She can't enter the Sheidh
(Sheido world) without a "perfect" vessel as her mortal body.