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From the creator of the open world RPG series, "Infinity".

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After years of catching cheating spouses, investigating blackmail schemes, and taking unique cases of the strange and surreal, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson face their most challenging case yet: a shocking cold blooded murder. In an original story based on the public domain characters, we find Sherlock and Watson in a vast new world fighting to solve the case.

Unique Gameplay:
Sherlock & Watson plays very different than most RPG Maker games. There are no battles. No stats. Instead, use your brain to crack the case. Remember how as a kid you "touched" every object in a game to see if it did something? Were you the kid who, while playing Pokemon, touched fridges, televisions, and cabinets hoping for something to pop up? Well look no further. Examine, touch, take. You.. are Sherlock Holmes. Everything, could be the clue that cracks the case.

The game will play like a point-and-click adventure game. Free roam as the dynamic duo, follow the story, and when in rooms looking for clues.. click everything. Everything from garbage cans, to PCs that you can hack could contain valuable information. At the end of the game, you will choose who you think is behind the murder.

-Linear story-driven plot with nonlinear open world free roam gameplay
-Multiple endings depending on player choice
-Objects to examine and take
-Huge world to explore
-Question NPCs
-Hack computers
-Any object could be a clue
-Examine what you want, go where you want, attempt to solve the case as you please at your own pace
-Thought-provoking gameplay. YOU are Sherlock

The game will be available online in your browser. It will also be available to play offline with the downloadable version. Finally, there will be a mobile version to take Sherlock & Watson with you on Android and iOS.

Sherlock: I see you are as chipper and enthusiastic about life as you normally are, even at this head-pounding hour.
Irene Adler: It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon Sherlock.
Sherlock: .... Oh. Well carry on then.


SHERLOCK HOLMES: World-renowned private detective and lead detective of the SHERLOCK & WATSON agency.

DOCTOR WATSON: Famous physician Dr. Watson is better known as the partner to Sherlock Holmes and his agency. Watson balances out the wit and sarcasm that Sherlock brings with his realism, and informed views.

IRENE ADLER: Assistant to Sherlock Holmes. Irene, who refers to herself as Adler with her famous line "Adler out!", communicates with the famous detective duo by way of cellphone and her headset. Adler is Sherlock's "moneypenny", and acts as the tutorial guide to the player.

More to come. Be sure to check out the screenshots, subscribe, and comment away! I will be posting more images and updating the blog as development rolls on. A full-featured website is already developed, and will launch soon.

Demo coming soon as well!

Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments. :)

"Sherlock & Watson" is a freeware game based on the public domain characters of Sherlock Holmes created by the legendary icon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Latest Blog

Demo on the Way - Title Theme Preview

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post and update you on the latest news on Sherlock & Watson. The story is coming along nicely. Once I have the core story complete, I'll begin finishing up the open world elements. Those are the places you can go outside of following where the main story takes you. It's a way to gather more information, and explore the world that this game takes place in. The main plot of the game follows a murder, so talking with locals about it provides more background information for the player. But who's giving out the correct information, and who is just spreading rumors?

A demo is on the way soon! The demo will essentially be the opening tutorial of the game, leading into the main story. The demo will available either online exclusively, or via online AND download options. I'm not sure yet, but I can guarantee that an online version will definitely be present.

To wet your appetite, here's the theme I decided to go with for the title screen, and the main "East Side" city. I think it fits Sherlock well. If you already have RPG Maker MV, you might have heard it already. Depends on the content you have for it.

Sherlock & Watson Title Theme Preview

That's all for now, more info coming soon!

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Looks really cool! I can't to give it a go when the full game is released. I subscribed!
Looks really cool! I can't to give it a go when the full game is released. I subscribed!

Thanks for the sub as always! :)
I came across this today.. and I WANT and NEED to play this! XD
I played all your Infinity games (I'm a big fan of them) and Sherlock being one of my favorite characters ever!! <3 I look really forward to playing this one too.
Subscribed! I can't wait!
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