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Absolutely Angelic

  • Kloe
  • 07/06/2016 06:33 PM

This really is a great game! Yay!

Story: Awesome and Intriguing
Right, so the story in this game is really cool! As you may have guessed, lots of angels. I promise no spoilers btw :D
So we have a family, a nice family. Well, it's not going too well for them, they are in debt, there is a dad addicted to gambling, a dead mum, a very worried boy and a very sick daughter with life-threatening lung cancer... :(
My wife is dead, my daughter is almost dead and my son is sad... Another beer? A game of poker
Well, at least there are angels! :D
Competing to fufill a god's will, these two are the life and death.
To lift the mood, we have a lovely story about angels, battling for life! Micheal, in golden plated armor, Metatron, who sounds like he's a robot but isn't, Sandalphone, who I love the name of, and Raziel!
I really like the story in this game, it's fun, and while it may seem sad at times, you'll enjoy every moment! :D

Gameplay: Super Duper Fun
I love being physically a character with huge wings, it's fun to run around like that... though I was sad when I didn't have wings :( I also love how you can buy healing items with energy almost all the time, it's a nice touch! :D
The battle system is a nice, quick, fun atb style battle, which is always counting, so be quick deciding actions! This makes for a intense, action packed battle that keeps you on the edge of your seat! The skills are cool too! It has random encounters, which appear enough, but not too much and battles are short but sweet. Though I would like to see a wider range of skills and abilities, to make it so I can use more strategies! Also I died like a billion times, probably just my own in-ability but it shows the level of challenge this game brings. :D
The puzzles are good too, I liked the rock pushy one!

Graphics: Nice and neat
I like the graphics, it has a cool XP style to it, and I already mentioned how awesome the wings are! Cutscenes are charming and I love the effects that are used, like the partially see-through angels in one of the first scenes!
Dungeons are really pretty, and I love how shiny it all is :D
Ooooh, shiny!

Sound: Groooooovy
I'm never much good at sound, but I love the tunes in this game! :D
The one in the desert is so good, I love it, du du du du duuuuuuuu du! Also the sound effects are great!
Boogie-ing with my friend, the cactus!

:( Minor Issues :(
It's absolutely amazing! I really love it! :D
I couldn't find any issues really... maybe the difficulty is a bit too high, and the battles felt really spammy, but overall I loved it and I can't fault it!
(Except could we have a mode where we keep the wings the whole time? I love the wings...)
Also why can Metatron learn Nuclear Missile? A god of KABOOM? It's not bad, just a bit odd...
Oh, and maybe more save files?
And also more healing early game... I ran out of potions midway through the desert, even though I bought as many as possible.

Final Thoughts
While this game may not be perfect or very long, it's very fun, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The challenge level may not be for everyone, but trust me, you'll enjoy this angelic game. So for this fun, quick, amazing, angelic game, I give 4.5 stars. It's not perfect, but it's very close! :D

Finally, Thanks Starmage, for making this great game, it's a very fun game and I enjoyed it... even if I died a billion times! I wonder if this game... fell down from heaven? No... bad joke? Oh well >.<


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Hi Kloe!! and wow!! Thank you so much for your just as lovely review for my game!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and I'm very happy to hear your thoughts and feedbacks regarding the game!! Hahah, fell down from heaven?? I like that!! xDD

Anyways I really enjoyed reading through your enthusiastic and detailed review!! I am quite touched that you were also able to connect with the stories concerning David's family and the Angels!! :)) as I too am emotionally attached to the story as I made the game, which is why I hoped to deliver some sort of message regarding faith somehow! xDD

Oh!! and for the groovy music, I have the RMN music pack to thank for that! ;) In fact, none of these would be possible without all the awesome talented people in the credit sections!! :D

Once again, thanks so much Kloe for your fun-filled experience with the gameplay and this really detailed charming review of the game! I really loved it and am extremely honored to have received it!! xDD

Btw, sorry about the wings haha!! xDD
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