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A young girl sets upon her own her own personal journey to find the world of her happiness, friends and imagination. Although that may be a bad thing. As reality becomes the dream, how long will it take until everyone has to say goodbye?

You assume the task of this nameless girl as you approach the end of her journey, although it's really just the start. After being humbly accepted into this land, she is guided to her first destination- a large labyrinth of a castle buried in snow and frozen memories, with a very peculiar, fluffy, friend waiting inside. He claims to already know her... and her reasons.

This game has only just started a, so far, very fun development cycle so not all graphics and assets are as they will, including current tiles and certain sprites. I hope you understand they will be once complete!

  • Original Graphics, Sprites and Artwork.

  • Original Music, from the strange to the wondrous.

  • Countless adversaries, friends, and enemies, as you explore several realms and dimensions as they twist and turn around you.

  • Quests and Items ranging from Assassinating an upside down tea-cup to hording thousands of Broomsticks, Fireworks, and Sweets, all to be used for your violent needs.

  • Combat involving a lot of kicking, throwing, and panicking. If that doesn't suit your taste, use diplomacy, and lay your wit and sarcasm down like a verbal bullet. It'll hurt.

The Game-play is heavily based around exploration and experiencing the characters, and world, around you. Completing puzzles, talking to strangers, and exploring the vast and confusing world are all integral parts of playing as you search for your newly found goal.

Thank you all for any feedback and support, I greatly appreciate it. If it all goes to plan, I hope to release a demo at some point in the future for you! Thanks again, I can't wait to show you more of this game!

Latest Blog

Update: All Is going smoothly (+ changes in plan.)

Hello everyone, firstly I'd like to say a big thank you for all the support this game has had since I first showed it here, and hopefully I won't disappoint you with it! Secondly, I'd like to say sorry for how lacking the updates have been for Nod Off Lane, I've just been trying to work it out and get it all planned and ready.

I'm happy to say that development NOL has been going well and on track, I've been working quite a bit, despite the updates, so apologies. I'll try and show you some new things hopefully now, and they'll be in the images section of this Page.

When I said that I was having a change in plan, it would be better summed up as me having a re-evaluation of my strengths and time here. I want everything in this game to be done by myself, and I know I might be able to if I was able to put all my time and input into this game's development, disregarding responsibilites and other stuff I have to do. I've realised making the game for too long may lead it to becoming stale for myself and I was worried that over time, people will lose interest, as I slowly struggled to handle it all with my own hands. However, I think I have found a solution so everything is good.

I have to thank a lot of you, for making me consider that this might be more than I can chew, so I have seeked some additional help. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll be able to manage it now.

(Again, sorry for the lack of updates) :(

  • Production
  • PoshyCat
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 06/19/2016 09:20 PM
  • 12/03/2017 09:28 PM
  • 09/01/2017
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Sounds like a lot of fun.
I love how it looks, I want to see it happening. Good luck!
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
This sounds cute! I'm hoping to see lots of puns!
Thank you for all the support guys, I appreciate it!
And yes, there is a lot of puns planned!
(Oh, and, Hi Frogge! I think I saw you in Liberty's stream last night)
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
(Oh, and, Hi Frogge! I think I saw you in Liberty's stream last night)

Yup, I was there :P What was your username? I might remember you >.<
(Oh, and, Hi Frogge! I think I saw you in Liberty's stream last night)
Yup, I was there :P What was your username? I might remember you >.<

I don't think you will remember, I was completely silent and shy cx
Wow, seems unique.
Everything going to be original?
I hope you can manage that's all, and good luck for your development!
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