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Pathfinding Tech Demo
This project is a demonstration on how you can implement pathfinding in rpg maker 2003. The pathfinding is based on Dijkstra Maps. For a more technical overview of how everything works I’ve written a tutorial about it.
The project contains three examples that you can try out to see the system in action.

Random Movement

Watch a knight protect the world from a monsters. The monsters will spawn, select a random position on the map, calculate and follow a path to it. In turn the knight will path towards the monster to slay it.


Demonstrates how the system can be used to control the player for something like a turn based game. Move the cursor with the arrow keys and press enter to calculate the path to the tile; press enter again on the same tile and the player will move to it.

Tutorial Example

It’s a lot like the random movement demonstration but scaled down. The skeleton will pick a random position on the map, calculate and follow a path to it. Once it reaches its destination it will pick a new one.
It’s a good place to start if you want to see how everything works as this one doesn’t have any added fluff to it.
Note that it’s not selectable from the menu but is included in the project.

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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
This is impressive, I've seen something very similar by Kazesui.

The amount of work is prohibitive for me, but still impressive to see on rm2k3!!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Aw man I could learn from something like this. Really cool!
This could come in handy in making minigames or event games. It has great potential as a gimmick! It's also quite impressive.
Consider me extremely impressed! It's pure rm2k3 code all the way too.

I've also never heard of Dijkstra Maps before, so it's really awesome to learn something new about path finding and AI. Thanks!
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