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Version 1.4?

Heya people! I know it's probably redudant so late in this game's life, seeing as it has been completed for more than 3 years now, but I'm working on the hopefully *final* update for Temple of Memories.

I'm currently trying to find ALL the typos that I haven't found just yet, revamping the entire encounter system, going from just random encounters to enemies that walk around the enviroment. I've also been trying to redesign the last two puzzles of the game in order for them to fit more into the entire theme I was going for. The second puzzle is being scrapped completely and I think I've come up with an interesting enough replacement. (Puzzle design is not my forte) I'm also adding some more polish in certain areas that I've noticed weren't as fleshed out as I had initially thought, so there's that too. This should *hopefully* be the final update I give this old project before finally putting it down to rest only for me to remake it in my twilight years.

So, for any people interested, you can stay tuned or not. It is an old finished game after all so I can't blame you for not showing interest.

Regardless, thanks for reading and have a very nice day!