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"You may leave the Castle now... but, the Castle will never leave you..."

It is the prequel to my first two games, Castle Oblivion and Castle Oblivion 2. The battle system is a real time action battle system, kind of like the old 2d Zelda games. There will be onscreen enemies, dungeons to explore, and puzzles to solve.

Castle Oblivion
Castle Oblivion: Remake

The Castle itself can be considered a character due to the fact that it can surprise you in a instant. The Castle holds the dreams of others and recreates them in a physical form within itself. Even though The Castle is magical, it needs Dilan in order to survive for reasons unknown.

This is where it all began. The story stars an unnamed main character. After meeting with a mysterious man named Dilan Nalra, he takes you to a magical castle where dreams become reality, but not all dreams are safe. The magics in the castle create many different scenarios in which our hero must defeat in order to escape the evil castle with his life in tact, all while learning how this magical castle came to be. This castle is dark and mystical, and not to be toyed with.

Estimated game length: 5-6 hours.


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  • 06/24/2016 06:59 PM
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  • 11/18/2011
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Hm, is this a new game, or an old one?

I first got into Castle Oblivion by playing Castle Oblivion 3, then I hunted down and played the first two (though the only versions I could find, sadly, were edited to have the characters at max level) to get the full story.

This is the first time I've ever heard of Foundation.
This is an old game that got released back in 2011 (DAMN, has it really been that long?). It's a prequel that Kelarly developed sometime after CO1 and CO2, but before I finished CO3.
Help, I'm stuck in the Castle Depths and don't how to get past the Statues!
I've tried some things, but it doesn't work.
Nevertheless it's fun to play.
i beated Dilan and now i'm at the Solar and Moon statues (final boss entrance) but when i go to them i can't activate them or atleast i can't find the mechanism for activation. Please help.
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