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The Oortas:

The Blue Moon | Uranus | Mercury | Saturn | Earth | Neptune | Mars | Jupiter | Venus

A lot of you may come across the "stack level too deep" error after leveling up. It only happens IF you reload the save file after DYING. It can happen at any given moment after leveling up, but to be on the safe side:

To prevent this from happening, when you die, close the game application window and restart it. It's a bug I need to fix.

- There's about 400 maps
- About 12 full hours of gameplay for the story, and many more for extra stuff.
- 8 directional movement
- Very complicated but original storyline
- Lots of creative regions to explore

The world of Passage of The Hollow Moon is cursed by a War going on between two major kingdoms, Lazzaria and Zuleika. Lazzaria is the larges city in the world, and its leader is a man named Vulcan Jahalas. Lazzaria has taken over almost every city in the world except for a select few. Lazzaria is a force to be wreckoned with, along with its dictator Vulcan. Zuleika is the only city in the world who has still yet to fall to Lazzaria's dictatorship. Soon the world will fall to Vulcan's tyranny, if nobody stops Vulcan himself. Vulcan came to leadership after Lazzaria's previous leader had passed away. After one of Vulcan's partners made a discovery of a strange Hidden power deep inside the planet, Vulcan decided to use that power to become a dictator and take over the world. Legend says there a three hidden powers in the world, and after the discovery of the first, Vulcan wanted to find more. He hired a group of mercenaries named The Oortas, to seek out the other hidden powers for him. Our main character, Renee Parvati, is a member of The Oortas, but also wants to protect her only brother from danger.


Enjoy the game!

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where do you download it???
where do you download it???

Check now.
Love this game. Seeing it here makes me want to replay it again for sure.
This game has over 100 downloads already, impressive. I hope people enjoy this game as much as I did! I can't get enough of the Oortas, they were badass.
I'm currently playing this game. Unfortunately, the game tends to crash after battles, especially after level-ups ("Script 'level up screen' line 347: SystemStackError occurred. Stack level too deep."). Consequently, I recommend saving when a level-up is imminent. If there's no save crystal around at that time, you should flee from all battles until you can save again. The same applies to boss battles: It's better to tackle bosses directly after level-ups.
I'm sorry, I understand the game can be a little frustrating to others.

I'm aware of that problem and it usually occurs after leveling up, just like you said. My guess what triggers the "Stack level too deep" error is when after you die, and then reloading the save file to resume the game, which causes the trigger to happen at any given moment. My assumption how to fix this problem is that when you die, close the game application window and restart it. I could be totally wrong about this, so I need to replay the game and figure out what triggers the problem.
I'm quite the diligent battler/grinder, so I don't die that often, but you could be partially right (I had one crash at the end of a battle without level-up after reloading my save following a game over). The game crashes frequently nonetheless after "level-up battles". It's important to know this as a player, because one won't lose much progress with a little bit of planning.

My guess as a n00b - and I can be totally wrong about this - is that there's a problem/conflict with the scripts, which makes it very tedious to fix.

As soon as I have completed Passage of the Hollow Moon, I will post a list containing further (possible) (minor) bugs and mistakes - as a thank you for letting me enjoy an entertaining RPG.
I have no problem with dying/level up/or F12. (Just once when Salomon learned Firaga etc)
But with the balance.
I now level 25 and some enemies kill me without ease.
The Thundagashield is not available when reaching the coast town. I'm now in the underwater town and no thundaga gem has been dropped yet (but a Firaga and Blizzardga).
Perhaps it should be a thundershield. (It is a thundershield, but you need the Thundaga gem, which you found in the sewers of the underwatertown)

Rain in the Rubinite Caves?
What about the sword stuck in the place the SOL was?

To the balance:
Normal attacks make around 1/3 (over 1/2 from the soldiers) of HP damage by Miken and Salomon, around 1/4 by Venus and Noelle). But when casting recover each round I can't use thundara with Salomon (or Holy).
Especially the harpy queen with two other foes in the dessert is to strong when she starts casting tornado.
Countdown is getting weaker the stronger Venus got. From ap. 1200 at the beginning to ap. 900 now. Normal attacks are sometimes stronger. The damage should be shown at the end of the animation.
Why can't Salomon equip any stronger shield than the leather shield?

Edit: Changes in brackets.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
What kind of game is this.....

Dogs don't bark or woof....

Cats don't meow.....

Please fix these horrible mistakes :)

Other than the above, I'm really enjoying your favorite game.
My party is currently about to fight with
. The (boss) battles thus far were hard (especially
), but always fun and fair - with one big exception:
. His ultimate skill can cause all common status ailments, including but not limited to paralysis and poison. The first time he used it: paralysis and poison on all party members, also known as "watch your party die while you can't do anything". Salomon's Autolife was the only reason I could try a comeback. The second time he used it: paralysis and poison on all party members. I couldn't recover from that.

During my second try, I changed my tactic. Suspecting that he only uses his ultimate skill when his HP are low, I held back at the beginning and used the overdrives relatively late. For my frame of mind's sake, he didn't use his ultimate skill this time (as he still could have slaughtered me). Maybe he's susceptible to paralysis (or another status ailment) and I should have exploited that. In most cases, the bosses are so overwhelming that I don't bother to try out status ailment inflicting skills. I already grind a lot and can't imagine the hell lower level parties have to go through.

To cut a long story short: There's always a way to win. World saving can't only be fun.
Then enjoy the battle against Neptune - the easiest so far.
And beware of Mercury.

I have now use of the Vintuse Gems.
I hate that the foes of the frozen lake etc. still halve Miken's and Salomon's HP with normal attacks.
My level is 27+ and I have the best equipment available to this time.
Thanks for the second Overdrive of Venus.

Before I face Blue Moon, can I do some more?
I found 4 of 7 golden Rings. When backtracking with the Vintuse Gems I only found a treasure chest (Golden Axe) I missed earlier.
Are the battles really that heard? I remember them being hard in the beginning, but getting pretty easy after a certain point. Then again, it's been years since I played this and knowing my play style, I was probably a bit over-leveled.
The battles aren't a walk in the park in general compared to other RPGs, but they're manageable. If the best equipment isn't enough, the player can grind or change tactics when it comes to the most difficult battles. It's always a good idea to grind at least as long as it takes to fill up all overdrive bars before boss battles.

I have a few questions concerning the shopkeep in Zuleika that claims to resell the things I sell him later. How long does it take, before he resells the goods? Is this an opportunity to "duplicate" items? Does it work with rare/unique equipment (e.g. Sage Ring) and items that permanently raise attributes (Guard up, Life up, Power up etc.)? As long as this isn't clear, I won't sell the really good stuff for fear of losing it. On the other hand, I would really appreciate a "money sink".
I am grinding. But it's frustrating when the enemy halves the HP with one normal hit. (Now level 28+) Renew is helping but even with the sage ring very expensive.

You can sell your element gems (fire, blizzard, thunder...) for money, but keep at least 3-5 each for the shield crafter. Good money is dropped by the soldiers in Lazzaria, too.

I had to quit for today (sunday) because suddenly the cancel/menu key didn't work anymore. The last subtown of Lazzaria can wait a bit more.

My not answered questions are:
  • Where are the 3 remaining golden rings?

  • What is the sword stuck in the place of the sol for?
Well, let's cut kelarly some slack. He deserves a rest, and we'll be fine on our own. I'm sure the sword you mentioned, Firefly84, will be part of a quest later in the game, and even though I might have already missed one, I'm confident that we both will find all gold rings.

There's one game-breaking bug I would like to mention as soon as possible ("game-breaking" in the meaning of "the game can't be completed until loading a previous save", so there shouldn't be much progress lost because of the abundance of save crystals). When arriving in Methuselan, the party is supposed to return to Lazzaria below. Now don't take another step south! Immediately head north and save at the save crystal. There's only an "exit arrow" to the north, but by simply going south (where there isn't an "exit arrow"), the player returns (falls) to Lazzaria Gate. You may think: What's the problem? That's exactly what the party is supposed to do. Well, the thing is: By doing this, you skip a whole dungeon, including a boss battle and a very important story scene, which makes the game impossible to complete, because the needed triggers to continue the journey can't be activated anymore (the more so as Methuselan can't be visited again: The event that teleports the player there can't be repeated, and the part of Lazzaria from which Methuselan can be reached is only available after having completed the Methuselan dungeon). Just because I broke one of my most important self-imposed RPG rules this one time (save as soon as you can after boss battles), I had to repeat the boss battle that took place before arriving in Methuselan.

If you still fix bugs etc., kelarly, this should be on the top of your list. It also isn't very nice that the player can permanently trap himself/herself in in the upper right room of Maja Cave, but I admit that you have to do this on purpose.
I am now backtracking again in hoping to find the last 3 rings before I challange the Blue Moon for the last time.
The Vintuse Gems are perfect for backtracking.
The rings I found were
coast, dessert, rubinite cave, tundra
I you find some else please report them to me Euphoniac.
The only place you cannot backtrack is the prison - but I am sure that there wasn't any.
Where do I go after the brother has been kidnapped ?
Where do I go after the brother has been kidnapped ?

First meet Salomon in the pub. Then There will be a new exit south of the market place.
My not answered questions are:
  • Where are the 3 remaining golden rings?
  • What is the sword stuck in the place of the sol for?

1. I'm going to assume you haven't been to the hidden areas yet. The last remaining 3 golden rings are at Somewhere in Space, Hollow Planet, and Lost Castle of Bharzapal. Those places are where the hidden bosses dwells.

2. It's one of Venus strongest weapon. Fight the 3 hidden bosses!

Sorry if I haven't answer any of your questions yet. I'm resting for a bit. :)

Where do I go after the brother has been kidnapped ?
First meet Salomon in the pub. Then There will be a new exit south of the market place.
thanks, Salomon was obviously the only one in the pub I never spoke to :)
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