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Renee Parvati:

Age: 27
Renee is the main character of the game. After the war began, she and her only brother lost their parents. In order to take care of her brother, she joined The Oortas for the security and the money. Her new alias became "Venus". She is usually too busy with The Oortas to spend time with her brother, but recently, The Oortas were put out of commission. Even though she has more time at home, she usually spends her time at the local pub getting drunk and sleeping there. She is a strong woman, but has her weaknesses.

Miken Parvati:

Age: 19
Miken is Renee's younger brother. He is somewhat disappointed in Renee because of her drinking and because of all the time she spends with The Oortas. He is young spirited and just wants the best for his sister.

Vulcan Jahalas:

Age: 45
Vulcan is the dictator of Lazzaria, and basically the ruler of most of the world. He controls the largest army in the world, and has the ability to use magic because of the discovery of The First Hidden Power. He is very selfish, and wants all the power. He is one of the main antagonists in the game.

Obi Zargabaan:

Age: 67 at his death
Obi Zargabaan was the previous leader of Lazzaria before Vulcan. People praised him for being a great leader. He passed away due to old age. After his passing, Vulcan became leader of Lazzria.


Age: 62
Salomon is a shaman from Espen Town. He has the ability to use magic. He seems very innocent, but also it seems as if he has a secret.


Nolle is the leader of The Resistance against Vulcan's rule. She only wants to end Vulcan's tyranny and stop The Oortas. She will do anything to help Zuleika win this war.


Age: 28
Mars' real name is Nikolai Danetelas. Mars was Renee's partner for a long time after she joined The Oortas. Mars is one of The Oortas most powerful members. After he and Renee spent a lot of time with each other, they may have become romantically involved, but a long amount of time has passed since then.