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Sprite Edits & Skills

  • trance2
  • 07/29/2007 02:23 PM
So, I've been doing a graphical update that I'm sure will look very cool when I'm finished. I have to do it to all of the sprites, so... Not going to show it till later, though, once I'm finished.

I've also started working on the skills list, which can be a little difficult, since I have to figure out the tiering of the skills (whether they're triple-, double-, or single-tiered, maybe even a quadruple-tiered) plus exactly what little other skills might be needed, not to mention the Character Skills. Doing the FAQ helps a little bit, 'cause it gets me to think of moves, but it only works so much.

In the meantime, I've also been having some troubles with the universe; I'm still trying to figure out whether to include the world's moon as a playable area (since it's kinda like Lunar), or whether to make, like, an underworld or something. I've been having slightly similar problems with GnD, which is kinda stuck in my head (whether to keep with my multiple worlds thing or to smash them together and have them be kingdoms or whatever).