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Fun Added Stuff (Save Points)

  • trance2
  • 08/04/2007 09:50 PM
Excerpted from SW FAQ:

There are three different types of save points, all of which are represented by glowing circles with auras:

Blue Save Points do just that: save your game. There are no benefits or detriments to using a Blue Save Point.

Green Save Points are healing points, along with allowing you to save. They're usually placed before heavy fights or where leveling is HIGHLY suggested. There's also no detriment to using a Green Save Point, though some Green Save Points do turn Blue throughout the course of the game, so don't always count on one being there.

Red Save Points are cursed Save Points: they do let you save your game, but for a price. Some ask for Sil, others ask for items. Still others will put a status effect on your characters or injure them in some other way. If you can avoid using a Red Save Point, do it, unless you think you can afford it. Red Save Points are rare, and they turn blue once you satisfy the spirit cursing it.

There might actually be an item which allows you to exorcise the spirit from a Red Save Point, turning it blue.

I still have yet to figure out what to call that certain item. Holy Water would work if I didn't already have "water" items that healed AP. I might call them Mystic Crosses. That sounds neat.