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The Goddess of the Waves was a deity of modest powers, and an even more modest range of influence.

She helped fishermen and sailors to find their way home, even through the thickest fog, through the fiercest storms.

Now she is dead. There are no stories left to tell about her

Queen Stephania was a fierce woman, an unhappy woman.

She rose higher than people thought she could. But her triumph had a bitter aftertaste, as it left her ruling over those she despised.

Now she is dead. There are no stories left to tell about her.

Queen Caramela was raised by a fierce, unhappy woman, and lived under the influence of a deity of modest powers.

All she wants is to keep harmful things at a distance, to live for beauty and fun, for things to continue as they are. She won't get her wish.

She lives. This is her story.


Hierofanía 2 is a visual novel with eight endings.

It is (shockingly!) the sequel to Hierofanía, which you can get here.

This is the RMN page for the original Hierofanía here.

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Wait, wait, there's a sequel? Ohhh yiss, I want more visual novels!

Looking forward to playing this.
You may want to include the link to the rmn page for the prequel.
Huh....I didn't! You're absolutely right.
I'll fix it, but thank you so much for pointing it out!
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