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Cool Idea, decent execution, but overall could have been better

So I decided to search through RMN for some games to play and review, and this one caught my eye. An rpg maker vx ace game where you restore a house? You don't see that everyday, but don't get your hopes up, the idea is pretty cool and the overall execution is alright but the game as a whole is lacking. Let's begin.

Mapping is overall alright, it uses a mix of RTP and some custom graphics. Really its not that bad, the only eye sore part is all the grass. But other than that its really basic.

I'm going to go ahead and skip the sound stuff, because its RTP its what you expect. But sadly the game-play is lacking here, the first hour of the game is spent cutting grass (and a ton of it too) and going to work, which is a drag because you only get 25g from that, and has to keep repeating it to get any actual money to start working on the house. But once you get the money, customizing the house is pretty cool, but your really limited in the long run and can't customize it exactly how you want it, which takes a lot of the overall fun out of it. Here's a few things that I think could overall improve the game and make it better.

1)Make going to work is worthwhile, and make it give you more money, having to spam going to work every single minute got old fast, by giving us more money it will take a lot of the tediousness out of it. That or give the player some starting money.

2)Give us some customizing options for the house, it will really add to the game in the long run.

3)How about adding some extra characters? Say like to have somebody visit the house once its in good shape, etc.

4)The text dialogue cuts off in the box, that needs to be fixed.

5)Add some extra tools like a shovel and a watering can etc. This will give players more things to do.

Overall thoughts
This game has a solid foundation to make something truly exceptional, if the developer could expand on the game-play a whole lot more, it will be worth playing. But as of now, the game is sadly not worth playing. But I do have to commend the developer for such an ambitious project.

2 out of 5, subpar.


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Hi. Thank you for your review. I hope I will do better with my next game.
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