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Updated at last!

Well, finally went ahead and finished updating Forlorn Manor.

I didn't change much beyond some system improvements and making some of the puzzles easier to solve. For at least one I had to update the Walkthrough written up by X-Chain. :)

The new download includes an updated Manual.txt with some of the new features, and the Walkthrough included (with the updates.)

New Features:
1. Particle System (no more ugly animations for shots)
2. Collision detection update
3. No more Skill or Item window
4. Pop-up description
5. Much better introduction and tutorial materials
6. Updated combat attacks and difficulty
7. Custom graphics for some objects so they stand out more
8. Removed the descriptions for everything EXCEPT important game-elements (before EVERYTHING had descriptions)

NOT Updated:
1. Basic puzzle designs (these are the same ones that came in my first real dungeon game ever, so they're a bit amateurish still)
2. Basic story
3. Flow of the levels
4. Boss fight strategies designs
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