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Over My Dead Body (For You) is a puzzle game. Simultaneously play as a Ghost and a Zombie! Solve puzzles by working together. Attack enemies, throw objects, possess the weak-minded, and more as you make your way through the evil Mortiga building.

In Over My Dead Body (For You), the brilliant scientist Noelle Brody, while working on an experiment for the evil corporation "Mortiga Consolidated", finds herself transformed into both a ghost and a zombie. Now Brody (suffering from an unfortunate case known as "Double Undeath") must use both her forms to progress through the Mortiga Complex in search for a cure... and perhaps some revenge!

-Simultaneously control a Ghost and a Zombie to solve puzzles
-20 puzzle filled levels
-Test your skills in 10 super hard challenge levels.
-Gameplay mechanics include possessing, haunting, hurling, diving, dashing, and eating.
-Controller support for: Keyboard, Mouse, GamePads (tested with Xbox 360 controllers)

It's currently out on Steam!: http://store.steampowered.com/app/596390/Over_My_Dead_Body_For_You/

Author's Note: This is a game by me and 4 other friends. We're known as DuneWorld Games. I've been working on this Non-RPG Maker project for awhile and I figured I would share.

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Belated Official Release Post

Forgot to mention on here, but this game is now officially available on Steam!


This was a huge collaboration (5-man team) for what is effectively a simple game, I've mainly served as an Art Director and Level Designer. It's been a lot of work putting this game together and there are a lot of things I wish got into the final build. But a lot of the level design I wanted to express in the extent of the game is largely intact. I'm happy with the game but the process has been exhausting. I'll probably do a post mortem on the game some day to air my thoughts completely, but that'll have to wait.

Honest thoughts about Early Access: It's highly recommended if you've never commercially released a game before regardless of what genre your game is. Think of it is a soft launch where ironing out the bugs while gaining a motivational push for that last 10% of content that needs to be made. It is not an alternative to funding from the ground up. Unless your game is able to spread word of mouth ala being a sandbox/roguelike game you're better off with better means of funding. As for sales, it seems relatively the same on official launch. But there is a bump from people that tend to go "ehhh I wait til the game is finished" instead of the early purchase. As a first time commercial release I'm glad we used it.

Personal thoughts: I'm mainly posting this to say that I'll likely be focusing a lot of my free time on a solo-made rm2k3 project. I've tried so many times to finish projects in the rpgmaker engine that weren't just game jam one offs, but I think recent events in my life have spurred me to get better at completing projects. The next task is ambitious one: An RPG. I'd like to complete one before I die. But you probably won't hear much about it til several years. Toodles.
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  • 07/01/2016 12:15 AM
  • 09/25/2017 11:52 PM
  • 09/11/2017
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RMN sex symbol
This looks awesome! I'll subscribe & do the green light thing!
This looks awesome! I'll subscribe & do the green light thing!

Thanks, appreciate it!
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