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Original Soundtrack

Hey everyone, even though this may be old news to some, I figure I might as well make an official announcement as the loose ends of Muse begin to tie up. Those of you who have been keeping up with the page may have wondered why my name mysteriously appeared as a developer just a few months ago.... well, here's the official announcement. I have joined up with Team Cascade to write an entirely original soundtrack for Muse. Every track in the game will be composed (and in some cases, performed) by yours truly, which will come out to about 20 tracks and 30+ minutes of music. All the tracks will be high quality mp3 with an overall dark and ambient atmosphere. I will be releasing the soundtrack simultaneously with the game's release (TBA.... soon) so that you can download it and put it on your iPod or whatever you so choose to do with it. :D

I'll probably also include a bonus track or two containing some commentary relating to the thought process behind the various tracks to help give a deeper understanding of the soundtrack as a whole and how it relates to the game. If you're wondering whether or not you can use the tracks in your game, well, I haven't talked it over with AznChipmunk yet, but the way I see it, I can't stop anyone from using the tracks and I have a habit of using tracks from games like Final Fantasy in my own games, so for me to say you can't use my Muse soundtrack would be hypocritical. In fact, I would be honored if people used my music, I only ask that you do not re-name the original files so that anyone interested in tracing the mp3 back to its source will have no trouble doing so.

And lastly, for those of you who are saying "WTF, who is DigitalMonk?" there's a semi-old thread on the forums that has some of my work.... I don't mean to sound cocky, but it's looking like the Muse soundtrack is going to blow those old demos clear out of the water. http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/6371/
My goal is to make a professional quality soundtrack for Muse. Stay tuned.



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is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I'm super pumped to get the full download of the whole soundtrack. Then I will perform covers of every single song on the washtub bass and kazoo.
So, seeing as this page has been far too quiet for a while, I'll give this quick update:

Currently, the soundtrack clocks in at 30 minutes. I'll estimate it'll end up at roughly 45 minutes.

Fun Fact: It's currently 45MB.
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The game or soundtrack size? Anyways that's great how Muse is getting an original soundtrack.
The game or soundtrack size? Anyways that's great how Muse is getting an original soundtrack.

The 30 minutes I have of the soundtrack so far is 45 MB. I have no idea how big the final file will be of either the soundtrack or the whole project itself.
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