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Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.2.3

Google drive download

I didn’t think I’d release a patch for this game, but here we are. I plan to add few quests I omitted before.

  • Patreon link removed because it’s no longer active. It’s been replaced with its website link.

  • Some game icons have been upgraded.

  • Majority of plugins were updated. This isn’t something you are going to notice during play.

  • I added Yanfly battle animation speed plugin. This will let you have battles go by a lot faster if you choose to do so.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.2.2

Version 1.2.2
Mega link

This is a bug-fix release.

  • In plot 3, Yaelu wasn't supposed to have a ferry line running due to the war. But they were running a ferry line regardless and sending people back to pre-war. I've made sure that they are now on a strike.

  • My patreon link added to the main screen.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1
Mega link

  • This patch fixes Baba's bugged class change in post game.

  • Another change is that I've altered how classes are changed in the game. When I didn't know better, I simply extracted an EXP from a character and changed his/her class with a level reset and then re-applied exp back. Now, class change is done with a single script call.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.2.0a

Mega link

I released version 1.2.0a silently few days ago. This patch isn't anything too important. You don't have to download it if you have 1.2.0.

  • Fixes grammar and spelling issues with ending sequence.

  • I've revised and completed walkthrough PDF files for plot 3 and post game.

With this update, I am taking my hands off on this project. (Unless, of course, bug reports are made and I fix them.)

The walkthroughs can be found on my website @ http://twoclusters.com/bhavacakra-walkthroughs

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.2.0 FINAL

Version 1.2.0 FINAL [Mega link]

This is it. With post game completed, the version reaches 1.2 and the game is fully completed. It should now boost a playtime of around 55 hours, give or take 5 hours.

The ending has some twists & final conclusions and I hope you reach there.

No content will be added to the game from this point. Only bug-fixes will be applied.

Please check out my other games.

Bhavacakra Adventures
Two Clusters - Kain

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.1.12

Version 1.1.12
Mega link

The (post) game is a patch or two away from full completion. I can finally complete this one and focus on other projects.

  • Side quest "Healing Juan 2" can now be completed.

  • Post game plot has made some progress.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.1.11

Patch note version 1.1.11
Mega link

Some new skills were added for Shelna and Ssiet. Do note that, if your characters are already past the level they learn the skills at, you are out of luck. In such a case, go to Juan & Sue’s home and use a basket of water in portal room to reset EXP.

Additionally, random enemy encounter is being phased out for later part of post-game. Players who made it this far should have 50+ hours into the game. Levels and gears should no longer be an issue. I am letting them skip battles if they wish. There will be few unavoidable battles though.

  • Some progress in post game along with a boss battle. With this update, post game is 50% done. Expect some twists in this update and future.
    The final optional party member, Voyin, can be found in the Dead Forest in post game.

  • Shelna’s skill had Equa’s name in them. It’s been corrected.

  • Some progress in Healing Juan side quest.

  • A new skill for Ssiet: Big grade B healing flask (65).

  • Two new skills for Shelna added: Nail hurricane (75) and MEOW (80).

  • Some bug fixes in plot 3.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.1.10

Patch note version 1.1.10
Mega link

You now may go past underground Dolle. Other than that, not much else was added.
Ah, yes, Shelna the werewolf can be recruited finally.

  • There was a way for a side quest “Maelen’s madness” to get glitched. It’s been fixed.

  • The third scene for the Forbidden story quest, which concludes the quest, has been added.

  • Post-game Shelna has finally been completed. Took me long enough to complete her.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.1.9

Patch note version 1.1.9
[Alternative download link]

  • There has been some progress made in post world game. I believe one third of post game content is done at this point.

  • Second scene for Forbidden story has become available if you proceed far enough in post game.

  • The magical guy at Bururoke isle was misbehaving. He has been corrected.

  • Another bug fix on Blood tie side quest in plot 3.

  • Decon’s flask bomb skills have new animation (some of them).

  • Paying off the mortgage in plot 3 would bring players back to pre-war world. This bug has been corrected.

  • A slight issue with Sue-phobia quest has been corrected.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra 1.1.8

Patch note version 1.1.8
[Alternative download link]

  • A bug fix in plot 3 quest “Blood ties”.

  • The redesign of village of life introduced a game breaking bug in a story quest. This has been fixed.

  • There were some rebalances made in monster strength in the post game. Basically, they were too strong.

  • Postgame walkthrough updated.

  • Ssiet’s face CG was too large in comparison with others. Her face has been shrunken.

  • Sue gets more mature face CG in postgame.

  • Grammar/spelling fixes.