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Progress Report

Bhavacakra 1.1.7

Patch note version 1.1.7

This is a simple bug-fix release. There were two silent releases after 2 bugs were reported and were fixed. And there was a slight adjustment in a quest.
This patch version officializes these changes.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra 1.1.6

Patch note version 1.1.6
[Alternative download]
I can see that the map redesigns are creating new bugs. But this needs to be done. Basically, I need map consistency between this and Bhavacakra adventures. Besides, the new designs are just (far) better.

  • Another big redesign. Ezona, which players visit the most frequently, has been redesigned.

  • Loche redesign caused yet another bug which has been fixed.

  • Village of Life has also been redesigned.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.5 released.

Patch note version 1.1.5
[Alternative download link]

  • Game resolution has seen a slight increase due to text being cut at the end. It went from 1050 x 650 to 1100 x 650. Most of CG were not re-rendered to fit. Instead, they will stretch to fit.

  • If you have played the game, you may have wondered what was up with a quest called “Forbidden story” since it doesn’t seem to do anything other than occupying a spot in quest log. Well, the quest will progress once you go past postgame Ezona dungeon level 4 with a cutscene. This quest was meant to progress in postgame.

  • Postgame Ezona cave is now available up to level 5… How far will I go, I wonder. If you’ve completed plot 2 of the game, there is a hint on how far I should go.

  • Eton redesign bugged “Those in need” & “Moving to Eton” quests. It’s been fixed.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.4 released.

Patch note version 1.1.4
[Click here if your download keeps getting broken]

  • There was a major bug that’d prevent story advancement in plot 3. It’s been fixed.

  • There was a tileset setup issue with redesigned Loche.

  • This is also a big one. Eton has been redesigned. Because there are numerous quests involving the location, it was no easy feat and I’ve probably created bugs in doing so.

  • Bug fixes and spelling/grammar corrections. These are gradual progress.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.3 released.

Patch note version 1.1.3 (Some seem to have issues downloading from this website. In such a case, click here instead.)
Updated postgame walkthrough has been posted on the website. Of course, it is not complete. It will be updated as more postgame content is released.

  • I’ve updated the game’s quest script. In doing so, it created a small issue. On existing saves, existing quest steps are erased. Quests themselves work fine. It’s just that quest step records are gone. I needed to update the script in order to fix text wrapping issue.

  • World map has been customized. It is my own RTP edit. It took me a while to find the right balance.

  • The starting village, Loche, has been redesigned. It is using the same layout as the one from Bhavacakra Adventures.

  • Postgame has some contents now. Two postgame quests have been added which should add an hour of game content.

  • Bug fixes and spelling/grammar corrections. These are gradual progress.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.2 released.

Patch note version 1.1.2
Bug-fix release.

  • 2 bug fixes in plot 1.

  • Some spelling corrections in numerous places.

  • Hamlet Poro has been redesigned.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.1 released.

Patch note version 1.1.1
This is an emergency bug-fix release. Someone has been diligently reporting bugs for me, thank you.

  • Jordin blacksmith guild at Hyurps was found not melting MQ black iron ore. It’s been straightened out.

  • One of quests from Cyro police, Miracle powder, had its quest NPC appearing without triggering the quest, thus potentially bugging its entire quest if a player triggered him outside of the quest. He’s been told to hide.

  • A tileset mishap on my part allowed a player to skip Bruroke pirate reputation requirement and directly talk to the boss. It’s been corrected.

With those three bug fixes out of the way, here is content update.

  • Using First Seed Material tileset, Tobas and Mont have been redesigned. Replacing the stock tileset with FSM and others is my long term goal. Those two were chosen because they were small and were associated with little quests.

  • Mercenary’s guard & steel stance have been altered. I felt it was too overpowered. The new guard/steel stances now work like this. They last 3 turns and one cannot act at all during. In return, it gives massive damage reduction (Originally the skills simply increased defense.) and counterattack.

Progress Report

Version 1.1.0 released.

Patch note version 1.1.0
A large update.
I decided to cancel Bhavacakra 2 (post game) and stick with this. Therefore, I needed to lay groundworks for post game expansion.
And this update lays groundwork for upcoming postgame expansion. JS files were updated (Which I had refused to do in fear of breaking things) and new assets were added.

  • Game resolution has been increased to 1050 x 650 pixel. While this is short of 720p I prefer, this resolution is a compromise. It’s a small increase enough for me not to re-do all hundreds of dialog right away, yet it provides more space for text and combat.

  • With the resolution increase, titlescreen CG has been replaced. Also, most of Cgs (including battlebacks) have been re-rendered to fit the new resolution.

  • Jack and Akatoob sprites were updated along with their CG faces.

  • Sue’s shooting star skill has a new animation.

  • If you’ve finished the game, you can now finally leave the home and see the new Ezona. You can’t leave Ezona yet however and Ezona itself isn’t complete. (You will get a cut scene.)

  • Characters in battle will no longer show an animation, thus giving a delay, when using skills. This had me annoyed for a while but I couldn’t find a solution until I started to work on Bhavacakra Adventures.

  • It looks like I left door sound on most of entries/exits in early part of the game. I think I removed most of them.

  • Capital of Baldar has been relocated slightly. It was on a wrong location (lore wise).

  • Capital cities are now using custom tilesets on world map.

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.0.3

Patch note version 1.0.3

  • There was a case of a side quest (Michael's new bird) becoming bugged when triggered too late into the game. This has been corrected.

  • A quest werewolf isn't supposed to appear unless its related quest but it shows up anyway. The werewolf has kindly been shown a door to Hell. (fixed)

Progress Report

Bhavacakra version 1.0.2

Patch note version 1.0.2

  • A bug was reported where the player would be unable to leave a room upon being given the best weapon of your choice at Jalfti blacksmith guild. It’s been fixed.

  • Ssiet’s face and character sprite has been updated. It is now using Bhavacakra 2’s updated face and sprite.