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Progress Report

Version 0.4.1 released

Notable changes in version 0.4.1:

  • Juan and Sue’s relationship level 5 event added at Alderin inn where you will learn Sue’s fear. The reward for this is empowered engagement rings. (Side quest 54)

  • Side quest 36 completed.

  • Side quest 56 added.

  • Side quest 57 added.

  • Side quest 58 added.

  • Side quest 59 added.

Progress Report

Version 0.4.0 released

Notable changes in version 0.4.0:
The game world is more or less complete. The incomplete parts are Isle of Death and Water temple (From Myzer), both of which are for Plot branch 3. There is also an incomplete dungeon below Baldar castle but I am out of ideas for that one for now. So, I am finishing off this version and moving to 0.4.x.
The focus for version 0.4.x line will be adding side quests and more BGM while progressively working on Water temple, Isle of Death and its associated places. You can’t enter Isle of Death unless you are in Plot branch 3, so I have plenty of time to finish it off. And I will add Plot branch 2 in 0.5.x.
I know there are bits of incomplete parts here and there. Those will be tied up as I add side quests.

  • Side quest 53 added to Cyillin.

  • Balarian city, Lith, is now complete. With this, Baldar is now complete which makes all nations in the game complete.

  • The last village (off world), Myzer, is also done (accessible from the village of Wind).

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.6 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.6:
Class kills are finalized and I do not expect any forceful game restart update anymore.

  • Baldarian city, Zorm, is open and complete.

  • Skills are finalized. Game restart is now required because I’ve re-arranged all classes’ skills. Each classes will start to learn their ultimate skills between level 50 ~ 60. You can actually get all (Well most) the info from http://www.twoclusters.com/bhavacakra-classes

  • Village of Wind is done. It doesn’t have much content to begin with. It’s accessible from Water dungeon in Kyye.

  • The temple of Affection has been expanded. It now has some villagers with few houses.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.5 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.5:
I started to re-arrange skills in database because it was getting too messy and I was having a hard time locating skills. This resets character skills and removes them unless you restart. To get around this, I added a reset skill NPC in Decon’s home (Alca) which forces a character to level 1 and re-adds EXP, thus giving the skills back. I will remove these reset characters when the game hits version 1.0.0. So far, reset NPC for only Sue has been added because Sue’s skills were the only ones that were rearranged. I am basically finalizing skills and refining existing features before hitting version 0.4.0. I expect no significant game mechanic alternation once version 0.4 hits.

  • Side quest 51 added to Castle Baldar.

  • I am now using Yanfly’s action sequence plugins and turning skills into actual actions instead of just yellow flashes. It’s going to take some time to turn all skills into actions.

  • As a direct result of above, Sue’s skills (All of them) have been refined. I also fixed skills that weren’t working (Ex: Nimble feet) and semi-working (Fire arrow).

  • Most skills have proper animations now with Marat’s skills having fancier animations than others.

  • New animations for most of skills. No more RPG Maker MV default animations.

  • Maco’s sprite has been refined.

  • Lizardman cave by Fadin of Alcella has been completely redesigned.

  • Side quest 52 added to Alca.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.4 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.4:
The game world is almost there. Baldar has 2 cities left. There are Wind dungeon and the Isle of Death to work on. There is also an off-world village (for plot branch 3). Overall, the game world is about 90% complete.

  • Baldarian city, Korroros, is open and complete.

  • Side quest 48 added to Stodin.

  • Baldar, the capital of Baldar, is now complete.

  • Yaelu was left incomplete for a while. It is now complete.

  • Kyye was also left incomplete for a while. It’s now also complete.

  • Sue’s sprite has been updated.

  • Marat’s sprite has been updated.

  • Side quest 49 added to Kyye. This quest opens the Water dungeon.

  • Side quest 50 added to Water dungeon.

  • The water dungeon is complete. It’s accessible from Kyye.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.3 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.3:

  • Bruroke isle and its quest lines are being implemented. FYI, Bruroke is a pirate organization south of Langt. Gaining access to the isle is the first quest and it starts in Fino of Cizna. Bruroke isle quest line is largely independent and has a story of its own.

  • Side quest 43 & 44 have been added.

  • Class change NPCs are now added to Jalfti of Jordin and Corlo of Cizna. Before this, you could change your class only in Eton.

  • Jordin is now complete, well mostly. All cities are now open. Final touches are yet to be done but nevertheless the nation is now done. Baldar is the only nation left to be finished.

  • With Yanfly’s CTB plugin affecting the guard command (Rendering it useless), I made a workaround and created guard skills which replaces shield wall line skills. The most benefited class from this change is mercenary. The class can inflict some damage now. It was just a complete meat shield class previously.

  • Added trade item list PDF in the zip.

  • Side quest 45, 46, and 47 added. Bracelet of breeze info added at the bottom.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.2 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.2:
The game world is, overall, 80% complete. Once all cities are open and done, I will finish off minor details and then start adding final wave of side quests. My other plans include custom battle backgrounds which I don’t feel they are priority.

  • Side quest 40 added to Baldar.

  • Side quest 42 added to Baldar. These two quests are drama heavy.

  • I’ve added Terraxlighting plug in to make dungeons more dungeon-like. I actually am liking this plugin a lot.

  • Jordian village, Veidi, is open and complete.

  • Jordian city, Langt, is open. The nation Jordin is almost complete.

  • Dock of Death is now open in Baldar.

  • I’ve lowered the requirement of the first quest (10 raw hides to 5). And added a clue to how to begin a game in the hero’s house in new game.

  • I shrank Loche chieftain’s manor. I felt it was horribly too big.

  • I’ve enabled Yanfly’s CTB battle plugin. This requires restart unfortunately.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.1 released.

Notable changes in version 0.3.1:
I am planning to add the game to Steam Greenlight in next few months. The game is going to be free to play but I want more exposure. That’s my sole reason. At the moment though, I feel the game is too incomplete to be added to Steam Greenlight.

  • Side quest 39 has been added to Hyurps.

  • Jordian town, Baerinn, is now open and is completed.

  • Jordian city, Stodin, is open and complete. I had to open the city in order to open the temple of Earth and Earth dungeon.

  • The temple of Earth and Earth dungeon have been completed.

  • I’ve added Yanfly’s battlecore plugin to speed up the battle.

  • Side quest 41 added to Stodin.

Progress Report

Ver 0.3.0 released. Plot 1 completed.

Notable changes in version 0.3.0:
Plot branch 1 has been completed. What this means the game can be completed by choosing the first choice out of three. This is a huge step for the game.

  • Marriage event added for Plot branch 1. I plan to add a CG scene for this but a CG scene takes a long time to plan, model, and then render. So, it will arrive later. Besides, neither Jack nor Leona is in CG at this point.

  • Story quest P1-6 added.

  • Story quest P1-7 added.

  • Story quest P1-8 added.

  • Story quest P1-9 added, completing plot branch 1.

Progress Report

Ver 0.2.0 released.

Notable changes in version 0.2.0:
With this update, plot branch 1 is already 50% complete. The story for plot branch 1 was already written, so it was as easy as simply implementing the story. I believe plot branch 1 can be completed by version 0.3 hits and I am hoping that plot branch 1 will provide around 20 ~ 25 hours of game play (from start to finish).
Plot branch 2 should be longer with plot branch 3 being the longest.

  • The plot branch point has arrived. This is triggered upon three requirements are met. Having Marat, story quest 16, and having paid the Alca home mortgage 10 times. Refer to story quest 17 for more info. However, since the game world is not complete for Jordin and Baldar, only plot branch 1 is active at the moment.

  • Plot branch 1 forces a lot of changes to the existing map. Lots of Etonian NPCs are relocated. Village Maco has also been expanded. Consider plot branch 1 a separate game. Money is no longer made by hunting. Animals are replaced with enemy soldiers and Juan is restricted to Etonia and some upper parts of Alcella. Trade outposts also become useless. Plot branch 1 is the strictest path. The game from this point on is straightforward. There is no side quest planned in plot branch 1 currently but I see I could add few.

  • Story quest P1-1 added.

  • Story quest P1-2 added.

  • Story quest P1-3 added.

  • Story quest P1-4 added.

  • Story quest P1-5 added.