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Progress Report

Ver 0.1.8 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.8:
  • Northern Cizna region, the fire temple and the fire dungeon, has been completed. This includes new monsters, thus new loots, and additional trading items from the fire dungeon.

  • As a direct result of above update, the side quest (1), Mealen’s madness is also, finally, complete.

  • A small Ciznian fishing town, Cetsu, is now open.

  • Fort Kelgeath of Cizna is now accessible from Bella. With this, Cizna is complete design wise. Jordin and Baldar are the last two nations to work on now.

  • Valura of Alcella has been redesigned and has been populated and new stuff added to it.

  • Side quest (37) added to Valura.

  • Side quest (38) added to Cyro.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.7 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.7:
Juan, Sue, Decon, Marat, Equa, and Baba are now displayed on top of the page now. The six main characters are now fully in CG.

  • Equa (The Cryo policewoman who is a werewolf) is now a CG character. Note that she is a recruitable character although only in plot path 2. Since she is recruitable, I had to turn her into a CG character sooner or later.

  • Baba (Caretaker of Ezona mercenary guild) has also turned into CG. He is the recruitable character in plot path 1.

  • A side quest (34) added to Cyro.

  • A side quest (35) added to Cyro.

  • Carriage service is now available but only for major cities on mainland. (Eton, Cyro, and Jalfti)

  • City Cyro has been completed (for now). This city has more than 60 NPCs. It will be some further expansion but, for now, this is it.

  • Baldarian city, Yaelu, is now open. The game world is getting there.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.6 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.6:
  • Capital of Baldar, Baldar (same name), is now open. This is the smallest capital, though still big. Baldar is an interesting country where undeads are used as pets and servants.

  • Town of Ryin has been redesigned. It’s no longer as big as Eton.

  • Story quest 16 has been added. This story quest drops huge omen.

  • A Jordin hamlet, Tito, has been added.

  • I’ve added a crystal ball to Juan’s room in Alca to check on the level of Sue x Juan relationship level.

  • Jordin region is now populated with animals to hunt.

  • Trade outposts are now open. Some animal loots will say where it should be in demand and trade outposts in certain regions will purchase certain goods at much higher prices. Default sell % is 50. A loot with value of 100 will be sold at 50 if sold to random shops. If you sell it to specific trade outpost, it could be sold at much more. Almost all settlements have a trade outpost shop. Traders will tell you what they are looking for specifically. Dying settlements (like Tito) won’t have a trade outpost obviously. More will be added as version number advances. As this is a new feature, it will be improved and expanded. I will probably add quests to this as well. For now, though, trade outposts have been added.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.5 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.5:

  • The starting town, Loche, has been redesigned. Loche was the first town I made in RPG Maker and I didn’t have a good sense of scale at that time. So I scaled everything down and made it a lot smaller as it is a small village. I will probably redesign Ryin as well.

  • Face CGs for Marat has been redrawn. This should be the final version and looks the same style as other face CGs.

  • Maco’s face is now in CG form. She will be added to the title screen background when her model improves. Currently planned characters to be turned into CGs and be added to the title screen are Maco, Jack, Leona, and Equa.

  • A side quest (31) has been added to Ezona.

  • Bug fixes for side quest 16.

  • The temple of life is now open. The boat from Alderin is operational if Juan and Sue’s intimacy level is 3+. The temple of life has no role for the most part. It has a role only in plot path 3. The place, however, offers crystal water and it’s the only place for it.

  • A side quest (32) has been added to the village of life.

  • A side quest (33) has been added to Alca.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.4 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.4:
At this point, I’d say that the game world is about 50% complete. Side quest wise, it’s about 30% complete. Story quests before the plot branch is 90% complete.

  • A side quest (25) added to Fadin.

  • A side quest (26) added to Dolle.

  • A new story quest (15) has been added.

  • A side quest (27) has been added to Cyro.

  • A Ciznian town, Fino, has been added.

  • A Ciznian city, Bella, has been added. With this, Cizna is nearing completion design wise.

  • Capital of Jordin, Jalfti, is now open.

  • Two side quest for Jalfti guild (28 & 29) have been added to Jalfti.

  • A new side quest (30) has been added to Fadin. So, there are now 30 side quests.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.3 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.3:

There are only few more story quests before plot branch occurs. Because each plot branch changes the game entirely, I need to finish up incomplete cities/towns before triggering the war. Additionally, my goal for playing time prior the plot branch is about 20 hours. Currently, the game offers about 10 hours of game play if side quests are included. So, there are things to be done before the plot branch is triggered. Once the war is triggered, the main character’s freedom of movement will be restricted, therefore forfeiting a fair amount of side quests.
Therefore, current plan is complete cities and towns and add side quests.

  • City Eton has been completed. (NPCs added | Homes populated)

  • City Vollin has been completed. (NPCs added | Homes populated)

  • City of Alca has been completed. (NPCs added | Homes populated)

  • A side quest (24) has been added to Cyro. This is a fairly involved quest with strong bosses.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.2 released.

Notable changes in version 0.1.2:
  • A Ciznian town, Cyillin, is added.

  • The Ugi mine has been completed with 4 floors. (A quick strategy guide is added at bottom of this PDF.)

  • Fadin, a city in Alcella is now open.

  • Ezona has been populated with more NPCs.

  • Inder, another city in Alcella is now open. With this city open, the whole Alcella island is now open.

  • A side quest (22) has been added to Fadin.

  • Another bug fix in story quest 14.

  • A side quest (23) has been added to Alca.

Game Design

Ver 0.1.1

Notable changes in version 0.1.1:

  • Bug fixes for story quest 8 and 9.

  • More bug fixes for side quest 6. The bug is related to not having proper switches if Decon wasn’t rescued by Juan.

  • The mortgage pay-off rewarding scene has been implemented. If you are curious enough, you can look into pictures folder to find out. It’s a censored nude scene, mind you.

  • Marat’s CG has been improved and she has finally been added to the title screen, thus the Bhavacakra logo is now complete.
    Now that the four main characters are more or less complete, I will start working on bringing Maco into CG since she is an important character. Speaking of importance, the three members in Cyro police station are also important characters as well who will have a plot of their own in due time.

  • Side quest 18 has been fully implemented.

  • Side quest 20 has been fully implemented.

  • Side quest 21 has been added. This makes 3 side quests from Cyro.

  • Alca city is almost complete.

Progress Report

Ver 0.1.0

With verison 0.1.0, I've tested enough of the game that it is playable to some extend.

Notable changes in version 0.1.0:
  • I’ve added Gameus’ quest plugin which requires a restart. I wasn’t planning to add a quest system but, when I got lost in my own game, I realized I needed one. I am using only basic functions of the plugin just to be a guide for players. All available quests have been exported to the quest system.

  • Title screen reworked.

  • Cryo has been worked on further and 2 side quests has been added to the city. (Side quest #18 & 20)

  • Marat the weapon vendor has been re-added to Cyro department store. She is also now a CG character though the CGs will need to be improved. Once it’s mature enough, she will be added to the Bhavacakra logo. (Side quest #5)

  • Hyurps blacksmith shop system has been expended and includes weapons.

  • Class change requirement level is lowered at Eton mercenary guild from 20 to 10.

  • Cyro BGM added.

  • Alca BGM added.

  • While adding quests to Gameus’ quest system, I ran into numerous game breaking bugs. They’ve been corrected.

Progress Report

Ver 0.0.10 out

To help you debug, there is a spoiler walkthrough for you to read.
There is also an early plot draft.
And I wrote a class pdf.
All of the PDFs are included in the zip you download off this site.

Notable changes in version 0.0.10:
  • A new story quest added. This story quest triggers story advancement switch and, depending on outcome of some side quests, NPCs will move around. (Side quest #8) And side quest 4 will become unavailable. Thus making side quest 8 also unavailable. Side quest #12 also becomes unavailable if not finished already.

  • Bhavacakra now has a proper logo! Default RPG Maker MV logo has been replaced with it. The logo has also been added to the main screen. The title screen has been completely changed.

  • Credit page added.

  • The capital city of Cizna, Cyro, is open but not complete. This is the largest city in the game, so it will take time to polish and finish it.

  • Dungeon random encounter is being changed. Monster units will be visible in dungeons in addition to a very low rate of random encounter.

  • A new side quest (#17) has been added to Alca scholar’s guild.

  • A new side quest (#18) has been added to Corlo of Cizna.