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Game Design

Bhavacakra official logo

Finally, I've come up with the official logo for the game. It is missing the 4th companion in the yellow box, so it's not complete yet.

Progress Report

Ver 0.0.9 out

Notable changes in version 0.0.9:
This update focuses on building the game world instead of progressing with story quests.
To help you debug, there is a spoiler walkthrough for you to read.
There is also an early plot draft.
And I wrote a class pdf.
All of the PDFs are included in the zip you download off this site.

  • I made a mistake of requiring 4 votes in story quest #14. I’ve corrected this now. You only need to do 2 side quests in Alca instead of 3. And a bug fix in the quest also.

  • Story quest #14, also added necessary switches to trigger Sue’s rewarding scene if you do pay off the mortgage. The scene itself isn’t implemented yet.

  • Isle of Ugi (Of Jordin) is now accessible. You can purchase a ticket for it from Valura or Hyurps dock. Don’t bother visiting its mine. It is a high level dungeon. (And again, dungeon isn’t complete. The first floor IS complete however.)

  • City of Hyurps (of Jordin) is also open (but not complete). With this city open, blacksmithing has been enabled partially. Jordin is where you will get advanced metal weapons/armors. You can reach this city either by foot or by ship (cost 200g from Valura).

  • Title screen BGM has been added.

  • City of Kyye is open. This is the first city of Baldar. So, Baldar continent is finally open.

  • Armors have been tweaked. Classes have been tweaked. More skills added for all classes.

  • The 4th companion, Marat the weapon vender, has been removed. She will come back as a CG drawn character in Cizna instead at a later date.

  • Juan can now change his class to mercenary or fighter or archer. Visit Eton mercenary guild for more info.

Progress Report

Ver 0.0.8 out

*Make lots of saves

  • Juan’s face CG has been re-rendered.

  • A new side quest has been added to Red turban bandit camp. Talk to Maco if you meet certain requirements. (Side quest #12)

  • The world map is now complete (on surface). Functionality wise, Etonia is 90% complete. Alcella is 30%. Jordin is 5%. Cizna is also 5%. Baldar is at zero.

  • Mining town Bo (of Jordin) is now open. You can buy refined LQ black iron from that town. Medium and high qualities will be very hard to come across. Supreme quality will come only in ore form.

  • Alca scholar’s guild is open. This place will host a lot of side quests later on.

  • Bug fix: My mistake really. A switch that wasn’t supposed to be turned off was turning off at Maragret’s improved lunchbox quest. The quest has been corrected.

  • 2 story quests added. The first Alderin romantic inn quest is here at last. A CG is included in the quest. Any ingame CGs can be viewed in its full size (FHD) at my website under CG works.

  • I tried side quest 10 to test the difficulty of Lizardman cave. I brought 50 beers (400 STA recovery) and the party level was around 15. When I got out of the dungeon, I had 3 beers left and the party became around level 18 and money earned from loot was 9000g. I experienced 4 near gameovers. I feel the difficulty is just about right.

  • 2 more side quests added at Alca.


3 CGs

There are CGs I created for the game. They were modelled in Blender.

You can view them in full size at my site.

Progress Report

Ver 0.0.7 out

A rather big update.

  • World map BGM has been added. Dungeon BGM was also added.

  • All cities/town/villages BGM for the moment will use Loche’s BGM. They will have their own BGM eventually. If you have visited Alderin, it hints at romantic events. There will be some (more than one) between Juan and Sue at one point but I am wondering how much of skin exposure I should allow. In my head, there is no doubt that censored full nudity should be allowed. They are full adults after all.

  • 3 more story quests have been implemented. The game should now have well over 4 hours of content.

  • 2 new side quests added. One in Alca. The other in Loche.

  • The first dungeon, Lizardman cave, is now open in Alcella. But the dungeon itself is not completed.

  • Soldier sprites have been replaced with proper MV version.

  • In Alcella, cities of Valura and Alca are functional but not completed. There are 2 more cities also which are not functional at the moment.

  • Alca offers two specialized shops, a bookstore (INT items) and a sheep farm (Improved cloth armors). Don't interact with the sheeps unless you want a surprise.

  • Dolle (Town of lumber) now sells more specialized wooden weapons.

  • Finally, numerous bug fixes for a quest related to Decon.

Progress Report

Ver 0.0.6 out

The world map is 70% complete.

Two more story quests added. Current content is about 2 and half hours of game play.

M.Attack has been renamed to Intelligence. M.Defense has been renamed to toughness.

Two new monsters were added: Dire wolf and desert tarantula. Dire wolf is in Cizna wilderness. The tarantula is in Baldar which isn’t accessible yet.

Sue’s CG faces have been retaken.

Decon’s CG faces have been retaken as well.

Heavy armors have been added to some shops.

None game related update

I've released chapter 1 of the original story.