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  • dsiver144
  • Added: 07/30/2018 06:53 PM
  • Last updated: 04/15/2021 06:02 PM


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toiling away in the makerscore mines
This looks so peaceful!
Thanks very much guys! xD
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
The falling leaves, the flying doves, the blinking of the excellently designed portraits and immaculately peaceful tileset. The little bobbing sunflower in the corner. All wonderful details helping to create a wonderful world. This is different to Stardew Valley. Sprites have a different style, but it seems like you've put just as much thought into it. Here's hoping that your game will blow up big, if it deserves to. It looks like it does. Heck, that windmill turning is gorgeous. May be a bit too fast, but judging from that timer in the top-left, I think this gif is on turbo anyway? The animals walking, the butterflies flying - wonderful.
I'm so happy to see your kind words.
I love putting small details into the game. And you're right, the gif is on turbo somehow. The windmill is also my fav object when making the game.
Thanks again for your support! I means a lot to me. Without you and everyone, I think I could have abandoned the project.
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