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The Red Curse
Story line
Alyssa Smith is a normal 17 year old girl who stumbles upon a site which pops up a cursed video where the victims suffer deadly circumstances. She doesn't heed the warnings and watches the cursed video and falls in a Hellish World which she now has to escape from.
Alyssa Smith

She is a normal 17yr old girl who doesn't really believe in the supernatural. Until she falls into the hellish world, the video has vanished her into.
Horror Menu by Soulpour777
Alt Save Menu by Yoji Ojima
Other Scripts I thankful to use.
Coming Soon
More Music,
More Wrong Endings,
More Characters,
More story-line
More Scripts,
More Msps.

Latest Blog

Taken the demo down for reproduction of the game.

I'm taking down the demo of the game because of the comments
and the reviews because I know the game is crappy right now
so I'm fixing it up to make it great for you guys.
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Cool. Don't get discouraged, I'm sure that if you work hard at it the game will turn out great^
@pikasprey I have taken away the forced interaction with all the stuff
and going to work hard making the game much better.
I tried the demo. I'm not sure where you intend to take this idea. It seems like you didn't have any direction in mind when making it, and were just messing around with the engine.

Biggest issue is the forced interaction with almost everything in the game. Instead of being able to push a button to examine things, why on earth would you make it happen by just stepping on an adjacent tile? It gets really annoying fast.

The grammar is also a mess, with the dialogue being like you just rushed and made it up on the spot. As well, all of the music was incredibly unfitting.

By the way, if you select "No" when asked if you want to save, the game attempts to save anyway.

If you really want this to go anywhere, you're really gonna have to take a step back and really consider a few things about what you want to do with the game. I'd also suggest taking a look at some MV tutorial videos.
Nice! I'm going to play it right now :D
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