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The Red Curse Demo Walkthrough.

  • annme090
  • 08/03/2016 07:24 AM
The Red Curse Demo Walkthrough

*This walk-through is for people who are confused in the game and need help.*

You start out in your room, just roaming through your computer when a video pops up
through the screen. You watched the video and the phone rings. That is when the game

Answer the call, which brings you into the hellish world.

*Look through the room that you got trapped in. The door to the south does not open.
- Find matches on the left. They are to light the chimney where you escape from the monster that comes through the south door.

*Next room is the basement where you find your first letter. You need to collect them in order to know the victim's story and how to escape that world.

*The hallway, nothing much to do but there might be a second letter. You can get it or not. It's up to you. Also hallway key may be found somewhere in a shelf somewhere.

*The living room is where you might be able to escape but the third letter will tell you what not to use for a escape. The third letter reveals all.