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All the credit goes to Gnite Productions for the wonderful job!
Contact: gnite-productions@live.co.uk
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhZwlym85oxIHd_cse8Mcw

change log:

Episode Tseng
* Fixed issue where Veld would re-appear if you exited and re-entered some rooms.
* Made sure Tseng's name appears as Tseng in the main menu and save \ load menu.

Main Game
* Fixed many incorrect spellings and punctuation mistakes.
* Added in extra text in certain scenes from the original translation script.
* Re-wrote a few sentences to make more sense.
* Changed all instances of Zach to Zack.
* Changed all instances of Caith Sith to Cait Sith.
* Made sure whenever another character is being controlled that their name and picture appears correctly in the menu screens.
* Removed character label of "Gunslinger" I don’t think it worked well when you had to switch characters.
* Made Shotgun learn Cure at Level 5 instead of Cura (Cura is found in Hojo's lab later)
* Made both Cure and Cura less effective (they were completely healing the main character).
* Made Bomb enemy give less EXP.
* Made sure health and magic is restored correctly at the start of each new chapter.
* Changed some triggers in the Manor on Chapter 13 so you can no longer accidently skip finding the classified reports.
* Added Antidote to Shinra Shop.
* Added in Fake Veld fight in the lab illusion section.
* Added Shinra Troopers Enemies to Chapter 22 (Shinra HQ Section) - includes Shinra Solider and Attack Dog
* Gave Fuhito some different attacks
* Added the ability to return to the spider room at the start of mission 24.
* Gave Zirconiade some different attacks - added a 40+ one use only attack when he gets to under 20% life.

* Changed video resolution to wide-screen aspect (it wasn't working on my screen). If this causes issues the original video file is there.
still there (it has been re-named)
* Changed game icon.
* Added "RuntimePackageFlag=1" to RPG_RT.ini


Episode Reno added

Just a little stand-alone game.
It's short, as it's really just one episode and the battles are in real time.
Can be found by opening the downloads tab up there, along with the main game.


Last update :@

Besides adding tseng Episode, fixed most typos, rebalanced difficulty, added alot of animations to scenarios that were missing, and finally, made it so that the shop can be accessed from the items menu at any time during gameplay.
I'm probably not touching this game again, unless there's a bug that breaks it, so that's it :D


Tseng special episode added

So, got some motivation and decided to add Tseng's special episode.
To play it, you just need to talk to Tseng at the beginning of the game. Kinda like a "dlc" thing.
Also made small changes here and there, like fixing typos (just some i remembered, not alot, there may be still a dozen or more) and did some balancing on late game enemies. Maybe they're a little more challenging now.


Turn based battle system added!

Yes, now you can't say that it isn't a game.
Just kidding, i like the constructive criticism and thank you guys for it.

Progress Report


Some new stuff:
Fixed some bugs and typos.
Added some battles where it was needed.
reworked the sprites.

overall, it’s a more finished game. Thanks for playing this :-)
(And i thought the old name was bad, so i’m just naming it "remake")
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