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  • richterw
  • 07/18/2020 05:38 PM
All the credit goes to Gnite Productions for the wonderful job!
Contact: gnite-productions@live.co.uk
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLhZwlym85oxIHd_cse8Mcw

change log:

Episode Tseng
* Fixed issue where Veld would re-appear if you exited and re-entered some rooms.
* Made sure Tseng's name appears as Tseng in the main menu and save \ load menu.

Main Game
* Fixed many incorrect spellings and punctuation mistakes.
* Added in extra text in certain scenes from the original translation script.
* Re-wrote a few sentences to make more sense.
* Changed all instances of Zach to Zack.
* Changed all instances of Caith Sith to Cait Sith.
* Made sure whenever another character is being controlled that their name and picture appears correctly in the menu screens.
* Removed character label of "Gunslinger" I don’t think it worked well when you had to switch characters.
* Made Shotgun learn Cure at Level 5 instead of Cura (Cura is found in Hojo's lab later)
* Made both Cure and Cura less effective (they were completely healing the main character).
* Made Bomb enemy give less EXP.
* Made sure health and magic is restored correctly at the start of each new chapter.
* Changed some triggers in the Manor on Chapter 13 so you can no longer accidently skip finding the classified reports.
* Added Antidote to Shinra Shop.
* Added in Fake Veld fight in the lab illusion section.
* Added Shinra Troopers Enemies to Chapter 22 (Shinra HQ Section) - includes Shinra Solider and Attack Dog
* Gave Fuhito some different attacks
* Added the ability to return to the spider room at the start of mission 24.
* Gave Zirconiade some different attacks - added a 40+ one use only attack when he gets to under 20% life.

* Changed video resolution to wide-screen aspect (it wasn't working on my screen). If this causes issues the original video file is there.
still there (it has been re-named)
* Changed game icon.
* Added "RuntimePackageFlag=1" to RPG_RT.ini