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This is a completely realistic game about exactly what it's like to work as an office temp. Absolutely everything is true and nothing is made up or embellished. Really.

This is your first day working at C.C. & C., Inc, the Best Office Ever. In between completing the weird tasks you're given that don't really seem to have much to do with each other (and let's be honest here, aren't exactly giving your Bachelor's degree a run for its money), you must safely navigate the spooky office hallways.

You're not sure what makes the hallways so spooky. Maybe it's the old, moldy smell. Or the weird noises made by the old building. Or maybe it's the invisible monsters who chomp your head clean off if you linger for more than 20 seconds...

As you navigate the endless office corridors with your trusty revolver at your side (well, not THAT trusty - cutbacks, you know), you must find a way out of this hellish place. Explore the office building and find hidden objects in the classic top-down view. When you hear the footsteps, hit the shift key to draw your gun & switch to the first-person view. Take care - you will never see the approaching monsters, but you can hear them....

Mouth Sweet brings to the table a delicious blend of dark comedy, existentialist despair, tense combat, and corporate ennui, scored with a skin-crawling original vocal soundtrack unlike any you've sampled before! Misery has never been so much fun!

Isn't this the best job you've ever had? Well, I've definitely had worse.

***UPDATE 8/15/2016***

Uploaded Version 2 of Mouth Sweet! This version fixes some bugs, and also includes an infographic that hopefully explains how to play a bit better.

***UPDATE 7/22/2017***

There is now a Spanish translation! Available for download here!


  • Tense first-person battle system - listen for the invisible enemy's footsteps, and shoot them before they get you! (requires stereo sound)

  • Things former employers have actually said to me! What jerks!

  • Original soundtrack made entirely out of my own voice!

  • High level of challenge

  • Looks good on your resume - C. C. & C. is a big name in this town

Tips for mastering the battle system:

  • Stereo sound is required!! Listen for the enemy's footsteps. You will never see the enemy, but you can hear if it is to the right or left of you.

  • Once the enemy's footsteps are centered aurally, it is right in front of you. SHOOT NOW!! You'll know if you've hit it.

  • Go slowly. You've never used a gun before, at least not in an office setting. Move your gun hand one tick at a time, and listen for the footsteps each time.

  • If you duck into a side room, the monster will stop looking for you. Maybe it forgot you were there? I dunno. It will start chasing you again if you re-enter the hallway, but maybe you can avoid it completely if you swoop in and out of side rooms. (sometimes, not always!)

  • The first enemy you encounter is a little different from the others - it is much easier to defeat. Also, it's next to a save point and an ammo refill. If you're still having trouble with the combat, use this first enemy as practice!

  • There's no shame in choosing Easy Mode. The only difference is that the enemies won't touch you - but YOU can touch THEM! Easy Mode makes good practice for this reason.

Thanks for playing!!

You can also find this game on itch.io!

CONTENT WARNING: Blood, guns, tension/anxiety, jump scares, implied animal cruelty. There is a chance that this game may misgender you, so please take care if you're sensitive to that!!

Latest Blog

Mouth Sweet Post-Mortem, I guess

It's been a year since I released Mouth Sweet, and there's a couple things I wanna say...

First of all, I've tried everything I can think of, and I can't get rid of that bug where the screen goes dark and you have to restart the game. It drives me bananas. Every time I see a YouTuber encounter it and get discouraged, I facedesk my desk into outer space. I thought I knew what caused it, but I fixed that and it still happens. I can't even replicate it reliably myself. So I'm going to leave it, unless I get a flash of inspiration or something. Just... save often? The bug doesn't happen very often. I'm really sorry!!

Also, a lot of you got to the note at the end of the game and expressed concern. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! I'm doing a lot better now!! Antidepressants are amazing. This job market still sucks, though. Don't even get me started.

So anyway, thanks so much for downloading and playing Mouth Sweet! It pretty much came out exactly how I wanted it to, which, like, never happens ever, so I'm so glad people are getting a lot out of it! I'll never be famous, but I'm super proud of this game. I'm glad I got to share it.

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  • LOVEgames
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Shooter RPG
  • 07/20/2016 07:44 PM
  • 10/11/2020 07:05 PM
  • 07/20/2016
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc


This looks so impressive! I look forward to seeing how the gunning plays out :OOOO
I just uploaded the file, so you can try it now if you want! :D
Hey, this looks pretty neat. Always nice to see more games with furry characters on the site (& in general).

I'll give it a shot.


Overall I thought it was pretty alright. I understand what it's like to make a game while having suicidal thoughts, as I've done it before myself, so I don't want to be too harsh with criticisms here. Just a couple of notes:

-I enjoyed the writing of the characters a lot. I can't say that I totally understood the subtext of the story as it's obviously a personal thing, but the CEO, Honoree and Vivienne were all well written. The humorous charm helps to break up the depressing atmosphere and keep things fresh.

-Having a single walking sound is pretty grating. Hurts the ears after a while due to repetition, which probably isn't great in a game based around listening and having the sound on.

-For my part, playing on Easy mode, I never had to pull the gun a single time. Not sure if that was intentional for the difficulty mode. It seemed like the footsteps were always left justified even though I have stereo sound. Music made it hard to tell sometimes.

-I really like a lot of the assets and the overall atmosphere. I wasn't big on the generic office interior, but the bathroom set, the steel grating and the fleshy corridors all looked great. Good call on using a muddled static background too instead of just straight black/darkness.

-For the most part the music & sound was neat, outside of the aforementioned footstep thing. I think in some areas, like the flesh halls, the walking prolongs the song just a little too much and it starts becoming tiring. But overall I liked the sound of the game.
Yes, that was intentional for Easy Mode. Easy Mode is mostly there for accessibility, which I think is important - I have friends & family who are hard of hearing and cannot do the combat portions at all, so I wanted it to be an option to skip them entirely. Normal Mode is a very different experience! You can actually get pretty far in Normal Mode without drawing your gun, but you'd have to fight eventually.

The footsteps aren't in stereo until you go into First Person mode. If you never drew your gun, then the footsteps you heard weren't panned at all. So it might be your sound system, but I'll go back and make sure I didn't accidentally tweak something...

Thanks so much for the feedback! :D
heyo. I Really want to play this, but I'm on a mac so I can only open up rpgmaker games directly from the RPG_RT.exe file (I use wine/winebottler for the conversion) is there anyway you could provide a download link thats just the straight up game folder? If not thats okay too.
Can you unzip the .zip file? The RPG_RT.exe ought to be in there. I really don't know of any other way to distribute this. A friend of mine was using the same setup as you and got it to work somehow, but I don't have a mac and I don't know how winebottler works, sorry :<
Very interesting, effective and affecting. Thank you for sharing this.
Hey, I got it working!! I had to do some weird file conversion stuff, but it extracted :) This game had a lot of moments I could relate to. Very well done.
Very interesting, effective and affecting. Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for playing. :>
Hey, I got it working!! I had to do some weird file conversion stuff, but it extracted :) This game had a lot of moments I could relate to. Very well done.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you got it to work!!
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