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Without memories, little Garry wakes up lying on a church wall.
With nowhere to go, in a small empty town, Garry goes looking for a home, entering houses, searching for support and for his past.

This game goes from cute to horror. From real to unreal.

-Divided in four episodes, with a total of 18 playable houses.
-To proceed in each house, you'll need to get determined objects, like keys, bells, clothes, teddies, and key items.
-The houses have different sizes and styles, with random genders each.

About Garry:
Name: Garry Nids.
Age: 6.
Likes: Apples, sweet things and cute things.
Hates: Dark places, paranormality.
Personality: Lovable, gentle, happy, scared, a little selfish, shy, determined.

P.S. Garry Nids Needs you.

Teaser trailer:

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 07/22/2016 06:13 PM
  • 01/06/2017 03:51 AM
  • 08/15/2016
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I'm not certain if I reached the end,
(I've gotten to the moment in the old woman's house where Garry starts choking and "falls asleep".)

There are some real moments of atmosphere in here, but there are some easy things to be done to make this better:

Audio is imbalanced? Example: when you knock on a door and then knock on another, one of them is quieter / louder than the other even though they're the same distance from Garry. To keep it consistent, it should be at the same volume.

When Garry says a door is locked, the sfx for knocking plays instead of an sfx for attempting to budge a closed door.

Maps have a lot of empty space, which should be avoided in most cases. Here's some good advice on making maps.

Finally, you could change the default RPGMaker sound effects. Make sure to credit people where due.Freesound.org is somewhere to start.

Good luck with your game! :)
I'm not certain if I reached the end

Actually, you're still in the VERY beggining of the game haha

Audio is imbalanced?

Yes, it is. Thanks for the feedback, we're gonna fix this as soon as possible.

Maps have a lot of empty space

In fact, this was made on purpose, it's an analogy to Garry's empty mind, because he's a 6 year old boy without memories and with nowhere to go. The game is full of stuff like this.

Again, thanks for the feedback ^^
I doubt I'll get a response since it's been quite awhile but I'll try anyways.
I'm currently stuck in the artist's house and the only lead I've found is the box inside that red room. I'm unsure of what the code is and I've tried looking around the house for anything but I can't figure it out,so yeah,I'm stuck.

It'll be surprising to get any sort of response but it'll be nice.
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