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FHE's on steam!

Hey guys, finally got FHE up on steam! Please check it out!

Here's some steam keys for you guys. Should go without saying, but only take one please:

(Replace * with appropriate letters from 1st gen pokemon)






Sorry, all keys gone!


Fake Happy End passed greenlight!

Hey, Fake Happy End passed greenlight!

Thanks so much, you guys! Still, a lot of the feedback I got was that I should improve the art, and make it more professional looking and consistent, so I'll be working on that a while, among other important things.

On to-do list:
-Revise character art, CG scenes, background art
-Rebalance things, make adjustments based on feedback and LP's
-Rewrite parts of the story that don't quite feel right
-Make it possible for players to insert their own custom portraits for the main character

So it'll likely still be a while to actually be released, but hey, making games for a living... Looking a little more plausible???


As an aside, I'll also mention a little about plans for other future projects. I think the long-term goal is to get to the point where I can do a proper remake of AAG (or something similar), as in hiring a team, getting help to do things I can't do on my own, etc. To get there, I need to do things step-by-step, start small and work out any kinks and bugs with whatever engine I code, so that I know it will be reliable enough to do something big with.

I also rather desperately need to make money (to be honest, my situation's been pretty dire for so long I've actually kinda gotten used to it haha,) and getting a few games on steam would help quite a lot with that. So for now, AAG remake/spiritual successor, not anytime soon, but I'll get there someday.


Redlight Greenlight Yellowlight

Hey guys, I'm trying to get this game through Steam Greenlight, and could really use some help since I have -1 online presence.


Help me out by voting and leaving comments?

Also, I post on twitter sometimes if y'all wanna see what I'm up to.
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