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Magic-Shot McGee has gone treasure-hunting in the old west!
Enjoy a jolly jaunt through an old mineshaft to score fistfuls of silver dollars, while you brave runaway minecarts and TNT crates!

In the nondescript Old West, a wandering gunman roams the dusty land, seeking his fortune and fame. Or perhaps just a cool drink of whiskey. Or water. Or something that's preferably not urine again (Bear Grills be damned).
Surely the treasures of this mysterious treasure cave will fund many enough beverages to parch a wandering mystical gunman's parched throat.

Very simple game-play; expect less than 15 minutes to get through it.
Each room is its own puzzle until you reach the exciting end!
This game serves as a prequel or side-story to the 'Mystic Western' Rpg I intend to stop slacking off and one day finish.

There are only exactly 3 ways to get a Game Over in the game, aside from losing in the boss fight (which you'd have to try pretty hard to do).
Pretty sparse for my usual quota, I know.
And yes, you can blow up the entire world if you try hard enough.

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