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Another day, another version...

  • Red-Cube
  • 10/19/2016 02:57 PM
After some more grammar fixing, v.1.14 is available now.

With a huge thanks to Caladium.



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I love this game .... and ... I wanna play it more
Should be on X-Box, Wii .... and the PS 4!

Tons of RM games come and go, they're nothing worth for me
cuz nothing's quite as satisfying than killing Shamalie!

I love this game .... and ... I wanna play it more
The only thing ... god ... gave us fingers for!
Get a life man!
Or even better make some games again! How about that!?
By the way, where have your great enthusiasm for the MV gone? :D
It faded, because that engine sucks ...

And about game making: Waste of time.
It faded? No shit! Like your boner in bed or what? Don't give me that, man! I wanna see another Deacon Batista game in the future!
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