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Danganronpa Forge:Re is a game borne out of a love for-well-Danganronpa! Originally it was conceived purely as a sort of tribute to Danganronpa, having a story set in a Danganronpa-esque universe while emulating Danganronpa's signature style and gameplay. However, upon thinking it over for a while, I decided to make this more like a mashup of Danganronpa and the Ace Attorney series. While at its core the game is still very Danganronpa-esque, the trial segments draw heavily from the courtroom segments of Ace Attorney. In particular, I drew a lot of inspiration for the trial segments from Dai Gyakuten Saiban, one of Ace Attorney's latest releases (which was unfortunately not officially brought overseas).

As for the rest of Danganronpa Forge:Re, while the story is an original one of my own creation, all of the characters are pre-existing characters from various games and visual novels. So in a way, you can think of Danganronpa Forge:Re as just one giant work of fan-fiction. But it's a lot of fun writing these characters that many of us have grown to know and love and to try to imagine how they would interact with each other.

However, I just want to point out that while Danganronpa Forge:Re uses a lot of pre-established character, it will not spoil anything significant from the works they are from. With one (fairly obvious) exception. You should not play Danganronpa Forge:Re if you have not seen the entirety of the first Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2. That's it. I would also recommend playing Danganronpa V3 prior to playing Danganronpa Forge:Re, but it's not totally necessary. As long as you've played the first two games or seen them in some form, you're good to go.

So that being said, I hope everyone enjoys Danganronpa Forge:Re as much as I'm enjoying making it.

A girl wakes up on a ship. She can't remember anything about her past or herself. Not even her name. A boy finds her. A boy with a cloud of white hair wearing a green sweatshirt. They go up to the deck. There are other people there. Fifteen others. They remember more than the girl does. They remember who they are. The ship reaches an island. Everyone thinks they're safe.

But then the fox appears. The harbinger of despair. It tells them that they must kill each other. For every three days without a killing, the fox will execute someone at random. When someone is killed by another player, there will be a trial with a defense team, a prosecution team, and a jury. If the team that convinces the jury gets the killer wrong, the entire team-as well as the innocent person they fingered-is executed, and the killer escapes.

This is Foxy's killing game.

One way or another, people will die.

Despair is the only escape.

And out of the ashes...

...a brilliant hope must be born.

NAME: ???
ORIGIN: Katawa Shoujo(?)
DESCRIPTION: A girl with no memory of who she is. She doesn't even know her own name. She has heavy scarring on the right side of her body from burns. It's because of these burn scars that the rest of the group has affectionately nicknamed her 'Bacon'. You would think she'd be sensitive about her scars. Maybe even shy. But perhaps her memory loss caused a shift in her personality. She seems to be fairly friendly and sociable. But who knows what her deal really is? Maybe she'll succumb to despair before anyone ever gets the chance to find out.

NAME: Nagito Komaeda
ORIGIN: Danganronpa 2
DESCRIPTION: A friendly-looking guy who doesn't seem to think too highly of himself. He has a distinctive cloud of white hair and wears a green sweatshirt over top of a white t-shirt with a strange red symbol on it. This guy's fascination with the concept of hope almost seems to border on the obsessive. His fortress of hope will crumble like sand when the waves of despair engulf it.

NAME: Rintarou Okabe
ORIGIN: Steins;Gate
DESCRIPTION: A guy in a lab coat who seems nice at first glance, but is actually out of his mind. Case in point, he insists that he's some mad scientist named Hououin Kyouma. Beyond that, he tends to ramble about some mysterious organization that he totally made up. And if that wasn't enough, he likes to talk to himself on the phone and act like he's some sort of secret agent or something. But no amount of make-believe will save him from despair when someone comes to collect his head.

ORIGIN: Angel Beats
DESCRIPTION: A mysterious blonde-haired guy who is never seen without his red bandanna, which practically covers his eyes. He doesn't speak like normal people do. Heck, he doesn't speak often. But when he does, he tends to blurt out pop culture references, a short little rhyme, or even just a single word before falling silent once again. Who knows what's running through this guys mind? Or what will run through his mind when despair closes in around him and his life is snuffed out?

NAME: Battler Ushiromiya
ORIGIN: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
DESCRIPTION: A guy who's a bit of a goofball. He's pretty kind towards others, but he can be hotheaded and stubborn at times. He gets worked up pretty easily. He wears a khaki suit with the Ushiromiya family crest-a one-winged eagle-embroidered on the lapel. He seems to strongly believe that magic doesn't exist for whatever reason. But magic won't be needed in order to kill those around him and make him fall into the depths of despair.

NAME: Angie Thompson
ORIGIN: Trauma Center
DESCRIPTION: A young lady who comes across as a very kind and caring individual. At times you could even call her motherly. But she doesn't always act her age, as she has a tendency to get moody or childish in certain situations. She wears a blue nurse's outfit from Caduceus, the medical research organization she works at. Perhaps with a skilled nurse on hand, no one will have to die. Or perhaps the despair will overwhelm her as she fails to save a single soul.

NAME: Yukari Tokisaka
ORIGIN: Kara no Shoujo
DESCRIPTION: An old-fashioned girl from Japan who acts very friendly and sociable towards pretty well everyone she meets. Having experience with taking care of her older brother, she's more than happy to help anyone who needs assistance. She wears a pure white high-school uniform, which contrasts with her short, black hair. She also has a strange obsession with bugs, going as far as to cook them into some of the food she makes. She had better watch her back, or else she might find herself being the one served up at this banquet of despair.

NAME: Charles Barkley
ORIGIN: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
DESCRIPTION: A former NBA player and one of the last b-ball stars alive. He seems to have largely recovered from the horrors of the outlawing of b-ball and the witch hunt for b-ball stars, as he's actually a pretty cool guy to hang around. He wears his old Phoenix Suns outfit and carries around a basketball wherever he goes. One of the last basketballs in existence. How much despair will fill him when he's killed before he even gets a chance to use that basketball again?

NAME: Aigis
ORIGIN: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
DESCRIPTION: A girl who just so happens to be a seventh generation anti-shadow suppression weapon. In other words, she's an android. Though she has a rather robotic and monotone way of speaking, she's a lot more amiable than you'd think. In actuality, she's a rather sweet and gentle young lady. However, she's not afraid to use the weapons she's been outfitted with in order to protect those she cares about. Let's just see how well all those fancy weapons are able to fend off the encroaching shadows of despair.

NAME: Tamamo no Mae
ORIGIN: Monster Girl Quest
DESCRIPTION: A perfectly normal little girl with fox ears and nine tails. Except she's a monster girl. And not just any monster girl, she's the queen of kitsunes (fox-like monster girls). So as you may guess, her appearance betrays her age. She's at least a century or two old, although she'd never reveal her age. She might be a little sensitive about it. She tends to be pretty playful and easy-going, but you wouldn't want to make her mad. She's obviously much more powerful than her usual behavior lets on. But even a power of a wolf in sheep's clothing is nothing against the monstrous power of the deep dark abyss that is despair.

NAME: Kyou Fujibayashi
ORIGIN: Clannad
DESCRIPTION: A high school girl with a bit of a mean streak. It's not uncommon for her to threaten someone when they annoy her. Sometimes she even goes so far as to threaten to kill someone. But she's rarely serious about any of the threats she makes. In fact, once you get past her hostile behavior, you'll find she's a rather sociable young lady who cares deeply for her friends. But will her threats still be jokes once despair creeps in and her friends are picked off one by one?

NAME: Princess of the Crystal
ORIGIN: Penguindrum
DESCRIPTION: A young-looking girl who is cruel beyond her years. She insists that she is royalty (in case her abnormal name didn't give it away) and that everyone should respect her and cater to her every whim. Perhaps she really is royalty, given the elegant, elaborate dress she wears. But even if she was, it wouldn't excuse her behavior. She treats everyone around her like garbage, calling people 'peasants' and ordering them around in the most consdescending way she can think of. Imagine the despair she'll suffer when she realizes that treating people like garbage is the number one way to make enemies of everyone around you.

NAME: Makina Irisu
ORIGIN: The Fruit of Grisaia
DESCRIPTION: A young girl who seems to be a bit shy around people she doesn't know very well. She wears the uniform of Mihama Academy, an academy for-well-people with issues. But it's not like she's a totally antisocial shut-in or anything. In fact, when she gets to know someone she tends to get really talkative around them. She has a lisp that's hard to ignore, but she doesn't let that stop her. With seemingly boundless energy, she's the kind of person whose happiness is contagious, even in the middle of something as terrible as a killing game. But just as her happiness is contagious, so too will be the soul-crushing despair that will inevitably overcome her.

NAME: Miles Edgeworth
ORIGIN: Ace Attorney
DESCRIPTION: An ace prosecutor from Los Angeles who tends to come off as a snob. His signature maroon suit along with his elegant cravat have made him instantly recognizable as one of the top prosecutors in America. Matching his pro status, he's usually a calm, level-headed individual. And it goes without saying that he's rather intelligent to boot. But he can also come off as cold and ruthless, which-paired with his social awkardness-can make it a bit difficult for him to make friends. That said, he treasures the few friends he does have greatly. Which will make it all the more despair-inducing when those few friends he does have all meet with a bloody end.

NAME: Yu Swagukami
ORIGIN: Swag Megami Tensei: Swagsona 4
DESCRIPTION: To be honest, no one really knows who this guy is. There's no way that's his real name, but no one cares enough to prod him for his real name. He wears a Yasogami High School uniform, so he's presumably a high school student. But anything beyond that is a mystery. He constantly refers to himself as a swag god, seemingly obsessed with the concept of 'swag'. But really, he just comes off as someone trying to convince other people he's cool. Also, he's probably the most unintelligent one in the group. Coincidence? Honestly, this guy sounds like someone who's too stupid to even realize when he's knee deep in despair, so let's just move on.

NAME: Snake
ORIGIN: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors
DESCRIPTION: A blind young man who for some reason doesn't seem to be a stranger to the whole 'getting trapped somewhere and being forced to play a twisted game' thing. His elegant appearance would make anyone think he's a prince. But while he is level-headed, intelligent, and rational-all the qualities of a good prince-he is no royalty. Perhaps he's just a natural-born leader. And like any good leader he'll writhe in despair when his followers turn on him and take each other's lives.

NAME: Foxy the Pirate
ORIGIN: Five Nights At Freddy's
DESCRIPTION: A cruel animatronic fox from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It would seem that killing people in said restaurant wasn't enough to sate his violent tendencies, so now he's decided to host a killing game on an island off in the middle of nowhere. That all said, he's not a bad guy when he's not in a violent mood. He's actually rather jolly, and he tends to speak with a pirate accent. It's a shame he isn't that pleasant at his core. No prediction is needed here, because I'm already filled with despair as black as the night sky.

Like any Danganronpa or Ace Attorney game, Danganronpa Forge:Re is split into chapters (or episodes), and each chapter has an out-of-courtroom segment and a courtroom segment. We'll start with the out-of-courtroom segment.

The out-of-courtroom segments are presented in a visual novel format that shouldn't be unfamiliar if you're a fan of Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, or some similar game. For the most part, it is a linear experience. There are almost no choices in both investigation and non-investigation segments. So you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. The only exception is that outside of investigation sequences you will occasionally be presented with a choice between two groups of people you want to spend time with. Depending on who you spend time with, their DR multiplier may decrease in a showdown in future trials (what a DR multiplier is and what it does will be explained in a bit).

One thing that is different from Danganronpa and Ace Attorney is that the defense and the prosecution are both teams of three people. So not only will you have two allies at your disposal, but you will also have to deal with three prosecutors at the same time. I won't go over the specifics of how teams are chosen at the moment, but while they are fixed, you will be facing a different team of prosecutors and have a different pair of allies in each trial.

Similarly to Ace Attorney, you'll have plenty of testimonies to crack in each trial. However, witnesses/suspects will only be called on to speak every once in a while. For the most part, instead of witness testimony you'll be cross-examining the prosecution's argument, stopping them for clarification and presenting evidence to shatter their arguments. So it's still similar to how it works in Ace Attorney games.

What isn't similar is how evidence works. Like in Danganronpa, you are only given a small number of evidence (or truth bullets) that you can use in each cross-examination. So cross-examination in Danganronpa Forge:Re is a blend of both Ace Attorney and Danganronpa mechanics.

Of course, there will also be times when you're called on to answer a question. And just like in both Danganronpa and the Ace Attorney games, you will be given a list of choices to choose your answer from.

Next, we have showdowns. Sometimes a prosecutor or a witness simply won't be able to contain themselves and will shout something out, triggering a showdown. In a showdown you will have to answer a series of questions from the person you're facing off against. This might not sound all that different from answering questions as you would at any other point in the trial, but there's one little twist in showdowns you won't find anywhere else.

All of the sudden, someone else is controlling the flow of the argument. You're no longer figuring things out at your own pace. Your own rhythm. Subsequently, the Deductive Rhythm (DR) changes. When the deductive rhythm changes, the HUD changes a different color and a DR multiplier appears on the screen (as shown at the top left of the screenshot above).

Your normally only lose a small bit of credibility (or health, in general terms) when you make mistakes. But when the DR is affected by a multiplier during a showdown, the amount of damage you take from making a mistake will increase by whatever factor the multiplier is set at. So if the multiplier is 'DR x 2.0' you'll take double damage during that showdown.

So don't panic. Don't get caught up in your opponent's rhythm. You'll lose your footing much faster than you would in your own rhythm.

Note: As mentioned earlier, if you choose to spend time in out-of-courtroom segments with someone who you're in a showdown with at some point later in the game, the DR multiplier will be lowered during their showdown, as they see you as more of a friend than an enemy. And this reduction does stack (in case you spend time with the same person multiple times over the course of the game).

So you might be wondering what the other characters are doing while the defense and the prosecution cross swords. Well, with the exception of the suspect the prosecution is fingering, everyone else is on a jury. And that jury can choose to stop the trial any time they please. If they feel there's nothing wrong with the prosecution's argument and our protagonist and her team are struggling to come up with any sort of counter-argument, they can choose to end the trial.

Whenever this happens, you must Appeal to the Jury. When appealing to the jury, one wrong answer means instant loss of the case (usually you only lose a small portion of credibility from presenting the wrong evidence or giving the wrong answer). There is no margin for error. It is your final chance to convince the jury to let the trial continue.

So now that you have a pretty good idea of what Danganronpa Forge:Re is all about, here's a list of some of the features that I didn't explain in some of the other sections.

  • Story: An original story spanning six chapters, plus a prologue and an epilogue. So it'll have as many chapters as Danganronpa 1/2.

  • Length: Just to give a rough estimate, I estimate that the game will be around 40-50+ hours in length depending on how fast you read, whether or not you press statements during trials, and so forth. As I get a better idea of how long Danganronpa Forge:Re will be, I will update this bullet point.

  • Difficulty Settings: There will be six difficulty settings in the game. But before getting into that I want to mention for clarity's sake that saving is disabled during choices. This is partially due to a bug that corrupts saves, but can also prevent save-scumming. So check out the difficulties I've laid out below.

  • Ultimate Hope Difficulty: Text is green right before choices (so save-scumming is totally possible), but you probably won't even need it since you take no damage in this difficulty setting. This difficulty is for if you want to take it easy and simply enjoy the story.

  • Beacon of Hope Difficulty: Once again, text is green right before choices. You take normal damage during trials. This difficulty is for if you want a bit of a challenge, but nothing too serious.

  • Harbinger of Despair Difficulty: Text is not green right before choices, making it harder to save-scum. Also you take double damage during trials. This difficulty is for if you want a decent challenge as you play.

  • Ultimate Despair Difficulty: Text is not green right before choices, but that doesn't matter much because saving is disabled for the entirety of each trial. You also take double damage during trials, and spending time with people outside of trials does not reduce DR multipliers. This difficulty is for people who want a serious challenge.

  • Foxy's Island of Fun Difficulty: Once again, text is not green right before choices, and saving is disabled for the entirety of trials. One mistake during a trial is an instant game over. This difficulty is for people who want to wipe the grin off of Foxy's face once and for all.

  • Hope is Dead Difficulty: There is no saving. Anywhere. At all. And one mistake anywhere in a trial means instant death. This difficulty is for people with no lives who literally want to feel despair engulf them when they screw up on the final choice of chapter six and have to go through the entire game again.

  • My Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Just pretend all those stains on your digital copy of the game are a feature.

  • Enhanced Detective Skills: After playing this game I guarantee you'll be able to solve any fictional character's death at a glance or your money back! (Disclaimer: This game is free so I don't owe you squat)

  • Feelings of Utter Emptiness Upon Completion of the Game: Not because the game is so good you didn't want it to end, but because you'll be left wondering why you ever wasted your time on this.

So that's Danganronpa Forge:Re! I hope I've managed to excite at least one or two people through everything I've shared on this game page (it took a heck of a lot of time to put together). The game's still a long way off from completion.

But I'll keep everyone updated with blogs as I make progress, although progress may be slow with working full-time and everything (so don't expect frequent updates by any means). Even with that said, hopefully everything goes smoothly and this game gets made sooner rather than later! I'm excited to give life to all the ideas I have for this game and to see how people like them. In the meantime, I'm uploading a few extra screenshots from the beginning of the game over in the media section if you want to take a look.

Phew. And that's everything! If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you liked what you see!

See you all in t' killin' game, me hearties!

Latest Blog

Spontaneous Birthday Update! Vague Release Date And More!

Greetings once again, everyone!

Last time, I said I would give the next update in April after finishing Chapter Five. Buuut there have been several developments with the, erm, development of the game that I believe warrant an early update. But first thing's first! It's my birthday today! I am now twenty-four years of age! It's been almost three years since I've started working on Forge:Re and a good six or seven years since I first conceptualized it. Weird to think this game's been a part of nearly a quarter of my life. Time sure does fly when you get older. If I don't wrap this project up soon, I'll be dead and buried by the time it's out!

So, I think it'd be best to just section off the different parts of this update for your own convenience. Read whatever interests you! We'll start off with...

Progress in Chapter Five

You wouldn't know it by me telling you where I'm at in Chapter Five, but the fifth chapter in Forge:Re is coming along swimmingly. Presently, I'm writing the final 'real' scene of Chapter Five's daily life. By that mean, the scene before the body discovery. (Typically, I include the scenes leading directly into the body discovery as part of the daily life, but they're generally short enough that they don't take all that long to make compared to most other scenes.) And what a scene the final 'real' scene in Chapter Five's daily life has turned out to be. It's very hype, and it's very long. Like, I'm 99% sure this will be the longest scene in the entire game by a college mile. That said, I'm almost finished making it. I've been working on it all week and I'm in the home stretch. As such, the daily life of Chapter Five is just about finished.

Now, in my last update I said "Ohoho! Chapter Five will be done in April!" Yeah, that's just not realistic anymore. Chapter Five has quickly become several times longer than I ever anticipated. I was originally shooting to make the daily life be around three hours in length, which is the approximate length of the daily life in the game's early chapters. After feeling like Chapter Four dragged a bit, I wanted to trim the fat. Make a more lean, focused chapter. But as of this moment, Chapter Five's daily life is pushing seven or eight hours in length. At least, by my count. And this is after cutting two entire scenes from it. However, I'm not the least bit upset by this development.

Chapter Five is the culmination of so many things. So many characters see themselves either moving towards the end of their arcs or reaching the end of their arcs. The murder and everything leading up to it pulls from just about every prior chapter in some way, shape, or form. It's a cathartic, emotional, roller coaster of a chapter. One I believe is fitting of being called Forge:Re's climax. So, I'm fine with it being as long as it is. So much of importance happens in every single scene that I don't feel it should feel like a drag to play. Quite the opposite. I've a sneaking suspicion this will be many people's favorite chapter. And how very Danganronpa-like for the fifth chapter to be the fan-favorite! Huh?

But this all begs the question: When do I think Chapter Five will be completed? Well, no matter overly long the daily lives get, there's never too much variance among the lengths of the investigations and the trials themselves. So, as of right now, I'm thinking the investigation will be finished by the end of March and the trial will likely take around two months to make, which puts us in... June. (I would have said late May, but just being realistic... Unless I eat, sleep, and breathe Forge:Re, it's going to be June.) Sounds pretty far off, doesn't it? And yet, it feels like just yesterday that I made the last update, so I bet it'll creep up on us before we know it.

This leads us to two different topics that I'd like to briefly cover. But because the one leads right into a fourth topic, we'll begin with...

Current Estimated Length of the Game

I feel like I've been saying this with every update. "HOW ARE THESE CHAPTERS BECOMING SO MUCH LONGER THAN I EXPECTED?! WHEN WILL MY SUFFERING END?! NEXT CHAPTER, WILL YOU BE THE ONE TO BREAK THE CYCLE?! OH, NOPE. GUESS NOT." So then! A very good question is: How long will the game as a whole be now that all these chapters are turning out to be significantly longer than expected? Welllllll...

According to my notes here, the game was around 35 hours and 20 minutes long as of the end of Chapter Four. Adding Chapter Five, Six, and the Epilogue into the mix, and we're probably looking at a 50+ hour Danganronpa game here. That's a long game! In fact, I'm pretty sure that's longer than any of the official games! And they actually had you running around stuff inbetween dialogue! Isn't that crazy?! What am I doing with my life?! Please send help!

BUT. Here's the big BUT. We all know what game developers are like. They like to twirl their moustaches and go "Honh Honh! Our epic masterpiece of a game is going to be an unforgettable 100 hour long journey!" And then it turns out not being anywhere close to that (unless we're talking about Persona games. God, Persona games are long.) So, just to be safe, I'm going to trim that estimate a bit to account for differences in reading speed and all that good stuff. With that in mind, my official estimate is that the game will be 40-50+ hours long.

I'm kind of cheating by tacking that '+' on the end there, but I don't care. This way, none of ya'll can call me a fibber. Not unless you speedrun the game and finish it in like 20 hours. Please don't do that. Okay, maybe do it on a second playthrough but definitely no your first.

Next topic of discussion!

Vague Release Date

Now for the question on everyone's minds, my own included! When is Forge:Re coming out? As I said in the first section of this update, I now predict Chapter Five to be done in June. Chapter Six will naturally be shorter than Chapter Five (THANK GOD) because it has no daily life, so I don't see it taking more than another three or four months to make. And, I mean, there's an epilogue, too, but that's probably going to be like an hour or two long, top. Not really even worth mentioning compared to the behemoths that precede it.

SO. With every fiber of my being, I will work hard to ensure that Danganronpa Forge:Re is out BEFORE the end of December 2019. You heard it here first, folks! We're shooting to launch this year! Of course, that depends not only on me, but my beta testers as well! And rest assured, I'll be whipping them harder than ever with Chapter Five and Six to meet that vague-ass release date I just arbitrarily set for myself.

To summarize, the current gameplan is as follows:

  • March to Mid-June: Finish Chapter Five, give it an editing pass, and hand it off to the beta testers.
  • Late June to Mid-October: Make Chapter Six, give it an editing pass, hand it off to the testers. In the meantime, have my first group of testers test Chapter Five and my second group work on the second round of editing for Chapters 1 through 5.
  • Mid-October to Release: Have both groups of testers get Chapter Six tidied up. Do one final editing pass of the entire game myself to catch any stray errors. Once that's finished, release the game.

"But wait!" You say. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Yes. Yes, we are. And that's the final point I would like to address in this update.

What About School Mode?

Ah, yes! The elusive 'School Mode' that I've kept under wraps for so long! What about that? Well, you'll be happy to know that I have absolutely no intention of cancelling, trimming down, or doing anything that would compromise my creative vision for School Mode. I'm not going to condense it and turn it into some throwaway thing just so I can cram it in there with the main game in time for release. Hardly. By all right, School Mode should be a blast to play and an experience unlike any other. I won't release it if that's not what I think it is.

The problem is, School Mode is pretty sizable in scope. All the more-so if I don't want to half-ass it (which I don't). I'm of the opinion that it will take a good half a year... upwards of a year to make. And as cool as it would be to release that at the same time as the main game like I originally planned, I have to face the music. It would be pretty idiotic of me to hold out on you guys for an entire year if the main game is sitting on my hard drive all ready to be set loose in the wild. With that said, School Mode will be developed after Forge:Re's release. It will release both as a standalone game and as a package with the main game.

There you have it. You'll be able to (hopefully) satisfy yourself with the main game for a while and get School Mode served for dessert a (relatively) shortly thereafter. In a way, I'm disappointed I can't release School Mode at the same time as the main course, but I really do think it's for the best. So many of you have been patiently waiting for so long, it just wouldn't sit well with me. Heck, even if I tried to restrain myself, I'd probably say "fug it" and spontaneously release it one day. That's just who I am. I'm a patient guy, but when it comes to self-control? Thaaat's a bit of a different story.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I've spent like the past three hours writing this update. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Thanks for reading, and see you in another month or two with a progress update! (I won't leave you hanging until June to find out whether or not Chapter Five is still on track, I promise!)


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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Th-this looks so weird that I want to play it XD
You can be sure that I will play this game
I am despaired... *cough* subbed!!
I'm all for this. Don't disappoint me now.
i hate this a lot, thank you so much for making it
I have no idea why, but I want to play it. Make it happen.
*Deeply Thinking*
I like how a couple of characters in this are from eroges xD
Yellow Magic
I'll never regain the bones I lost from my loneliness and sorrow
This is it. This is the next big thing
I'm really waiting for it, so exciting
hoooly crap, this is fucking hype. my main gripe with the genre is not enough points to present evidence / choices / debate at, the trials are usually to short. in fan works, this generally gets taken to a extreme where the trials are very short, heres hoping not.

but damn, and theres even shows of style in it, niiice. for what its worth i find the reality backrounds kinda blah. consider using heavily blurred backrounds like the umineko visual novel did (well, the origonal translated witch hunt on, not the super HD steam one) it helps it have a 'style' and less 'clearly random reality photos stolen from google images'

also the text. its maybe to tall, and with to much empty space. if you made the text have less space both from one character to the next, and from each line to the next, it would look nicer. you can trade off all the extra empty space by making the text box itself smaller. if you dont want to reveal anymore space above, consider giving the entire text box a border like 3ds ace attorney games, or make it hover slightly off the bottom of the screen like dangan does.

charles barkles really doesn't feel right using a reality photo in it, it may be a well known huge meme, but consider asking for someone to make a image of him.
author: dawnbomb
Suggestions and Stuff

I'm making a conscious effort to make sure the trials aren't super short. I'm shooting to make them all at least long enough so there'll be 9-10 "cross-examinations", which is pretty average for Ace Attorney I think. Along with all the other things that trials will entail, I think trials will range between maybe an hour and a half to two hours apiece. That's just a rough estimate, though. I have no idea of how long they'll actually be until I start making them. I can't imagine any of them would be much shorter than an hour and a half, though. Of course, how long they are will depend on how quick on the take you are with contradictions and such as well as if you press statements during testimonies/arguments or if you go straight for the contradiction as soon as you see one.

Honestly though, making sure cases are long enough has certainly been one of the more challenging aspects of writing this. I'm currently working on case three and while I've had a general idea in my head for a while of what I want to do with it, it just wouldn't make for a decently sized case alone. So either I have to throw some more twists and turns in there to give it some meat or I have to rework the case from the ground up.

That said, I'm really trying not to pad cases out with unimportant things. Like I don't want you to get through some cross-examinations and go "Wow, those last few testimonies were totally meaningless. What a waste of time!" I want everything to try to bring you a step closer to the truth. And I want everything to work well with the case and not feel like it was added just for the sake of padding.

But enough about that. I'll probably blur the backgrounds once I finish writing and start making the game in earnest.

I'll fool around with the text once I start making the game, too. Not sure about the text box. Might make it float above the bottom when all's said and done. Maybe not. I'm pretty happy with it the way it is now (it's similar to Danganronpa 2's text box). But I might experiment with it a bit while I'm fooling around with the text.

Charles's image is one thing I'm not going to change. There's a good reason for that, although I'm not at liberty to say what that reason is. It may be plot related. Plus the stark contrast between his image and the drawn images of the other characters lends itself pretty well to the absurdity of the game in general.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

P.S: I'm not gonna make a blog about this or anything at the moment, but for anyone reading the comments, I'm going on a pretty long car trip next week to visit some family. On the ride, I'm going to knock out the details of every other case. All in one fell swoop. So expect a blog post towards the end of next week saying I've finished writing everything.
Can I suggest you to add (or replace one of the participants) "Near" (from Death Note), "Lelouch Lamperouge" (from Code Geass) or "Akise Aru" (from Mirai Nikki) ? It would be really exciting to see one of them in the game... or maybe all, they are really intelligent giving to the game a great hype in some cases... One of them would be good... In fact, they can beat "Battler" and "Miles" easly

Grettings :>
author: Arkenion
Character Suggestions

Sorry, but characters are set in stone. No additions or changes are going to be made at this point. However, if I finish this and ever feel like making a sequel (and I do have ideas for a follow-up to this), perhaps I'd ask for some suggestions for characters early on before anything's set in stone. Gather up the suggested nominees and throw them in a poll or something for people to vote on.

Thanks for the suggestions, though!
I wanna try this game. But say, I would be able to save at any time I want, right?
It's not like I suck at Ace attorney and danganronpa when it comes to trails...
Save me!!!
I wanna try this game. But say, I would be able to save at any time I want, right?
It's not like I suck at Ace attorney and danganronpa when it comes to trails...
Save me!!!

You can't save during choices (due to a save corruption bug), but there are warnings when choices are coming up. But that's only if you're on the easier difficulties. On harder difficulties the warnings disappear. On the next-to-hardest difficulty saving is completely disabled during trials. And on the hardest difficulty saving is disabled period.

I'm undecided on whether or not I'll allow you to change difficulty settings after starting the game and choosing your difficulty. I might just make it so that if you choose a higher difficulty you're locked into it.
First of all I must give my thanks to author of this game,I really need a cross over fan game between many of my favourite games/VN to finally register myself at this awesome community!XD

About the game itself I must admit that I really like the premise of it (a mash up between Ace Attorney and Danganronpa) and I'm really glad of the characters that you have chose for this killing game (not only because I know almost all of them but because I think that they really fit for this kind of story)! I look forward for the interactions between them.

And now,after give many useless compliments,it's finally time to start with the DQ (aka Dumb Questions):
  • Six level of difficulty?Don't you think that they are too many?
  • Do you plan to create CG for your story (EX:the body discover scene,the execution of the culprit ecc.)?
  • The most important question:the blood will be red or pink?XD
And now,after give many useless compliments,it's finally time to start with the DQ (aka Dumb Questions):
  • Six level of difficulty?Don't you think that they are too many?
  • Do you plan to create CG for your story (EX:the body discover scene,the execution of the culprit ecc.)?
  • The most important question:the blood will be red or pink?XD

Originally there were only two levels of difficulty, the Beacon of Hope and Harbinger of Despair difficulties. I added the Ultimate Hope difficulty for people who don't want to worry about difficulty and just want to enjoy the story. Then on the flipside I added the Ultimate Despair difficulty for people who wanted a serious challenge. I thought of it once I realized I could incorporate the DR multiplier into the difficulty and disable saving for the duration of a trial. It's basically the hard mode of the game.

After coming up with those four difficulties I thought: "Well I already have a handful of difficulty settings, so why not make a few crazy difficulties? Just for fun, in case anyone's crazy enough to actually do them." So Foxy's House of Fun is what I would consider the last 'serious' difficulty. It's for hardcore players. On the other hand, Hope is Dead is a joke difficulty. I don't seriously expect anyone to play through it, but I'd laugh if someone did.

So I don't think there are too many difficulties. They all have their purpose. Some sillier purposes than others, but a purpose nonetheless.

I do indeed plan to make CGs for the story! I'm not actually entire sure of what I'm going to do with the executions yet, but certainly I'll be drawing the bodies into the backgrounds for investigations and making a few other CGs besides for certain parts of the story. I actually probably should have addressed this up in the description for the game page. I'll mention it in the next blog post.

And the blood is definitely going to be pink. It just wouldn't be Danganronpa without pink blood. (Hence the pink all over the game page.)
On the other hand, Hope is Dead is a joke difficulty. I don't seriously expect anyone to play through it, but I'd laugh if someone did.

You can count on me that I'll play it
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