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New Title, New Title *Screen*, and New Tidings

Hello, everyone!

Bit of an early update this time around. I'm afraid Chapter 5 is still far from being finished. Still in the midst of writing the daily life. As of right now, I'm aiming to have the chapter finished and out to my beta testers sometime in April. While I worked on it a good deal in January, I had several vacations throughout the month, during which I opted to take a much-needed break from both working on this and my actual workplace. Now that my vacations are over, it's time to get right back into it!

So, the reason for this update's been a long time coming. I believe I've mentioned on numerous occasions before about how the game's title was in dire need of changing. Now, it has been changed! The new title is 'Danganronpa Forge:Re'! The meaning of that title? Well, I'm sure you can chance a guess or two. But there are several meanings hidden in the title, which I doubt you'll be able to guess all of before actually playing the game.

Along with the new title, we're in need of a new title screen! And that title screen is finally done! At least, the basis for it is finished. I'll explain what I mean by that after showing it off below. (Wow, how long has it been since I've had something to show off?)

As you can see, we've got our protagonist Bacon gazing at herself in a bathroom mirror—something she'd likely do many times over the course of the story from day to day. Several things about this title screen are going to be dynamic:

  • The Sticky Notes: As the game goes on, things happen, some mysteries are uncovered and others are solved, the content and number of the sticky notes stuck to the mirror will change to better reflect what's going on in the story at the time and to better reflect what's presently on Bacon's mind.
  • Bacon's Expression: To start with, our dear protagonist has an expression with a tinge of anxiety and worry on her face. Understandable, given her immediate situation. However, she'll hardly feel as such the entire game. In certain chapters, her expression will change to better reflect her state of mind.
  • The Blood: You were probably waiting for this one. I know I was. Those bloodstains you see on Bacon won't be there immediately as the game begins. She'll only begin collecting bloodstains as more and more characters die. By the end, she's going to be a pretty battered, bloody mess.
  • The Music: Of course, what's a dynamic title screen without dynamic music to match? Similarly to the other elements I've already listed, the music will change occasionally depending on the mood the story's taken on. It won't change quite as often as any of the other things I've mentioned, but it will change several times.
  • A Few Other Odds and Ends: I won't say what these are because they venture into spoiler territory, but there will be some other minor changes here and there as the game goes on. So, expect a few other surprises along the way along with everything I've already brought up.

So, there you have it. That's the new title screen! Of course, it goes without saying, but the title screen I've presented here is just a mockup to show all of the dynamic elements. It won't look like the first time you boot the game up. In fact, it'll never look quite like that, because I removed a sticky note that spoils who the first victim is for the purposes of this preview.

That's all I have to say for now! Time for me to return to plugging away at the game. Chapter Five is turning out great so far, and I think it may actually have a shot at living up to the lofty expectations that the fifth chapter of Danganronpa games have carried since Danganronpa 2. So, let's all hope it turns out to be the best chapter yet!

See you in (around) two months!


A Bit of An Unfortunate Delay

Hey, everyone.

Hasn't been quite as long as it usually has since the last update, but I do want to keep those who are 'following' the game (I use air-quotes because there's really not much to follow at this point in development) in the loop with recent developments.

So, back in November I completely outlined Chapter Five, plotted out the murder, and so forth in quite a bit of detail. I daresay I went into more detail than I usually do. The chapter's looking pretty good. I'm not going to pretend it'll live up to Danganronpa 2 or V3's fifth case, but I think it's a fitting fifth case nonetheless. And in several respects, the fifth case I've come up with does some things I don't think most official (and fanganronpa games for that matter) would seriously consider attempting. It's really a unique case. Even if only for the context surrounding the murder. That's not to say I'll execute it as well as it could be executed, but I'm really looking forward to writing it and it should be a lot of fun.

That being said, over the past few weeks I've been blindsided by a number of things that have unfortunately impeded development and may continue to do so a bit longer.

For one thing, my shift is changing at work. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but I originally worked overnight and now I'll be working more or less in the daytime. For a number of months, I've been working straight through each day and taking all of my breaks at once at the end of the day, which has been great for Danganronpa Team's development as I can sit down for an extended period of time, get into the zone, and stay in the zone—rather than only having a handful of minutes before having to go back to work. I don't think I'll be able to do that on a daytime shift, considering my boss's boss's (who are a lot stricter/less understanding) will be around. But we'll see!

Along with that, work has just been much more stressful in general lately for a variety of reasons that I won't bother getting into here. It's retail, so I'm sure those of you who have any experience in the sector can chance a few guesses as to the kind of stupid stuff I've been dealing with on the regular, especially around the holiday season.

Aside from work, health has been a big issue this month, for both myself and my family. My grandpa, the head of my family, has been suffering from several different types of cancer for the past few months, and things are winding down to a close here. He doesn't have long at all to live. So that's been really tearing me and the rest of my family up lately.

But along with that, I myself got a fever or the flu (something of the sort) in early December. And that led into a pretty bad bout with bronchitis that I'm still suffering the aftereffects of. That in particular has put me out of commission for several weeks. Even a night this past week, I sat down to get some good writing in for Danganronpa Team and couldn't because I was hit with such a fierce and long-lasting coughing fit that I couldn't even get a single sentence down.

So, all this stuff sucks. It sucks a lot. I've been pretty down in the dumps lately not just because of what's been going on, but because I haven't been able to relax and get any writing for Danganronpa Team done. BUT I think at least as far as my health is concerned, things are getting better. I've still got a cough, but it's not affecting me nearly as much as it did previously. I've been dabbling in getting back to writing over the past week and I think I should be good to get back into it full force over this upcoming week. To say the least, it should provide a good distraction from the things I've been struggling with that I can't do anything about.

That all being said, this forcible break I've had to take hasn't been all bad. It's strengthened my drive and passion for this project and made me very eager to jump back into writing. As such, I'm going to attempt to ramp up production a bit compared to Chapter Four. I believe for Chapter Four I wrote throughout the week prior to going to work and then would write during my breaks at work. Back when I was writing Chapter Three I think I did all that as well as getting some writing in during my days off. I'd like to go back to doing that.

I think I've mentioned in the last update that Chapter Four ended up being very long. Admittedly, for as much as I like Chapter Four, its pacing leaves something to be desired. I'm still aiming to improve on that with Chapter Five, BUT after having outlined the chapter, I get the feeling it might end up being just as long. There's a lot of ground to cover in these last two chapters. We'll see how it goes, but know that a big part of the beta testing I do for each chapter is to help with identifying these faults and actively trying to improve upon them moving forward. So, I'm hoping that Chapter Five ends up being one of the best chapters in the game. Fingers crossed!

However, taking the assumed length of Chapter Five into account along with everything I've been dealing with lately, my projection currently places Chapter Five as being completed by the end of March. I'm not entirely happy with that, as it's a month later than I originally hoped to complete it, but under the circumstances that's unfortunately just the way that it looks like things are going. But who knows. Like I said, I feel my drive is stronger than ever after being sick for so long, so maybe the delay will only serve to improve the quality of the final product. We can hope, right?

That's all I wanted to share. Bit of an uncharacteristically long update considering how little I talked about Danganronpa Team itself in it, but I just didn't want to leave this go until Chapter Five is done and have people wondering "Oh, is it finally dead?" No, Danganronpa Team isn't dead. It won't be dead. I will have to be dead in order for Danganronpa Team to be dead. I am fully committed to finishing this game, whatever the cost. No matter how long it takes.

With that, I'll see you all in a few months. By then, Chapter Five should be finished and we'll be entering endgame territory. Exciting! And also kind of scary. While I've had Chapter Six planned out in my head for literal years, it's one of those chapters where I have to get certain things right, so I'll likely be under considerable pressure writing it. Wish me luck, I guess!... With everything!

Progress Report

The Hell That Was Chapter Four Is Finally Finished

Hey, it's been a while! Methinks its high time for an update, don't you?

After a good three months or so in development, Chapter Four is finally finished. And let me tell you, that chapter was a nightmare. Chapter Three is a tipping point in a lot of ways in the plot, and while it's a critical chapter in the story in its own right, Chapter Four is where things really come to a head. Suffice to say, Chapter Four was really hard to write. And the murder was the most challenging one to write yet. As it's Chapter Four we're talking about here, the chapter features the traditional out-of-the-box murder. It really requires you think out of the box. At least, I think it does. Kind of hard to tell when I know the answers to all the mysteries before I even test it. Still, definitely the hardest chapter to write thus far.

Another difficulty I had with Chapter Four was the sheer length of it. Chapter Four is above and beyond any of the chapters I've written thus far. Don't believe me? Here are the stats:

Prologue + Chapter 1: 87k words
Chapter 2: 106k words
Chapter 3: 139k words
Chapter 4: 191k words
Running Total: 523k words (Guess that means we broke 1000 pages. Woo.)

Yeah. And I wrote it in the same span of time as Chapter 2/3, giving myself a deadline of approximately three months to write it. I failed to meet that deadline, taking a week longer than I wanted to in order to finish it up, but still... It's hard to believe I wrote all that in the same amount of time as the previous chapter or two. That's not to say it's anywhere near perfect. I handed it off to my beta testers and the one who's already started it pointed out a bunch of mistakes in the first scene alone. But considering this last chapter was such a behemoth, I'm not surprised there are a bunch of things I missed or neglected to take into account.

That all being said, I'm going to dial it back quite a bit with Chapter Five. While I'm relatively happy with how Chapter Four turned out and think it's a good chapter on numerous fronts, it was simply too much. I can't keep making chapters this long, or else I will burn out. Granted, Chapter Six will be inherently shorter than the others considering it has no daily life, but... I want to reel it in a little with Chapter Five as well.

I know Chapter Five tends to have the craziest murder in the entire game. That's how it's been since Danganronpa 2, at least (I think it's kind of debatable whether or not that's the case with the first game, since none of the cases in that one were particularly convoluted). Chapter Five may or may not be the craziest in this game. We'll have to wait and see, I suppose. As I haven't written the murder yet (I'll be rewriting it from the ground up), it's up in the air. But I'm going to make a conscientious effort to not go overboard with the murder and the chapter as a whole. I want the daily and the trial to both be shorter than Chapter 4's (and maybe even Chapter 3's) were.

But like I said, as I haven't written anything yet, everything is up in the air. I have some vague ideas, but nothing concrete yet. As is tradition, I'll be spending the next week or two brainstorming and trying to hammer out the details while I'm at work. In the meantime, I'll be taking a very well-deserved break while I'm at home. I can't stress enough how Chapter Four very nearly broke me. It was rough. I want Chapter Five to deliver on the type of quality you'll have come to expect by that point in the game, but at the same time I want it to be more manageable than Chapter Four was. So, we'll just have to see how it goes.

I swear I said the same thing when I finished Chapter Three, though, and Chapter Four ended up being longer regardless, so... I swear if the same thing happens with Chapter Five... Actually, I'll probably be dead if that happens, so if you don't hear another update within the next four months, you can safely assume I (and by extension Danganronpa Team) are dead and buried.

I'm joking, of course. Failing to finish Danganronpa Team isn't an option at this stage in development. Whatever happens with Chapter Five's development, it'll get finished. One way or another, I'll get 'er done.

And by this point, it's safe to say I'm just rambling. So, let's switch gears a bit and talk about some other things. First of all, I've added in some new general-purpose animations since Chapter Three was finished. Basic stuff. Just some little animations when it switches from one speaker to another so the new speaker's sprite doesn't immediately pop up and replace the previous speaker's sprite. Makes things look a little more fluid.

Also, Danganronpa Team is getting a rebranding at some point. By which I mean, I'm changing the title of the game. I mulled this over for a long time, and I think 'Danganronpa Team' simply doesn't work as well as it once did. It's too easy to confuse with the team that makes the official Danganronpa games as well as 'Team Danganronpa'. I already have a new title in mind. It's just a matter of when I'm going to reveal it. I'll probably do so closer to release. Possibly when the artist I've enlisted the help of makes the cover art for the game. That seems like a good time to reveal it. You get some cover art and a name change all in one.

On top of that, I've made a Discord server for the game. No one is allowed in it as of yet. No one will be allowed in until we get closer to release. The game's download link will be hosted on said Discord server, and there are a few other points of interest regarding the server that I think bear mentioning. For instance, I have it set up so you get access to new text channels depending on how far you are in the game. Some of those channels contain fun facts about each of the chapters. So, as you go through the game, you'll unlock a bit of developer's commentary in the form of said fun facts.

That's all I think I'm willing to share this time around. I will likely open up said Discord server once the main game is finished and I'm working on School Mode, as that will kind of sort of (not really) be the final stretch of development. The game will still be a ways off at that point, but at least by then there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel. So, might as well open it up around that time.

See you in a few months, and wish me luck with writing Chapter Five! I'm both very excited and very nervous about it! Send me all the hope you can spare that it turns out well and lives up to expectations!

Progress Report

Development Update: Chapter Three Basically Finished, and the Future of Updates!

Hello once again, everyone!

I've been holding off on this one for a little while, since I wanted to have Chapter Three pretty well wrapped up before I made my next update. It's not quite there yet, but I think it's close enough to the point where I can make an update in good conscience. Approximately an hour ago, I finished the final scene of Chapter Three's trial! Huzzah! Quite a milestone. Chapter Three itself isn't quite finished yet. There's a (relatively) short sequence of scenes I have to write following the trial (every chapter has this) as well as a (again, relatively) short scene that bridges the gap between chapters (again, each chapter has this). But these should take a handful of days to write at most. In fact, my current personal goal for myself is to get the chapter out to my beta testers in three days. This is a lot more work than it sounds like, since I have to edit/polish up the ENTIRE chapter in ADDITION to writing and polishing up those final few scenes, but I think I can do it. So, heck, I'm going for it!

By the way, this would be far from the first time I've spoken about it, but I've been keeping track of how long the game is as I've been reading through each scene for my first time. And as of right now, according to my overinflated developer count, Danganronpa Team is over 20 hours long! That's right, Chapter Three is freaking LONG. It's longer than Chapter One and Chapter Two in every single area! I don't plan for this! I don't know how these chapters keep getting longer and longer! Chapter Four will probably break that trend, though. Chapter Three is in many ways one of the most important chapters in the game in regard to various characters' development and the overall narrative. So it makes sense for it to be a bit on the longer side.

But for those of you who speak the language of words rather than numbers, or I suppose I should say words in the guise of numbers, I have started keeping track of Danganronpa Team's length in another way! I've started using a script to export the text in each and every scene into text files, then compile them together into one file, and check the word count. Now, I'm holding off on compiling these numbers again until I'm completely finished with Chapter Three, but back when I was about halfway through the trial of Chapter Three, I worked my magic and came up with the number of words comprising the game thus far. That number was roughly 283,000 words, which is roughly 566 pages of text or something like that. Keep in mind, this number was from like a week and a half ago when the trial was only halfway finished, so the script's probably broken the 600 page mark now, or it's going to by the time Chapter Three is finished. That's pretty cool!

Now I do want to say a little something about the future of updates on this game page. I'm honestly considering going silent for a while, because I simply don't have much of interest to put in these updates anymore! Unless you guys want me to spoil the murder of Chapter Three or something! So I'm thinking of going the route of radio silence until the game is closer to being finished. Maybe then I could post some more creative, interesting updates. But for now, I really don't have anything I can share in good conscience.

So that's all for now. Whether or not we see each other anytime soon, thanks for your continued support, and I will keep plugging away at Danganronpa Team! Have no fear of that! Marche, out!

Progress Report

Development Update: Chapter Three Daily Life Finished (And Other Odds and Ends)

Hello, hello, hello, everyone! Not even a month from the last, and I've already got a brand spanking new update to present to you all! I don't know if I'm just getting more productive or what. Probably not, since I've spent an ungodly amount of time this past month replaying the Kingdom Hearts series (and getting the platinum trophies for each game, hence the 'ungodly amount' part of how much time I've devoted to them) to prepare myself for Kingdom Hearts 3. But I digress. Okay, but before we get into the update proper, I just have to say: Screw you, Squeenix, for making me 100% Birth by Sleep with all three characters for that platinum trophy. There, got that off my chest.

Concerning Chapter Three's Progress

Now then, there are actually a number of different things I want to talk about in this update. First and foremost, as the title of this update says, the daily life of Chapter Three is pretty much done (I literally just got to the body discovery last night). It turned out pretty well, I think. There are some pretty good scenes in there, along with a few of my favorite Free Time Events I've written thus far. I have to say, Chapter Three's daily life was a lot of fun to write in general. Because you see, while Chapter One and Two were more about setting up the characters and getting you acclimated to DR Team's world and whatnot, Chapter Three is where I've had my first opportunity to start really hinting at some of the story's overarching mysteries. And that's been a lot of fun. I love knowing exactly what's going on and hinting at it almost in a teasing sort of way.

That being said, I must admit I am quite surprised... I thought as Danganronpa Team went on, the chapters would naturally start to get shorter and shorter. After all, there are less characters, so I assumed I wouldn't be able to come up with quite as much dialogue and the pace would become a little snappier as a result. Well... the opposite of that's apparently happened. Chapter Two was longer than Chapter One, and Chapter Three is looking like it's going to be even longer than Chapter Two. The daily life is certainly longer, to say the least, and I don't see the investigation or the trial being particularly shorter than the last. It actually kind of makes me wonder if Danganronpa Team will approach V3's length after all (V3 felt noticeably longer than 1 and 2, as I'm sure any of you who've played it will agree). I suppose time will tell.

I do want to emphasize though that I'm not padding scenes out to make the game artificially longer or anything. On the contrary, I find myself cutting things I have planned out of scenes because I feel like they'd be too long otherwise. That's become more of an issue towards the end of the second trial and in Chapter Three's daily life than before. It's especially an issue in regard to the trials, because I don't want trials to drag. I've been trying to keep the trials so far at or under three hours in length or so. I'm willing to allow the later trials to get a little longer, but there's really no reason for trials in the first half of the game to be overly lengthy.

By the way, just so you know where I'm coming from, when I time how long different parts of the game are, I go through all of the options that lead to unique dialogue. So for the daily life portions, that means going through every Free Time Event possible. And for the trials that means pressing every statement and going through all the incorrect answers to direct questions you have to respond to. (I don't know if I've mentioned before, but every response in a question/answer segment in the trials has unique dialogue that follows, similar to Ace Attorney. It's a pain to write but I'm glad I do it. Better than just recycling the "Oh, no everyone's going to think I'm incompetent!" sort of line that Danganronpa tends to use when you answer a question wrong.) So you could very well go through trials and such much faster than my personal estimate. I wouldn't recommend it though, since pressing statements is where a lot of the best dialogue in trials comes out.

As for Chapter Three's investigation, I'm already prepared to jump right into that. Along with completing the daily life for Chapter Three, I've drawn up the murder scene and all the graphics I need for the evidence and so forth. So everything is ready to go. I imagine the investigation will only take a week and a half or so to make, since investigations aren't at all comparable in length to the daily life/trial segments. So by the next update I should be knee deep in trial territory! Kind of a strange feeling almost being back to writing a trial so soon. It feels like only yesterday I was writing Chapter Two's trial! But that's for the best! Shouldn't be too hard to switch gears and get into trial writing mode.

Sunset and Nighttime Sprite Tinting

So there are a multitude of scenes in Danganronpa Team that take place either at sunset or at night. You don't see night scenes so often early on into the game, but they become a bit more common later on. On the other hand, sunset scenes are relatively common throughout the entire game. I was just whipping up one such scene the other week and thought to myself, "You know, it looks kind of funny how everything is tinted orange/blue except for the character you're talking to." I thought back to the visual novel Makina is from, Grisaia no Kajitsu, which I recal tinted character sprites depending on the time of day in a given scene. So I decided to do the same thing!

Here's an example of how character sprites look at sunset:

And here's one of how they look at night:

Originally, I tinted the sprites much more heavily than I do now. Like, for reference, this was my first attempt at tinting sprites for sunset scenes:

And here's an initial test I did for the night scenes:

So, yeah. The former makes it look like Tamamo got turned into a straight-up deity. And the latter makes it look like she's halfway to becoming a member of a Blue Man Group. So obviously, those didn't cut it. But I'm sure you can tell, I toned down the sunset tinting far more than I did the night tinting, since the intensity of the tint in sunset scenes was far more blatantly offensive.

I think they look pretty good now, and I hope this is a change everyone finds agreeable. It's extremely easy to implement, so it's really no bother doing this for the odd scene. I will have to go back and implement this into Chapter One and Two's sunset/night scenes, but I think I'll just do that on the final editing pass.

Concerning Free Time Events

Another thing I want to talk about actually concerns Free Time Events. I was just thinking about the way I've been handling Free Time Events thus far, and I think my approach to them has been working out really well. That said, I don't think I've spelled out what makes them so unique as opposed to the other Danganronpas. At least, not as well as I could. So I'd like to take this opportunity to elaborate a bit more on them.

Just to refresh everyone's memories, in other Danganronpa's, Free Time Events basically amount to quick, snappy one-on-one conversations with other characters that give you more insight into their personality and/or backstory. And that's more or less it.

In Danganronpa Team, Free Time Events are first and foremost not one-on-one scenes. You often spend time with other characters in groups. Along with that, these are unique scenes that happen at fixed points in each chapter. In other Dangaronpas you could theoretically see a Free Time Event scene in any chapter. In Danganronpa Team, there is chapter-specific context for each Free Time Event scene, so they're one time only deals. For instance, let's say a cook-off is going to be held, and some characters invite you to practice your cooking skills before the cook-off. Obviously, such a scene wouldn't make sense at another other point in time, let alone in another chapter. So naturally, you only have that specific opportunity to see it.

What I'm trying to say is that rather than drawing from a pool of FTE event scenes like in other Danganronpas where whichever one you see is dependent on your bond level with a particular character, FTEs in Danganronpa Team are specifically crafted for specific points in each chapter.

Now, here's the cool thing about Danganronpa Team's Free Time Events that I didn't notice until recently. Many of the Free Time Events happen regardless of whether or not you attend them. And they often have lasting impacts on the story. What I mean by that is, say you have a choice between helping a character go shopping or attending another character's tea party. You might choose to go shopping, but that tea party is going to happen even if you're not there. And oftentimes, character/plot development and/or things that have an impact on the murder/trial will happen during Free Time Events. Not always. But it does happen.

And I think that's pretty cool. In Danganronpa Team, Free Time Events actually have an impact on the immediate plot. So you might go through a trial and that shopping trip you skipped might come up. Something relevant to the murder might have happened during it. And by going back and viewing that scene, you get more of an inside look into the inner workings of how the plot developed. Or perhaps you went shopping and a certain character changed after they attended the tea party. So you go back and check out the tea party to see how and why that character changed.

So that all being said, I highly recommend checking out every Free Time Event whenever the opportunity presents itself so you can get as full of a picture of what transpires in each chapter as you can.

Concerning an Opening

I can't remember if I've mentioned this in the past or not, but I've been considering making an OP for the game for some time now. For a while, I was against the idea. I didn't want to just copy Danganronpa 1/2/V3's openings. Heck, I didn't even want to re-use any of their music. But I've found myself a song I think I can use for an OP, and I've come up with some interesting ideas for what visuals would accompany the music. So as of right now, I'm thinking I will take a crack at making an OP. Not right this minute, but as I get closer to the end of the game, I'll definitely give it a shot.

So there's something to look forward to. Maybe. We'll see how it goes, and even if I do make it I might keep it under wraps until we get closer to release.

Anyways, that's all for this update. Unless I somehow gain the ability to stop time and complete the chapter before then, I'll see you in July!

Progress Report

Development Update: Into Chapter Three We Go!

Hello once again, everyone. No particular rhyme or reason to the timing of this update. I just felt like posting an update. Last time I posted an update, I believe I said that the second chapter was complete and after taking some time off to rest, I would be diving right into making chapter three. And I did try to jump right into chapter three, but it wasn't working out quite like I had planned.

Musings on Chapter Three

You see, in the past, I've been able to more or less come up with the murder and then wing my way through the chapter, coming up with all the necessary scenes and moments as I went. I dove right into chapter three and tried to start writing and it just felt wrong. Like something inside me was screaming "you need to take a step back and re-evaluate how you approach writing these chapters from here on out". So I did just that. I took a step back and decided I would sit down and write out an outline for the entire chapter as well as the trial. From scratch. I had already been planning to outline the trial from the beginning, as I did with chapter two (which was a hugely beneficial move), so ultimately this wasn't a huge departure from my original plan.

Anywho, I sat down at work over the course of a week or so and charted out chapter three from the beginning. Everything has been outlined, and it's looking good. I'm excited for some of the scenes that happen in the daily life, and I'm amazed I'm still able to come up with as many free time scenes as I do. The trial is looking much better than it did originally. I think I've successfully managed to avoid the lull in quality that tends to happen somewhere in the middle of Ace Attorney/Danganronpa games with one of their cases/chapters.

To get into specifics, the second half of the murder/trial is largely unchanged from what it was originally. I completely rewrote the first half of the murder/trial from the ground up, though. The first half was originally pretty, uh... Well, to be entirely honest it was straight up bad, looking back on it now. Now, I think the first half honestly might outshine the latter half. It largely deals with a part of the murder that vaguely reminds me of the fifth case in Danganronpa 2. Just as in the fifth case in Danganronpa 2 when you saw the murder scene you went "what in God's name happened here?", Chapter 3 brings similar thoughts to mind—or at least, to my mind. It should be a lot of fun.

So with that being said, I'm now working on the daily life of Chapter Three. Shifting once again into full-on development mode (rip almost literally all of my free time and social life). I will say, now that I've outlined Chapter Three and know exactly what scenes I want to make and what I want to go over in them, I feel a lot more comfortable writing. I'll definitely be doing the same sort of thing with Chapter Four and Chapter Five. Chapter Six, on the other hand, I think I can still wing a bit. At least towards the start of the chapter. I'll definitely need to outline the final investigation and the trial.

Other Miscellaneous Notes

I just want to mention a few other things before I end this blog and get back to work. First of all, I want to mention how Chapter Two's beta testing has been going. Two of my beta testers have finished it so far. Others are still in the process of working through it or haven't started it yet because they must actually have lives or something (the weirdos). So far my beta testers seem to be enjoying Chapter Two rather well. One who finished the beta said something that stuck out to me after he finished. He said he couldn't decide whether or not he liked the first chapter or the second chapter more. That was interesting to me, because I personally think Chapter Two outclasses Chapter One on a number of fronts. But I suppose opinions on each of the chapters will vary from person to person. I'll be looking forward to seeing which chapters are more well-regarded and which are looked back on less favorably by both beta testers and regular players alike.

But it really makes no difference to me. As long as none of the chapters are flat out bad or anything, I don't think I should tempt fate by asking for much more than that. Haha.

One other thing I want to emphasize in regard to Chapter Two's beta testing is how important this beta testing really is. I am but one person. I do my best to put this whole game together and edit it to Hell and back, but there are still a number of things I miss. Case in point, on the last testimony of the second case, one of my beta testers got stuck for an hour trying and failing to figure out what the contradiction she needed was. And what was the problem? The description I had written for the piece of evidence used to contradict that particular testimony was wrong. To be more specific, I had made one single error with one single word of that piece of evidence's description. And that one word was the difference between the contradiction making sense and the contradiction being totally incomprehensible.

So yeah, I'd just like to take this moment to say I really appreciate the pain and suffering my beta testers go through so the rest of you don't have to suffer as much.

(As a side note: Said beta tester who got stuck on the last testimony for an hour said the second chapter felt really long. She said it took her like nine hours. I think she's just a really slow reader. And plus there's that hour of being stuck to take into account. But I found that interesting nonetheless. I guess this game'll have some meat on its bones when all's said and done after all.)

There's one last thing I'd like to say. Or perhaps it would be better to say there's one last thing I'd like to vent about. I don't know about anyone else, but these past updates have stricken me as terribly dull to look at. I wish I had some images or something I could stick in the middle of these updates to give you all something to look at aside from a wall of text. But unfortunately, we're just at that stage in the game's development where anything I post would be a spoiler. It's a bit frustrating. Especially seeing as I keep saying "I'm making all this progress!", but words aside, I can't show any evidence of that. I know that's just how it is, but... I wish it didn't have to be that way.

I will say that I've requested for the artist I have drawing up some cover art for Danganronpa Team to draw said cover art sometime between now and when Chapter Four or so is finished. That's something I can share as soon as it's in my hands. But until then, I'm afraid words are all I have.

So I guess for my parting words, I'll simply say that I'll post again once some amount of progress has been made with Chapter Three! Keep hoping that progress continues for me! And also, do me a favor and hope that I don't die of heat stroke while I'm writing this. It's starting to get stupidly hot outside again, and with my PC on most of the time, my room is a bona fide sauna. 'Til next time!

Progress Report

Chapter Two is Finished!

Hello again, everyone!

Not really much to say this time around. I think the title says it all. Chapter Two is now finished and out to my beta testers! I'm pretty happy with how the chapter turned out. It ended up having more twists and turns than I expected, but who doesn't love a rollercoaster of a murder? And with all the new sprites I put in for all the different characters, the revamped animations/systems, and the new standards I started upholding while making chapter two, the game in general looks and plays better than ever.

I was actually just talking about Danganronpa Team a bit with someone I work with the other day, and they warned me about not falling into the pitfall of getting stuck in a cycle of endless editing. But that's really not an issue. With all those changes I made, I'm very satisfied with everything I've made so far. I can't think of anything in particular that I want to change or improve upon. So from here on out, as long as I keep rolling along the same way I did in chapter two, editing from here on out should be more or less confined to the usual. Fixing grammatical errors, rewording sentences that could be worded better, and so forth.

So where do we go from here? Well, I don't plan on taking much of a break here. I do think I'll take a break from working on the game while I'm at home for a couple of days. I think after reaching a milestone like this, it would be stupid for me not to relax and take a little breather. But I don't plan on taking a break for long, and I still plan on working on the game during my breaks at work even while I'm 'on break'. I'm really trying to prevent what happened between Chapter One and Two from happening again. Get too comfortable and it'll be hard to go back to working on the game. That's how a game gets put on hiatus. So I want to keep this momentum up!

Next update, I suppose I'll simply talk about how Chapter Three is moving along. In a perfect world, I would have the daily life portion of the chapter finished by the next update. But my estimates are almost always wrong (probably because I'm so fickle when it comes to how much I feel like working on the game on a given day), so we'll just have to wait and see. 'Til then!


Announcing Danganronpa Team 2!

Hey, everybody. I'm back again with an exciting update concerning the development of Danganronpa Team. I know Danganronpa Team is nowhere near finished, but I've decided to go ahead and start production on its sequel, Danganronpa Team 2!

Danganronpa Team 2 is tentatively titled as Danganronpa Team 2: Freddy's Revenge. Why is it Freddy's revenge? Because... um... because he's mad that he didn't get to be the game master in Danganronpa Team 1, that's why! In fact he's holding this whole killing game because he's upset that he got overshadowed by what should have just been a side character! And the whole game will just be you helping him learn to cope with his shortcomings while everyone kills each other! And in the end, Freddy will decide to blow himself up to atone for his crimes! And...

I just spoiled the whole plot of the game, didn't I? Sorry, I just get so excited that I can't help myself. A-Anyways, moving on!

This is a cast shot of the characters I'm willing to reveal so far for Danganronpa Team 2. This isn't all of the characters. Not even close. You guys know those Smash Bros. rosters that everyone makes whenever a new Smash game gets announced? The totally impossible ones that have like 100 characters on them? We're going to make that a reality. That's right. Danganronpa Team 2 will be the first Danganronpa game to feature a cast of over 100 characters.

I won't go over every character right now, but I just want to point out a few characters in particular. We've got the protagonist from the Emoji Movie, whose name I don't even know. But he's... he's going to die first. Just so you know. This is just me taking out my hatred of the Emoji Movie through my creative outlets. We've also got Honest Abe, who's meant to contrast with Kokichi from Danganronpa V3. Whereas in V3 you were like "Oh, Kokichi's gotta be lying", in Danganronpa Team 2 the idea is for you to go "Oh, it's Honest Abe so he can't be lying... OR CAN HE?!" Besides that, we've got everyone's favorite character from the Final Fantasy series, Coldsteel the Hedgehog. And we've even got a rock as a character. I know he might not seem like much, but trust me, rock is full of personality and I think he'll end up being a lot of people's favorite character.

As for the gameplay, I would like to announce that all of the gameplay in the trial portions of the game will be replaced with Hangman's Gambit. The one from Danganronpa 2, because they said it was new and improved. And you know, I'm all about improving things in the sequels to my own works as well, so I'm taking Team Danganronpa at their word and including what must be the best version of the best minigame in the entire series. Along with that I'd like to announce that there will be only one difficulty, Ultra-Hardcore difficulty, where if you make a single mistake during any of the Hangman's Gambit minigames, you don't just get a game over. You have to start the entire game over. I think you guys will love the added challenge.

Along with that, I'd like to announce that outside of trials, I'm getting rid of Free Time Events as they appeared in Danganronpa Team 1, where you got to spend time with groups of people at a time. Instead, when you have some free time, you'll be spending it with Monika. Just Monika. I know you guys might have been looking forward to trying to romance rock in the free time events, but Monika refused to take part in Danganronpa 2 unless I agreed to her being the only person you could spend time with in Free Time Events. Don't worry, though, you guys can still enjoy Rockbama. That's the official name for the rockxObama ship. And if I see any of you try to ship rock or Obama with anyone else, I will hunt you down and erase you from the Internet, because I am the creator of this game. My word is law and Danganronpa ships are sacred.

So that's about it. I hope you guys are looking forward to Danganronpa Team 2! Currently, it's going into full production and I estimate that it will be released on April 1st, 2022. Of course, as most of my free time will now be spent making Danganronpa Team 2, I'm afraid I have to delay Danganronpa Team 1. It is now projected to be released on April 1st, 2026. I know that's after Danganronpa Team 2, (and yes, Danganronpa Team 2 does spoil Danganronpa Team 1 so don't play it before you play 1) but you guys just have to bear with me here. It's a necessary evil. For the sake of my creative vision.

With that, I'll be getting back to work! By the way, I won't be posting any more updates for quite some time. In fact, I'm thinking of switching to a yearly update schedule. So I guess I'll see you guys in about a year!


Okay, now that I got that out of my system, time for the real update. Which is to say, there isn't really an update. But expect one within the next week or two! Chapter Two is nearing completion, but my life's been getting a little crazy. Things have been getting progressively crappier for no real reason lately, and I've been spreading myself a little thin between real life, work, Danganronpa Team, and some of the other stuff I (stupidly) tried to add to my (already) full plate. But with that said, I've been forging onward with Chapter Two. The trial is getting fairly close to being finished. So I expect Chapter Two to be finished and hopefully out to my beta testers within the next two weeks or so. I'll post the next (real) update when Chapter Two is finished and out to my beta testers. Wish me luck!

Progress Report

Things Just Keep Getting Better and Better

Hey everyone! Back again with an unusually early update. Perhaps you might be thinking that bodes ill. Normally, I would probably agree. But this is one rare instance where I am being completely serious when I say that I have nothing but good news all around. So I've chosen to seize the moment and give a bit of an update before it all goes to crap again.

How I'm feeling right now.

So let's get started with progress on the game proper. As I believe you'll recall, when I last left you I mentioned something about not remembering how chapter two's murder goes and there was a late-trial twist that I didn't understand... Ultimately what I decided to do was to take the notes I had for the case (the outline, the list of evidence, and so forth) and write it all out on paper again. I worked through the trial beat for beat from beginning to end again, making changes here and there along the way.

I ended up condensing the trial. Originally the trial was going to have like 8-10 rebuttals/cross-examinations or something like that. But harkening back to the first case, it was somewhere inbetween 2 and 3 hours long with just 6 rebuttals/cross-examinations. I'm trying not to pull a V3 and have trials that feel too drawn out (at least not this early on; something like chapter 5 would make sense to have a longer trial), so I think condensing things a bit was a good move. Especially so, considering that I believe this trial will end up being a tad bit longer than the first one even after condensing it.

I do want to mention that upon getting to said infamous twist that I just couldn't for the life of me remember how it went... It made absolutely no sense to me. I just couldn't figure it out. And it's a major twist, too! I mean, it's how you end up catching the killer! But not to worry! I came up with a different way for the killer to be caught. One which makes sense. One which actually seems relatively plausible/feasible. And I think the case is much better for it.

That being said, I think pretty much all of the changes I made as I went back through chapter 2's murder and reworked it were positive changes. The second murder went from one that I felt was a bit on the weaker side to the kind of case that keeps the twists coming even after you think everything's already been worked out. And as such rather than dreading it and going "oh boy I can't wait to finally get past this chapter two hump" I'm actually rather excited to make it and see it play out.

With how successful this sort of process has been, I'm definitely going to do the same thing for chapters three and four when we get there. I think those would similarly benefit from some tweaks here and there. And then as I believe I've mentioned in the past, I plan on completely re-writing chapter 5's murder from the ground up (though I already have most of the major twists in mind). So... there you go. Ideally, things will only get better from here as far as the murders are concerned.

Makina is very happy to hear that things are progressing smoothly.

But surely that can't be all the progress that's been made, right? Right! When I last left off working on chapter two, there was a single scene made for the investigation. After I finished working out chapter two's murder again? I knocked that investigation out in under a week. That's right. Work is underway on the second trial now. As for har far into the second trial I am specifically, I finished making the first rebuttal the other day. There's still plenty to be done, but it's coming along (though to be honest, I've been slacking the past few days).

Originally I had wanted to wait to post a new update for Danganronpa Team until Chapter 2 was completely done. That's changed because I have more news to share than I originally thought I would. But as I informed my beta testers, I'm currently aiming to knock the rest of Chapter 2 out by sometime in late March. I don't know if I'll make that or not. I think if I work hard I can.

I do want to say that while the investigation went rather quickly, the trial has been slower going, which is part of my hesitation when it comes to my target completion date. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is, but I was having more trouble coming up with dialogue when I was writing the first few scenes of the trial. I don't know. Maybe trials just inherently take longer to create. Regardless, I will forge ever onward.

Hey look it's the Princess—and what's this?! She has a new sprite!

Another thing I want to mention. In the last update I believe I said something along the lines of "only a few characters remain that only have one sprite/expression/what have you". I can't remember if I included the Princess under that or not. I should have. She did have a second sprite at the time but it's a one-time use sprite. Not something that would come up on multiple occasions. So for all intents and purposes she only had one sprite.

Not anymore! Along with giving Okabe the multi-sprite treatment, I went ahead and did the same thing for the Princess! Again, I have to voice my disbelief at how many different sprites you can get from just moving some eyebrows around and messing with the mouth a bit. So the Princess has a bunch of sprites now. Which is great. In retrospect, she really could've used them. Obviously along with making her new sprites, I have to go back to the prologue and chapter one and put all the new sprites in. I'm not doing that now. I just finished going through the prologue and chapter one. I'll save that for the final editing pass, I think.

But that only leaves Charles and Foxy with one sprite apiece (aside from another one-time use sprite for Foxy in the same vein as the one I mentioned for the Princess beforehand).

Oh... wait. Did I mention TK also has multiple sprites now? Yeah, that's a thing, too. And Yu also has a second sprite now (although it's used frequently enough that I can't really call it a one-time use sprite).

So almost every character is way more expressive than ever before! This is really great. Seriously. Back when I was writing chapter one the final scene where the killer confesses didn't have as much of an impact because certain characters just did not have the sprites to properly express themselves. Certain characters were smiling when they should've been upset. Having a multitude of sprites at my disposal opens up a lot of avenues for me to have characters have more emotional roles in the story and for any emotional scenes they're involved in to hit a bit harder.

I'm in a good mood, so here, have the very first frame of the first chapter's results screen as a little bonus. I wonder what sort of animation(s) this Danganronpa's result screen will feature?

Now for the bit of news that convinced me to post an update before Chapter 2 is finished. As you are probably aware, I work a full-time job. Two things happened recently related to my job that are very good news for Danganronpa Team.

First of all, I now have set days off. Before, my schedule was random. Some weeks my two days off would be on opposite ends of the week. Sometimes they'd be back-to-back. Well, now they're back-to-back for good. This allows me to get into the gamedev mindset and try to get as much as I can done on those two days off. It's much better getting in the zone and staying in the zone than getting in the zone for one day, having to work a few days, and then having to wind back up all over again on my next day off.

Secondly, our yearly bonus just came in. And ho-ly crap is it a big one. Without naming a hard number, it's nearly twice what I was expecting. As such, I think I'm going to take a chunk of it and purchase myself a new laptop. I do have another laptop. It's what I used to make all of Danganronpa Team up to last summer. But that laptop is a piece of garbage. Some of the keys don't work right. The screen is kinda broken. The connections on the battery are shot or something (it can't store power; you have to use it while it's plugged in).

Suffice to say, my old laptop is just riddled with issues that make working on Danganronpa Team on it not only impractical, but straight up asinine. I've just been using my PC to make Danganronpa Team ever since I started working on it again back in October or November (whenever it was). But that laptop's issues are probably entirely my own fault. I just did not take proper care of it in any way, shape or form. I'm not at all surprised that it has the numerous issues that it does.

So you might be wondering what difference a new laptop will make if I'm just making Danganronpa Team on my PC now. With a new laptop, I can work on Danganronpa Team during my breaks at work. That might not seem like a big deal. But I get around an hour and a half's worth of breaks per night. That's an additional seven and a half hours per work week that I'd have to work on Danganronpa Team. That's a pretty good amount of time! And I plan to treat this new laptop like it's the Princess herself. Until Danganronpa Team is finished, I'll only use it to work on Danganronpa Team. I don't want it breaking down on me before Danganronpa Team is done this time around.

This also allows me to go back to my original plan, but with added gusto. Originally, I intended to make School Mode on my crappy laptop while I was at work. As my laptop only deteriorated further, I gave up on the idea. Now I'm going back to that plan... sort of.

My current plan is to use this new laptop during my breaks to work on Danganronpa Team's main game until chapter four is finished. Once the main game is that far along, I plan to switch gears and develop School Mode while I'm at work. While School Mode is a large undertaking in itself, I don't think it's anywhere near the undertaking the main game has been. So I think by waiting until the main game is further along in development, there's a better chance of me finishing both the main game and School Mode around the same time. In all likelihood, School Mode will still need some work even after the main game is all done, but... Well, at least this way I won't have to go "Okay guys the main game is done now just wait another four months for me to make School Mode."

All in all, I think adding this new laptop into the mix will make development speed up a little faster. And there's the added bonus (for my sake) in being able to work on Danganronpa Team while I'm at work of not feeling as guilty about playing other games from time to time when I'm at home. All too often I try to unwind with a game, but I'm pestered by intrusive thoughts like "You know instead of wasting time with this game you could be working on Danganronpa Team right now". It's just the kind of person I am. Find it hard to relax when there's work to be done, especially now that Danganronpa Team is back in development in the truest sense of the word.

I'll probably be looking to pick up that laptop sometime later this month. I'm not rushing it right now. Right now I'm spending my breaks at work reading the Spice and Wolf light novel series. I'm terrible at reading actual books. I've been collecting these light novels for well over four years, and I never managed to make it past book two. I just suck at committing to reading actual, factual books. Thanks to reading them during my breaks at work I'm now up to book thirteen. So I'd really like to finish the series before I get that new laptop. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll just put off reading the rest of the series for another four years. And I really want to finish it (it's so good). Sorry, all the girls of Danganronpa Team's cast. None of you can match Holo's charm.

Heck I'm in such a jolly mood I'll even give you the prologue's titlecard. It's nothing special, but hey. You get no more after this, though. I can't spoil anything from chapter two and onward for obvious reasons.

Well, that's all I have to say for this unusually timed, oddly positive, extremely long update. Things are really looking good for Danganronpa Team's future! Not only do I feel like I'm more or less back in the swing of things, but development will only ramp up from here! That said I do have to be careful not to overwork myself. I know my friends are concerned about that. I can't blame them. I think last week after I finished my work week I ended up spending eight hours straight working on Danganronpa Team the first night and then twelve hours straight the next.

Believe me, I'm just as eager as the rest of you to get this thing done and in your hands! But I really do have to try not to overwork myself, regardless of what targets/deadlines I try to set for myself. As much as I'd loooove to get Danganronpa Team out this summer, I probably shouldn't kill myself trying to do so. But there's still plenty of time left in the year! You never know how things will go!

The next time we speak, Chapter 2 will be finished!... I think. It'd damn well better be. Look forward to it!

Progress Report

The Hardest Part (?) Lies Just Ahead

Hello, once again everyone! Happy Valentine's day and a hopeful February to you all. I have a half-decent bit of news to share in this update, and I'm extremely exhausted at the moment after working on Danganronpa Team for the past five hours straight or thereabouts (it felt much longer, granted I should have been tucked in bed and asleep four or five hours ago), so let's get right into it.

Firstly, regarding general progress, I am pleased to announce that the very long and arduous editing pass (which was heavily delayed due to the ungodly amount of prep work I did for school mode and so forth) is finally finished. That's right. Everything written thus far is finally in half-presentable shape.

Me ^

I'm not sure if I've mentioned previously, but I do have some new beta testers on hand. Partially because one of my beta testers (and a good friend of mine) had to drop out due to simply being too busy. But also in part because I wanted to push out a new beta release to commemorate this occasion, especially considering that some major changes had been made to the prologue and chapter one in particular, and I needed some new people who were ready and willing to play through it.

Thus far, they've been pointing out more mistakes than I expected. As I always say, you can never have too much editing. Case in point, while some of these errors were things I simply missed, some were errors that I made while I was editing. So, yeah. Always something to be fixed.

That being said, the Prologue and Chapter One are now two steps away from being done. For good. The first of the remaining steps is of course to fix anything my beta testers going through now pick up on. The final step is for after the entire game is done when I do one final editing pass. There are a few things I need to implement on that editing pass, along with trying to pick up on any lingering errors. I will have one final new beta tester with me for that pass to assist me (who is already on board and everything).

Also me ^

That said we now approach quite possibly the most difficult part of this game's development, depending on how things go from here. It has been... What, nearly a year since I last wrote anything new for the game? Though I've re-read everything and feel like I have a good grasp of all the characters and their mannerisms and so forth once again, I still can't help but doubt that I've still 'got it'. Getting back into the groove of writing is going to be difficult indeed. Then again, I believe it felt the same way every time I started writing a new scene for this game. Every single time I felt like "oh, this is the scene where it's all going to come apart and I simply won't be able to write anymore". But once I got a few lines into each scene, that fear dissipated and I felt confident once more.

Let's hope nothing has changed between then and now.

But as I've mentioned before, there's a larger issue at hand. I've forgotten how chapter two's murder plays out. In particular, there is one major twist that baffles me. I fail to remember how it's supposed to go. How it's supposed to make sense. So I've got to re-figure that out now. Which is... quite anxiety-inducing, honestly. I'll attempt to think it through while I'm at work, seeing as I've naught better to think about for eight consecutive hours each work day. Hopefully that'll be more than enough time to figure it out again. And hey, maybe I'll think of a way to improve the twist in the process! It's happened before!

But that will have to wait at least until tomorrow. Considering that I will be going into work tonight on a meager amount of sleep, I won't exactly be in prime shape to think things through. Better to do it once I've gotten a good night's rest, eh?

Yes, I'm running out of ideas for pictures to use for this blog post, but this one is actually relevant.

Some other miscellaneous things to note. Along with adding new poses and expressions throughout the entire game thus far for Angie, Bacon, Kyou, Makina, and Yukari, I've taken the liberty of making expressions for Okabe. It was bugging me that of the few characters remaining who do not have multiple sprites, Okabe was one of them. But it's not as though multiple sprites existed for him. There was only the one. So I made him a variety of new sprites simply by fiddling with that one sprite. Of course, with the limitations of that, some of his new expressions are more subtle than not, but I feel that suits him well. Suffice to say, what I've got on hand now is a huge improvement over what I had before.

With that, the only characters remaining who do not have multiple sprites are Charles, TK, and Foxy. And I'm fine with that. Charles is... well, he's a real person, so there's no way for me to have multiple sprites for him with any real consistency. TK doesn't even have a face to show, so we're not missing out on much by only having a single sprite for him. And Foxy is different enough from the rest of the characters that I don't feel like it detracts terribly from his character to only have one sprite.

So in short, I'm pretty happy with the sprite situation as it is now. And thank God for that. Going back through everything and putting in expressions and such for characters who only had one sprite before was a giant pain.


I don't even have any more pictures to show and I'm far too tired to scrounge up any more, so let's just pretend that those three dashes are a meaningful way to break up these paragraphs.

One final thing before I sign off for this update. I don't have anything to show at the moment, but as you're all well aware, I am the sole person working on this game. Aside from the beta testing, I've been doing everything myself. That's changed very slightly. I've enlisted a friend (who is a pretty good artist with her own style) to help out with two pieces of art for the game.

The first is Danganronpa Team's box art. That's right, we're getting cover art. I can finally be rid of that garish logo at the top of the game's page. Not that I dislike that little header image all that much, but I think a much better image to represent the game is in order. And what better way to represent a game than through cover art? The second piece of art I'm having my artist friend draw is the game's final title screen. I believe I have mentioned at some point before that the game's title screen image changes throughout the game. What I'm talking about is the final final title screen. The one you get after completing not just the base game, but school mode as well. The final send off, if you will.

I haven't asked for either of these pieces to be finished by a certain date for the time being, as the game itself doesn't have anything remotely resembling a deadline and is still far from finished. But I would certainly like to get the cover art sooner rather than later for display purposes and whatnot. So we'll see whether or not I feel like pestering her about it in the upcoming months.

A few words of warning though regarding the cover art. The design is already laid out. I know what I want and it's all pretty clean cut. Not a lot of room for it to deviate from my mental image of it. Do not expect this to be like other Danganronpa games' cover art. The other Danganronpas had relatively straightforward pieces of cover art. They showed off all the characters. They were stylish, often colorful, and overall pretty cool.

I thought about different variants of that as I was conceptualizing Danganronpa Team's cover art. Different ways I could shove the whole cast into one image without making anyone seem insignificant. I considered all the different perspectives and settings that could be used, but none of it really felt right to me. And then I finally struck upon what did feel right and it totally defied my expectations. It doesn't feature the whole cast. It's not straightforward (in the sense that you'll be able to look at it and immediately understand all of the different pieces of it). It's not particularly vibrant or colorful. And it's not really complex. In fact, it's quite simple. I know I'm being quite the tease with this, but it really isn't at all what I was expecting it to end up like.

So that being said, perhaps it would be best to not expect much? Expect to be disappointed, depending on how much you liked the other Danganronpa games' covers. But in spite of how contradictory it is (not putting the whole cast on the cover of a game emphasizing the team, for instance) I do feel that it's the best fit for Danganronpa Team. And though you won't be able to wholly make sense of it at first, I guarantee that you will be able to by the end of the game.


And now I've talked for far, far too long. I must get some sleep. Wish me well as I dive back into chapter two. I honestly don't know how things will go from here on out, so I can't make any promises. Not that I've been good at keeping my promises thus far in the first place, so perhaps that's for the best. But do wish me luck. I've got some thinking and some writing to do.

See you all in a month or so.
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