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Release Date Moved Up... Sort Of.

Hello yet again!

As I've continued editing Forge:Re, the feeling that this editing pass is going to take much longer than I initially anticipated hasn't left me. In point of fact, I've elected one of my beta testers to help me edit Chapter One simply because it's too much of an undertaking for me to handle alone. It's at the point where I'm rewording just about every single line, a task far more difficult than I'm accustomed to. Slowly but surely, it is going. But I can't stress enough that it's going slowly. Presently, I'm approximately halfway through Chapter One's trial, if that.

Though I strongly believe that the chapters to follow will go much more smoothly, I can't shake the feeling that this editing pass could very well take until the end of the year, my proposed release date for Forge:Re. So, I've been thinking about it, and I've decided to change the release plan.

Forge:Re is now going to release episodically. To get into specifics, the Prologue and Chapter One will release once this big long editing pass I'm undertaking is finished and the second wave of beta testers have gone through Chapters One through Five. Once the Prologue and Chapter One are out, a new chapter will be released every month. By staggering the releases in this fashion, I get plenty of time to make Chapter Six and the Epilogue, and you guys finally get to play it. Everybody wins!

Of course, if you'd rather wait until the full game is finished to play it, you're free to do so. The Chapter Six + Epilogue release will include the entire game. But, hopefully those of you who are tired of waiting for this game to get finished will find this arrangement gratifying.

More details will follow in future updates, but that's all for now.