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I’d rather be directing traffic

  • JEStaff
  • 02/01/2017 06:23 PM
The Ledge is a very short adventure game made in RPG Maker MV, and based in the short story Man with a Problem, which was adapted as an episode in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series.

The gameplay itself it’s very simple, just move around the areas (or area, considering most of the game takes place in just one place) and click or press space to interact with someone. The game also has choices, mostly in the dialogues, and in at least one segment, if you are unlucky, that freedom may lead to a Bad Ending.
As a last recommendation, please use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

Graphics & Art
The game is more functional in this department than trying to exceed expectatives of anyone, on any case, the game clearly fulfill its purpose on this area, and the (few) maps are detailed enough to draw the player. In addition, the games features an interesting intro where a police car drives through a city.

Music & Sound
There isn’t too much in this department to comment, but I can say that the few pieces of music on The Ledge are well chosen, used in the adequate moments, and by itself is good enough, in short, despite being a bit unnoticed, the music definitely adds to the experience.
The same can be said of the sound effects, a few, but well placed.

Storyline & Characters
I must start this part of the review with a confession, I haven’t read the Donald Honig’s Man with a Problem short story, but I saw the 1958 episode of the same name for the TV series Alfred Hitchcock presents, based on the story.
While the characters and the plot doesn’t have an abundance of details, they’re fleshed enough for the purposes of such a short game. We can assure that none of the two main characters are precisely a beacon of empathy, and almost everyone have their share of defects, and, in the case of the cop we control, the dialogue branching lets us choose between a moderate asshole, and totally unbearable.
Obviously some details were changed (no mentions of computers in the original of course).The story doesn’t have time to have noticeable plot holes, but there’s a detail I’d want to highlight.

The game shows the suicide of Karen as part of the confession of Carl towards Steve; this should have activated some “alarms” on him, because he probably remembers dumping some Karen in the last days, or maybe he is even more an asshole than I give credit.
In the TV show, the flashback was shown as a memory of Carl, so Steve had no means to suspect of him.

Besides, it lacked a character like the captain in the TV episode, who added a good share of tension to the story.
By the way, the game has two endings, the one of the original story, and a bad ending half through, even with being an original of the game, the bad ending doesn’t break the logic of the game and it fits with your actions.

As a conclusion, I can say that the game is recommendable, having a good story (with a plot twist) and decent gameplay, and is very short (like 15 minutes), so you won’t have time to get bored.


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Thank you for taking the time to write your review! You're the first person I know who's seen that episode of Hitchcock presents, although it's available to watch online, so it was really interesting to hear your perspective.

You're right the captain created interesting tension in the episode. He's not in the short story (which is only about 4 pages) so I guess they added him in to stretch out the episode.

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