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In 'A Cry in the Walls', you play as Jack, a 17 year old boy who's life is going rather well.
However, one night an accident happens and the following events that take place will change Jack's life forever.
As the nights go on, more and more bad things keep happening (Notes on the floor, noises in the walls, etc)
Eventually, Jack has enough and it's up to him to figure out what's happening and why it's happening, before it takes him too.

This game is my take on a horror RPG, and contains loud noises and sudden surprises.(This is the demo, roughly about 30-40 minutes play time.)

Latest Blog

Demo updated - 15/08/216

Another quick, minor update.

*You now have to be facing the event for it to trigger. (If you're not facing, lets say a wardrobe, then dialogue will not play etc.)

Thanks to both users TheCrimsonValley and StarluoAngel for pointing this out, and StarluoAngel for telling me how to fix it.
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  • 07/31/2016 02:24 PM
  • 10/07/2016 01:50 AM
  • 11/27/2017
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Just going to leave some quick feedback here since I don't feel I got enough for an entire review. Hope that won't be a bother and I'll stay away from any story spoilers.

The maps are pretty neat, it is clear you got a grasp of what you're doing. Though if I may share my opinion, perhaps make them a tad smaller. The house itself felt as if it was made to house a giant! Spacious or not, I feel like perhaps you didn't need that much space (and I did not understand the top room close to the stairs, it was more or less completely empty).

Also, and this was my main issue, some of the puzzles to further the story means you must activate a certain dialogue option by clicking on a certain object. Problem. You can click on virtually nothing to get a response. As a player, if I realize I can't click and get little comments, I assume that this won't be a mechanism. It was kind of a hazzle to run around the entire house to find one item I could click on and that wasn't even hinted to be an item I should click on. I don't know if the comments are missing because it is a demo so I won't go to hard on it.

Other than that, simply one minor change I would suggest. Change the dialogue for the mother and son in the kitchen once you've spoken to her once. To have them repeat the same lines of dialogue is kind of strange.

Oh, and one final friendly advice, from one horror gamer to the other. Drop the Tsukimori song. As soon as I heard it I could pin point it. Just a general tip, don't use music from other peoples games, be it famous or not.

Well, hope this helps out a little! I'll look into this once it is finished because you got a good base here!
Hey, thanks for the comment! Also don't worry, I welcome every single bit of criticism. I want this game to be at the best of my ability, after all.

The reason why the house is so big is because i'm planning to have chase sequences later in the game. I probably will make it smaller, but I made it big so that the player has enough room to run around without getting stuck.

About the interaction, you were right. I was actually going to make everything intractable but decided not to until I had finished the main base of the game. So don't worry, in the full game everything will be intractable.

Thanks for mentioning the same dialogue thing with the son and the mother, i'll change that straight away.

Last but not least, about the Tsukimori song. I actually really liked that song and thought it fit really well with the scene so I left it in. However, now that you've mentioned it i'll definitely end up changing it. Thanks for that :)

Thanks a lot for the comment man! :)
No trouble at all, I like to try and give some comments to share my thoughts and hopefully help out in the game making process!

I can really see your point about wanting to have space for chase sequences, it is actually a valid reason (played one too many horror games where there was not enough space for that!).

I understand what you mean about the music feeling fitting but I'm happy to hear you'll change it. Little game or not, it never benefits one to attach themselves with a very memorial piece from another game :3

Best of luck with the game!
Hello! I'm actually quite new to this site but I found your game on a Facebook page that gives some spotlight to upcoming RPG Maker games.

From playing a few minutes of the game, I've found some things that bother me, but there are bound to be mistakes in every RPG Maker game. The main problem is you can trigger dialogue by interacting with objects, but you don't have to be FACING the object to trigger it. You could be standing beside a dresser but face away from it to trigger the dialogue. It's basically what the person above pointed out. You can trigger the dialogue by interacting with virtually nothing (the player is facing nothing; facing away from the object they're talking about).

This leads me to believe that you use an event with the "Below Characters" priority and you place the event around the object. Using that specific priority IS good but not in the case of interacting with surrounding objects. What I recommend is that you create an event on TOP of the object in question and make the priority the same as the character. This way, you would have to be facing the object itself to trigger the dialogue. Sorry if I'm not being clear! ^^

Sometimes just changing the priority can solve the problem. When I have more time, I'll continue this and get back to you with my closing thoughts. But so far it's a very promising game!
Hey, thanks for the comment! Would you mind telling me the name of the Facebook page?

And thanks for pointing that out, I had actually realized it but I didn't know how to fix it. When I get the time, i'll definitely go through the game and make sure you have to be facing the event to trigger it.

Thanks for telling me how to do it, too.

Thank you!

EDIT: I've just updated it, everything now has to be faced towards before you can interact with it. I'll make an update for the download shortly.
Hey, just wanted to let you know I did a let's play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tqHI7gOPzo&list=PLXQkbsqt77jYmLg-Hdz2Dw7No5_gaxoPH&index=1

Also, I can't really say anything particularly bad about the demo except for the fact that it left off on a dry cliffhanger for the actual game. As far as the demo went it wasn't bad but I hope to play the full game eventually. Keep up the work!
Ahh, thanks for doing a lets play!

Yeah, sorry for the cliffhanger. I needed somewhere to end the demo and felt like if I put it there, there was a reasonable amount of gameplay and story to make the player feel 'connected' to the game, i guess.

I finally got around trying this out but I'm a bit at a loss on how to continue further into the game. I got home, read the note from mom's room and now...?

So far, I found mapping and the inspect stuff mechanics a bit annoying. i think the game would benefit a lot from smaller maps and more detailed clues (especially at the beginning).
I like the simplistic menu choice and some of the custom tiles used (I hope you can replace the RTP eventually).

Bugs: If I exit the house, I can still hear the clock ticking xD!
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