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Sequel Announced!

Forgot to post a blog about it in here as well.

Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin is now in development and its gameprofile page is up: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9472/
Have a look!

Thanks to anyone who followed and played this game. I hope you will find interest in its sequel.

See ya all and stay tuned!


Improving the game / Update / About the sequel

So, it's been three months. I feel like a slowpoke, since there were two things I really wanted to fix for this game. They still need to be fixed. I'm sorry.

League of Awesome Geeks, who made a Let's Play of the game (channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPb6wTMLzAyvyiGh9OdJlQ ), spotted a bug when jumping on a roof near the Parisio Hotel, in Episode 2. Florien would initiate her "jumping animation" and then stick with it even after the "jumping phase" was finished. Attacking and jumping again would fix this little bug and restore her "walking animation", but nonetheless is annoying to see it right there.

Also, he made a very good point regarding the scoring system of the game. It's never explained exactly what gives you points and what not.
For example, he thought that "Indirect Kills" would detract points like the "Number of Alerts" do, while in fact killing folks indirectly is mandatory in order to reach an S-Rank.

Two very minor things, but that I'm looking forward to fix. The fact is, I wanted to wait more feedback before releasing yet another update, in order to catch and fix more bugs if there were anymore left. Meanwhile, I started developing the game's sequel.

So I'm asking to whoever played this game:
Do you feel like there are things that need to be changed, rebalanced or something like that? Have you spotted any annoying/minor/major bug/s?
I'm going to fix those two things soon. If you have something to share regarding your experience with the game, please do.

So yeah, the sequel is in development. A lot of things I'm sure I can't fix now for this first chapter, since they would require a lot of work, will be fixed there.

I'm trying to make the sequel a major improvement over the first game. The gameplay mechanics will be much more refined, there will be a looot of new gameplay possibilities.

RPG Maker 2003 is a pain. I had trouble adding new gameplay things, even small ones, because of sudden FPS drop and lag. So I worked in order to optimize the code. That phase is pratically done. It now remains to see how much I can put into the sequel in terms of gameplay possibilities.

I'm aware of most of the game's main flaws, like the random mirrors and the much-too-long cutscenes.
It was made for a Short Game Contest, and I had a story in mind that needed to be wrapped up quickly. Karma Flow 2 is not bound by any contest rules, so I will find a way to tell things with an appropriate pace in order to offer a satisfying experience.

The concept phase of KF2 is almost over (I've also uploaded some of its concept arts in my "Art" topic: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/21225/ ).

What "scares" me the most is the fact that Karma Flow received very little "end-game" feedback here. Only my betatesters and pianotm (who I deeply thank) gave me their overall impressions.

So I also want to know from you if you've finished it or not. If not, what drew you away from the game? I would like to know in order to improve the sequel and let it flow better than its predecessor.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Have a happy new year!


Version 1.6.2 out!

Hotfix 1.6.2 has been released!

It's available through Karma Flow's Auto-Updater program. Simply run the game's launcher while connected to the internet and it should automatically detect whether a new update is ready to be downloaded.

1.6.2 changelog

  • Fixed some of Episode 1's text in the game's English version that weren't translated.
  • The option "Retry Episode" has been removed from the Game Over screen when the player dies in one of the first two boss battles (as they are not part of any episode).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Alert/Caution HUD from being displayed correctly in some of Episode 1's maps.
  • Fixed an issue in Stubborn Fist's behaviour during his boss fight.

The installer won't be updated for now as this is just a small hotfix. I will do that once another update is available.

Have fun!


Version 1.6.1 out!

Version 1.6.1 of the game has been released!

It includes various bug fixes. Above all, the score submission has been fixed.
The secondary leaderboards will now update correctly!

I wanna thank PepsiOtaku, the creator of the wonderful GameJolt’s integration plugin (and many others), for helping me out in fixing those issues.

1.6.1 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from submitting scores to the secondary online leaderboards.

  • Auto-updater now available.

  • The game’s language can now be changed from the game’s launcher.

  • Fixed some graphical glitches.

  • Some of the text in the Italian version were in English. It has now been fixed.

  • Various, small, bug fixes.

  • Improved optimization in Episode 2.


Version 1.6 out! / WARNING!

The version 1.6 of the game has been released!

Together with some bug fixes regarding some missing animations and some small issues with the game's collectibles, the game now features its own trophies and leadboards system if you have a GameJolt account you can log in with!

WARNING: The downside is, that the previous version's save files doesn't work with this version of the game!

If you don't want to start over and/or you're not interested in these new features, but you want the bug fixes, here's a small hotfix for the 1.5 version: https://www.mediafire.com/?i5142s5syy5cspc

Alternatively, PM me! I can prepare a 1.6 save file for you.

See you next time! Hope you'll like these new features!^^


Bug Discovered and Fixed!

An annoying bug was discovered and properly fixed.

There was an issue with a gameplay mechanic regarding the game's collectibles. The game had a hard time updating the quantity of obtained collectibles, thus playing a looped and annoying sound effect while on a mission after the player managed to obtain at least one of the collectibles.

The download is going to be replaced, it should be ready in about an hour from now.

The download of the fixed version is ready!
For all of you who already installed the game, though, here is a small hotfix (English version only):


Simply replace the files with the one in the game's directory.

I had to replace the download link with the fixed version. This bug was SERIOUSLY annoying. It's because of a last-minute modification I made to the game. That's why it wasn't discovered by the testers.
I'm really, really sorry for this inconvenience.


[FIXED] Installer issue

EDIT: The installer has been fixed and is now working properly, both in English and in Italian!
Enjoy the game! Sorry again for the inconvenience.

I'm sorry, a HUGE problem with the installer has been reported.
The English version is not available in the installer I've uploaded for some reason!

I'm uploading a new one, should be ready in about an hour.
In the meantime, if you've downloaded the game and want to swap its language, simply download this small archive and replace all of the game's files with the one contained in here:

I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenience!


Game Released!

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to announce that Karma Flow is now available for download!

We spent the last remaining days implementing stuff and testing anything that needed proper testing. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends who helped me refining, translating and betatesting The game.

You guys are The best, really. Thank you so much.

I hope you'll like the game and have a lot of fun with it!
I'm eager to know what you think about it! :) And please, report any bug or whatever issue you may find.
We tested the game a lot, but you never know...

Thank you all so much.
Have fun!^^


Game Ready! / Slight Delay.

Hi, everyone!

Just wanting to announce that the game is ready, everything has been done!

However, I want to double-check it again, as I want to avoid any possible game-breaking bug. Testers haven't reported any and I myself am sure there are none, but now that a lot of other stuff have been implemented I want to properly test them.

I'll release the game tomorrow, 1st of September!

Sorry for this slight delay!^^'

In the meantime, why don't you take a look at the game's Launch Trailer? :)

See you tomorrow!

Progress Report

Release Date Confirmed! / New Screens!

Hi, everyone!

The testing phase of the game has finished and everything has been fixed!

I want to thank all of my testers: Dragnfly, CaveDog (CAVE_DOG_IS_BACK) and my Italian friend Sin for doing an excellent job with checking for translation's errors and bugs. You worked hard despite your real life duties and I owe you a lot. Without you the game would be one giant mess.

But it's now complete, fully translated and ready to be played!^^

The game is set to be released somewhere around August 31.
We're putting the finishing touches in order to deliver a bug-free and fun game to play.

We're also making some gameplay animations for Florien (thanks to my amazing friend HROT, who's doing the "pixel art" part) and balancing the game's difficulty a tiny bit. Hopefully, everything will be ready in time.^^

I would also like to thank this amazing community. I've never received this much feedback and attention before. I really hope you will enjoy the game, even if it's a short experience. It's short, but nevertheless a lot of work and love has been put into it.

Your feedback and your appreciation will surely help me with the game's sequel which is already Work In Progress,.

Together with this progress report, I've updated the "Images" sections with some new screenshots, which I will put here as well:

It's almost there, guys!
I can't wait to hear what you think about the game when it comes out.^^

And I certainly hope you will appreciate it.
See ya next time!
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