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Taran might be Assistant Pig-keeper to the most famous oracular pig in the land, but what he *really* wants to be is a hero. He might get his chance, for the Horned King has come forth at his master's command, and all of Prydain is in danger.

An adaptation of the first book in Lloyd Alexander's 'Chronicles of Prydain' fantasy series, THE BOOK OF THREE was the second RM2K game I developed.

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  • Lys86
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 06/29/2007 04:57 PM
  • 06/07/2021 11:19 PM
  • 06/29/2007
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This game hasn't been commented. I comment this game. It is a good game.
I played this game several years ago and I found it very likeable. It's easy to play and the story isn't too cliched, with a moral that it sets out to portay that comes across nicely.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I am very glad Lysander made this game, because now I don't have to.
I loved the game's story in this. The cutscenes were pretty good too!
Great game. I remember playing this 6 years ago and then reading the book after I finished it. The only difference I remember between the game and the novel is that one of the characters had a horse that wasn't in the game, I think...
I love this story series, so I'll play the game
I'm currently on a playthrough of this, with the ultimate goal being to write a review at the end of it. However, I'm stuck in the little Splinter Gurgi: Pandora Tomorrow segment in the caves of the faeries. Anyone who's played this wanna let me know how to get back to the plot?
I loved this game, and how did this game get a profile with only 1 screenshot...
I loved this game, and how did this game get a profile with only 1 screenshot...

Probably because rules were different 2 years ago from what they are now.
If anyone knows what "50 of the lowliest" means (a grave to the south after the castle has been destoryed) I'd appreciate if they let me know :)


Answering my own question: Get 50 denner tails and talk to the grave again. This will lead to a fight with DARTH DENNER, or so I call him. Bad ass, 2 attacks per round. I assume you're supposed to kill him much later, as the reward you get is for a character you didn't meet yet, but in my first encounter (when I got wiped) I spoils of war'd him and got a blessed sword. (From another attempt I know that instead you can get a special harp and a special two handed sword). And I decided that I apsolutely need this sword. So I pondered.

If you have sleeping powder, NOW is the time to use it. Defeating the Dark Denner while holding "Dreams of Glory" is non easy task, as you have no skills that help in the fight itself (except for Tarans suicide skill, and he's alone). But if you want the blessed sword (or the other loot option (re-load much if not what you want)) Dark Denner can probably whipe you in 2 rounds. Sleeping poweder, as mentioned, is gold, but also very random as to how long the enemy stays asleep. A little trial and error will be necessary. Also, you attack, no matter what you do, is crap. You need voltine shells, basically a 50 damage explosion on one enemy. I had 15 of them which didn't kill him, I had to throw some Poisen darts. I also had 3 sleeping powder. It was very close.

If you want to stack up on voltine shells, in the fire cave to the north (where you're supposed to go to) is a monster which resembles a devilish eye surrounded by flame. Straight stolen from Chrono Trigger, where this monster is a secret boss. If you spoil of war him (you can meet him alone without other monsters. Retreat much. You also can find anti-fire boots and an anti-fire shield, which might help), you get 4 voltine shells.

Of course you could also wait up to the point where you're supposed to fight DARTH DENNER. It was a matter of pride on my part to try and take him early. Even though I made it, I'm thinking now. Darth denner might be shadow-elemental. Maybe the Shadow Boots would've given me an easier time. Well, someone else will have to find out :)

On a different note: This game is so cleverly designed. I felt obsessive-compulsive when the first thing I decided to do was to steal a load of gold from the first part of the forest and go buy everything the town has to offer. Mainly so I wouldn't have to do it later, since it seemed that this is the kind of game which has only one shop-load out (All the good armor was there along with the bad armor).

I also bought stuff like lamp oil, vegetable seeds and a rope. While the former I didn't find any use, right now the game rewarded me half way through for buying the rope :D I got a permanent usable item that restores 10 SP infinitely by using the rope in the lava cave.

The game is old, but very well designed considering that. Though some graphical issues (walls one can walk through. No gamebrakers as far as I can tell though) are present they are no big deal. It feels like an favorable old-school rm2k game. Lots of fun.
Will not play won't even start up ERROR (( can not open file Royal ))
Will not play won't even start up ERROR (( can not open file Royal ))

Do you have rm2k? http://crankeye.com/?page=downloads
In case you install rm2k, create a folder (lets call it "Book of Three) in the "Project" folder of it. Don't forget do also download the RTP 1.0 and RTP 1.32
If you have rm2k as well as the other installments (rm2k3, rmxp, rmvx, rmace) make sure you didn't put the game folder to the "Project" folder of the wrong system. This is a RPG Maker 2000 game. Also make sure that there are no folders in between the "Book of Three" folder (which holds the data, since the data in the RAR comes without an folder) and the "Project" folder as in this case the game failes to find it's way to the RTP. Also don't dump the Data in the RAR just into the project folder without creating it's own "Book of three"-Folder, since this also could cause problems.

If you just want to play this one game, you might as well download only the RTP and copy its content into the game folder, this will, in most cases, also work.

For the better understanding of this: While most new games come with RTP included, or don't use the RTP at all, this game is from a time where it wasn't common, especially in RPG Maker 2000. The reason it is so small (2.5 MB) is because it is more convenient to already have the RTP in an installed RPG-Maker and just download the way smaller additional files. This way you also only have to download the RTP once, instead of downloading the RTP with every new game.
We need the rest of the books made into rpgs as well!This game got me into the books,and I started reading them.They are gems.
Holy shit... I briefly saw the name of this once, but didn't click on the profile and make the connection until now. Damn.

We need the rest of the books made into rpgs as well!This game got me into the books,and I started reading them.They are gems.

I definitely agree!
Are there more Screenshots?

If you check out the reviews, then yes. Otherwise, I don't think any will be added, given that the creator of this has more-or-less quit the RM stage around a decade ago.
Interesting that this game suddenly jumped up to the top of the Buzzing Games list.
New reviews seem to play a huge part when it comes to the buzzing section. I'm still undecided if I should give this game a try; maybe I've outgrown RPG Maker 2000.
THank you so much for this I loved it. The story may have been short but it kept me hooked until the end. Loved the not so heroic ending felt realistic. Thank you and ill be trying another on of your games next. :)
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